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So, I've got a couple Bookmarked threads. Does this have any functionality other than just putting a big word "Bookmarked" next to the beginning? I mean, can I sort my bookmarks like tags? I can't seem to find a way to use them outside of selecting a bookmark and then... what?

Any help would be appreciated.



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    Dunno. I never really use thread bookmarking, so I've never played with it here.

    However, googling tells me that bookmarking in Vanilla doesn't appear to have any real function, other than popping up that note. Apparently, though, there are plug-ins for Vanilla that do interact with the 'bookmarked' designation in some way.
  • You know if there's any way to contact Simon about that?
  • Hi! I'm here, but I'm sorry to say I can't be much help. Fiddle around with it and see how it works.

    If there's a vanilla extension you'd like installed to make it easier to find your threads (which I can see would be a problem with some of these longer games), let me know and I'll get on that.
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    Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for an add-on. So far, I can't figure out any other functionality outside of it just being labeled (edit), which admittedly is still helpful.
  • Some Vanilla site I use(d) (Knife Fight before they changed?) gives you a link in the left sidebar to your bookmarked threads. It's nice!
  • Looks like Story Games has a link on the lefthand side for a Bookmarked Discussion filter. Not sure who exactly runs that site, but that might be a potential contact that would have a link to an add-on?
  • Ah. I got it.

    Go to your Account tab at the top. Then, in the sidebar, go to 'Forum Preferences'. There's an option to show bookmarks in the sidebar.
  • It worked! Good find! :)
  • Is there a way to use Unicode characters in this forum? I'm trying to type U+2640 and U+2642, the gender symbols, and it just ain't working. I've tried typing the Greek letter psi as well, and also no good.
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    Ah, never mind.


    I think I betrayed some net ignorance there.
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