[AW] What Timmy Knows

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Marlene, you're back at the barge. Timmy and Jimmy jump up to attention as you approach, doing their best impersonation of an honor guard and saluting you.

Vera and Sarah are further on deck, playing together.

When Jimmy sees the condition you are in, concern grows on his face.

"Momma, what's wrong?"


  • "Bit of a scuffle. Some bad men attacked the Rough Riders, but Navarre sorted them out, and Spec helped me. Also, I checked on the meat, and it turns out there was a bit of a bug goin' 'round the chateau. Everyone there got it, so they're immune now, but we haven't had it, and I don't need you kids catching anything, so I traded for some food we could be sure was properly sanitized."

    "Timmy, help me come put this away. Jimmy, you have the deck."

    Marlene attempts to get Timmy alone so she can talk to him. "I can understand not wanting to give out confidential intelligence in front of just anybody. Anything else you want to tell me about that rough rider that washed up earlier?"

    Let's read Timmy in case we need it. Is Sharp still highlighted, or is this between scenes?

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    This is second session stuff, so your Sharp is highlighted. ;)

    Timmy goes along with you, out of earshot of the other kids. He takes up a seat on the side of the barge.

    "Well, you know how sometimes I can't sleep right? Well... I couldn't sleep and I had to pee. So, I came out here, and started peeing. And, well, then I was peeing, and it was cold. My pee had steam coming off of it. Well, I was peeing and then I saw some people far off on the shore. They were all dressed up like the floating man. I think they was all Rough Riders. They was having a fight or something. They started shouting at each other."

    Timmy stops staring down into the water. He looks up at you.

    "Then, these other men showed up. They were dressed different. And, they were driving this big ... car. It was weird looking though. Not like other cars. And, I think it had a big gun on it. There was a couple of those new men. They get out. And, the men who were arguing, some of them act like they know these new men. Some more shouting. Then, they make the one guy get down on his knees. Then, bang bang. They kill him. Push him into the water. I ran inside cause I didn't want them to see me."

    He looks off in the distance, up toward the Chateau.

    "I thought it'd wake you up, maybe, and I almost did, but you and Sarah was sleeping and all. Next thing I know it's morning and Jimmy is poking something in the water. I go over and it's that same man that was on his knees. I told Jimmy not to look, he'd have nightmares. But, he didn't listen."

    Timmy pauses.

    "Those people on the dock. They looked kind of like that man who was shot. Could have been them that was there. So, I didn't wanna say it in front of them. I mean, it could have been one of them that was there. You know? I'm not in trouble am I?"
  • Marlene kisses Timmy "You're brilliant, you know that, right? I couldn't ask for a better Chief Scout. I've got something just for you." She fishes a scone out of her pocket, and gives it to him. "Now I need to get cleaned up." Her plan is to get clean, fix the kids lunch, then take the note and the info to Uncle, which I believe puts us where we are.
  • You did get one hold. Do you wanna to ask him anything else or spend a hold?
  • Marlene doesn't have any reason to suspect him of not telling the truth at this point, so I guess "What does Timmy wish Marlene would do?" Maybe she can pick up or take care of something for him when she goes back ashore.
  • Timmy's chewing on the scone. He seems happy, but there's still something more.

    "Marlene, dontcha think it's about time, seeing as how I'm Chief Scout and all, that I get my own gun? A real one I mean."
  • As a sort of aside, I just want to point out that while you were in the market, the food goods seemed very sparse. You got your deal and all, but it seemed like there was clearly a shortage of food stuffs at the market. That doesn't bode well for the people of the Chateau in the coming days. And, for your family after a couple weeks.
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    Yeah, that's balls. I guess we'll have to get out on the river and see if we can find some other sources.

    "You're gonna have to be more careful than you were earlier if you want that kind of responsibility. If you just want something to point at people when you're a guard, that'll be easy, but the bullets are going to be a bit harder to get. We'll have to do some good tradin' and talk to Uncle. And we'll need to get you some proper lessons 'fore you can defend Home with live rounds. I can talk to someone when I go ashore; I think I know who might be a good teacher. And I'll see if we can find something that won't kick so hard it'll break your arms."
  • Timmy's happy with that response. You get cleaned up, fix the kids lunch, and we're back at Uncle's.
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