[AW] Savagery, for you, Navarre

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Fuck. Everything is black, Navarre. You can't feel your arms. Can't move your toes. Hell, even your tongue in your mouth is numb. It feels like you're choking on it. But you hear... Oh yes, it's fucking watered down, but you can hear.

"Stop this! You can't come in here. This is my patient! Uncle will hear of this!"

It's becoming clearer now. Crutch is protesting against someone. It's Barker's voice.

"Stay the fuck out of my way, you fucking creep, or you'll be next to be tied down and mutilated."

Your try and open your eyes. It's insane how heavy they are. You break the crease of your eyelid slightly; your vision is blurred and the lights are bright. No, it's one light. Shining right down in your fucking face. Your eyes close, this time the light is streaming right through your eyelids, casting this reddish glow. Open 'em again.

Barker's face, like a fucking eclipse, leans over you. Ah, fuck. He's smiling. He looks too fucking happy. You're on a table, strapped down - at your wrists and ankles - canted at a 45 degree angle, backward.

"Oh, yes. I've been waiting for this shit. This is going to be fucking fun. I'm gonna go get Petey. Yeah. He's gonna join in."

Barker's head stops blocking the light and it casts back into your face, you squint painfully. Goddamnit. Your body is still numb.

Barker walks over to Crutch and grabs him by the throat, pushing him up against the wall.

"You tell anyone you got this fucker here, I'll cut your balls off and feed them to the fish."

He drops Crutch and storms out.

Shit. What do you do?


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    "Crusssh," I moan. "Dum Dum."

    No, that's not everything.


    I take a deep breath. Full sentences are difficult.

    "Gedd Dum Dum."

    Okay, this is going to take a lot of concentration.

    "Get. Tum. Tum."
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    Crutch leans over you.

    "What? What?"

    He hears you, he's asking himself more. He steps back away from the table you're on. He sits down on a stool, and starts rocking. He's talking to himself, but you can hear it of course.

    "What if Barker finds out? My balls? My balls in the lake? No. No."

    Crutch jumps up abruptly.

    "Why should I?! It's my balls!"

    He leans in close as fuck to your face. His nose is touching yours. His foul nostril hairs are tickling what nerves you have working.

    He's thinking.

    "What will you do for me? Big, strong guy like you. You killed Bowdy. I want you to kill someone for me. Yeah. Kill someone for me... and, and keep Barker from cutting my balls off. Yeah, and I'll help you."
  • I negotiate as coherently I can. "Bowdy tacked me. Had id coming. Keep you safe frmmm Barker. Only kill bad people."
  • Crutch continues.

    "Yes. This person is bad. He killed my brother. Shot him in the neck. Lala says it was the man with the horse-drawn cart. Only one man I know like that. The man on the hill, he brought the dead girl and sick man here earlier. I want you to kill him for me. He killed Boo. He killed my brother."

    Crutch leans back now, giving you breathing room.
  • I enunciate as carefully as I can. "Sick fuck on hill. O.K."
  • Crutch looks back over his shoulder, toward the main room in his bunker (this is just a satellite room off the main room). He's nervous about Barker returning and catching him in the act of releasing you.

    "We have to make it look like you escaped, not that I let you go."

    He goes over to a cabinet, the two small doors look like they once had a glass covering but its been destroyed a long time ago. Reaching inside, he withdraws a tiny bottle filled with clear fluid. He stabs the same needle into it and pulls on the syringe's handle, sucking up the fluid into the tube.

    "This should do it. I'm going to inject this stuff into your arm. You'll slowly regain feeling in your limbs. Just take it easy. It's going to make you feel very ... alive. I'll loosen the straps, then you're going to have to break free of them. Then, I want you to hit me hard in the face. Make it real."

    Crutch takes a deep breath.

    "You promise you'll kill that guy?"
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    "Will do my besst."

    (Actually, Navarre's thinking, if he killed your brother without a good reason, then he deserves to die. But that's a little complicated for his current state of tongue.)
  • Crutch is satisfied, it seems, with the answer.

    Then, he stabs that needle back into your arm. Goddamn, it's starting to look like you're a fucking junkie, like some of those girls up at Mimi's place, with all the needle marks you've been getting.

    You feel a surge of fire running through your blood, to your heart and then all throughout your body. Crutch is already loosening the straps holding you down. Then, he steps back and lets the drugs do the rest of the work. You feel strong enough to snap out of the bonds easily enough. Then, there's the business of making Crutch look like he didn't just let you go.

    What do you do now?
  • (Are the drugs having any mental effects that I-the-player should know about?)

    I flex my right arm a couple times, warming up, then yank as hard as I can, trying to snap that strap. If that works, the same thing for the lower two.

    Then I hiss at Crutch: "Act scared, make some noise."

    And I stand up and deck him. Maybe something that will look impressive but not really hurt - a black eye, say, or a bloody lip. If I can manage it, as jacked up on drugs as I am. I'd rather not kill him, though, if I can avoid it.
  • You feel like the numbness has worn off, and like your heart is fucking racing. Mentally, you feel more alert, but everything moves so fast when you turn your head, it's sometimes dizzying.

    Crutch doesn't just act scared, he seems like he's actually scared. When you deck him, he goes tumbling back, crashing into one of those surgical tables. It goes crashing to the floor, tools spreading out and clattering across the floor. You're not sure if Crutch is exaggerating the effects of your attack, or if you really hit him that hard.

    He screams at you.

    "Fuck you! Goddamn mothersucker! You get back here!"

    What do you do?
  • Uhhhhh, this is as far as the plan went. Now I gotta improvise?

    I have a moment of presence of mind, and check to see where my guns are. Next step: well, I guess I'm supposed to be escaping, so I'll escape out of the bunker.
  • Well, you don't see the weapons in the immediate area. But, as you head out of the bunker, you see them lying on a cot, near the sick man. As you're snatching them up, you hear someone coming down the stairs. They aren't moving quickly, which could be enough time to hide, maybe behind one of the counters or behind a stack of cots, and then slip out undetected after the move further into the bunker. Or, you could confront them.

    What do you wanna do?
  • I think. There was nothing in the plan about sneaking, was there? Well, there was really nothing in the plan about anything after hitting Crutch in the face. So I make like I'm ready to walk out, and if it's Barker or Pete, we'll have a bit of a confrontation. Otherwise, Navarre's just going about his business.
  • It's neither. It's Princy.

    He comes down the stairs, ducking so as not to hit his head. When he sees you, he asks you where Crutch is.

    "Fido. You feeling any better? Where's Crutch?"
  • "Uhhhh. Barker and Pete were going to fuck me up, so he gave me this stuff so I'd recover, and I was supposed to hit him, and then I'd be ready for Barker or Pete and take them on, but you aren't Barker or Pete. He's over there by that knocked-over table."

    I think for a minute. "I don't think I'm any better, really, but I'm feeling fucking awesome."
  • Oh yeah, take +1 on your next Hard roll if you want. I guess Crutch didn't really explain it all too well, but his intentions were for you to get the fuck out of here entirely. You're in no condition, based on his knowledge of medicine, to be fighting. Probably should have explained that better. *shrug* Oh well. :)

    Princy looks at you for a moment. You're not sure if he's buying all this crap. Then, you hear Crutch in the back.

    "Oh! Stop that asshole! He punched me in the face and now he's trying to escape!"

    Princy, you can tell is unsure about how to take all this.

    "Fido, give me your guns. You're still fucked up. If you're worried about Barker and Pete, that ain't no reason to go attacking Crutch. Now, just hand over those things and sit down, and we'll sort all this out."
  • Princy's a good guy, so I trust him and I'm all kinds of agreeable. I start handing over weaponry.

    "Sure. Barker came in here and he was talking about fucking me up, and he threatened to put Balls in the lake. That scared Crutch, so, uh, he gave me a shot and I had to escape. When Barker went to get Pete so he could fuck me up too. I tried not to hit him very hard but he wanted me to make it look good. And then you showed up instead of Barker, so I guess the plan is all shot to hell. But I trust you, you'll keep me safe from Barker and Pete."

    He's got all the guns now, and I can feel myself swaying on my feet. "So what should I do now?"
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    Before you have a chance to respond, Crutch comes stumbling out of the back room.

    "He's a fucking liar! Asshole flipped out on me, like he flipped out on Bowdy. Said he'd kill me! Almost did."

    Oh man, Crutch's face is starting to swell up. He's got blood streaming out of his nose.

    Princy is clearly confused now. So are you for that matter.

    Princy's got your weapons slung over his shoulder now. And, he's got his hand on his pistol, holstered for now.

    "Fido, you did kill Bowdy. Maybe... you oughtta just come with me till we sort all this out. Nice and easy yeah?"
  • "Okay. As long as Barker and Pete can't fuck me up while I'm out cold! Where are we going?"

    I look at Crutch, and realize how badly he's screwed up. "Sorry I hit you so hard, man, that shit you gave me is pretty potent."
  • Princy nods.

    "Appreciate the cooperation, Fido. I'm gonna take you to the dungeon."

    So long as you ain't got nothing to say or do about that, we'll skip to there.
  • What do I know about the dungeon?
  • It's basically a holding cell in the undercroft, down near Rice and the armory.

    Have you ever been thrown there before? If so, why? What was it like?
  • They kept me there when I first showed up. Well, after I had recovered enough to be a danger. Uncle came down and talked to me a couple times a day, made sure I had enough to eat, asked me about Dog Head's setup. It's not the nicest place in the world - it's kind of damp, and there's not much light, but when they were keeping me there, they made it as pleasant as possible. I don't know if they do that for everyone.

    But I trust Princy to be decent, and I figure I can hang out there for a few days if I can recover in safety.

    "Uhhh, okay. I'm not going to be able to sleep on this shit until it wears off, you think we can stop by my room so I can get a book?"

    (We can take that as read and arrive at the dungeon, unless you think something interesting will happen in my room.)
  • Not that I can see. Princy's fine with letting you have the book.

    You guys take the narrow, ancient stairs down into the undercroft and head the opposite direction from the troughs. The roof down here is shorter than the rest of the mansion, the walls narrow closing in, and damp of course.

    Princy leads you to a larger chamber. Rice is there, he's polishing an assault rifle he's disassembled. He doesn't say anything, but watches as Princy places you in this decent sized cell, not much more than bars caging off a portion of the room. There's a solid iron door on the opposite side. That's where the armory is located - of course, the ammunition is always kept in Uncle's cottage.

    Princy shuts the gate and locks it down.

    "I'll try to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible, Fido. Be cool."

    He walks off.

    Inside the cell, lying on the ground, faintly moaning, you see the woman, Violetta, from the shootout in Uncle's cottage. Her face is black and blue, swollen and disfigured. Tum Tum's artwork.

    Rice walks over to the opposite side of the cage.

    "What'd you do, boy?"
  • I'm still amped up. "It's kind of complicated. I'm here because I got fucked up in the firefight earlier, but Bowdy's dead, and Pete and Barker want to take it out on me because I kind of caused it, and I need to recover from the gun shots but if I do it in the infirmary then Pete and Barker are going to have at me and they will put Crutch's balls in the lake so he won't stand in their way. And I don't want to get any more fucked up than I already am, you know? So I'm here while Princy and Uncle figure it all out. It's Princy's idea. I think it's a smart one."
  • Rice kind of stands there. He's emotionless.


    He says it matter of fact, like it makes sense, but he's not sure what to make of it. He's still polishing the firing pin from the rifle.

    "You need anything while you're in there? Food, water... I got some pain killers I traded off some dirty in the market."
  • "Aw, man, something to eat would be amazing. I haven't had anything to eat today."
  • Rice nods. Heads off down the corridor out of the room.

    You're left there now with the battered Violetta momentarily.

    If you don't do anything in particular, Rice comes back with a bowl.
  • I feel like I should do something, maybe find out how and why she did what she did. With luck, she won't recognize me.

    So I sit on the ground next to her. "Hey, you awake? How you doing?"
  • Violetta is hideous. You imagine her being fairly attractive, hadn't Tum Tum destroyed her face.

    Her eyes weakly open.


    You can see the pain she endures when she talks.

    "Barely talk. Water."
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