[AW] Seville's Answers

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Held for when Gritch wakes up.


  • What was Seville's lowest moment?

    Seville's lowest moment was when he joined Dog Head's gang. It was really the turning point in his life. That's it.

    For what does Seville crave forgiveness, and of whom?

    Seville craves forgiveness of Dog Head. At the end of the war with Uncle Lars, Seville was of course a lieutenant of Dog Head's leading a portion of the gang. They were supposed to assist Dog Head in the last assault on the Chateau, it was Seville's idea. But, Seville held back. Dog Head was captured. And, Seville and his men fell back into the shadows and fog.

    Dog Head, captured by Uncle, was eventually subjected to Gritch's touch, Seville later finds out. After communing through the sacred circle with the Witch and her followers, Seville found out that Dog Head wasn't totally gone. There was a way to bring him back. Dog Head's soul didn't dissipate or even join with the psychic maelstrom. When Gritch put his touch on Dog Head and destroyed Dog Head's life force, his soul, Dog Head's soul clung to Gritch.

    Forgiveness? Seville doesn't know if Dog Head will forgive him. But, if there's one thing that might help, it's getting Gritch and bringing Dog Head back. Back to the real world.

    What are Seville's secret pains?

    Seville is secretly pained by the murder of Uncle's son, James. It was early in the war. And, James was leading his scouts through Dog Head's territory. Seville captured the boy and held him for days. James wouldn't talk, despite horrific torture. James' screams still haunt Seville's nightmares and sometimes Seville thinks he sees the boy lingering just on the edge of the fog, lurking, and ready to reach out and pull Seville into the fog forever.
  • Since we didn't really get anywhere, I guess we'll say you're not really "out" and the mini-coma only last momentarily as this knowledge seeps in from Seville's last moments.
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