[AW] It's Cold In Here, Gritch

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Goddamn. You wouldn't know you were back if you didn't feel the blood rushing to your head. It's fucking freezing still. Your toes and fingers are numb. There's all this mist lingering around you. It's like you're still in the maelstrom. But, you're not. You know it. Dog Head is gone and things feel different. There wasn't any bright light or sensation traveling back. It was near instantaneous, like your will was already working to get back and you just needed that extra oomph from Dog Head.

And, you then you realize. You're hanging upside down. You're in a freezer of some sort. And, just out of your perception, through the mist, there are other things hanging. You feel something tight wrapped around your ankles, but your arms are hanging free.

What do you do?


  • Well. Ain't this just pleasant.

    The pain's duller'n I remember it, probably because o' the cold, but I ain't complainin'. I try to bend up at the waist to reach my feet an' whatever's wrapped there, maybe try to untie it. Failin' that, I start callin' out.

    "Help. Little help here."
  • It's fairly dark in here. Not completely. There's a dim light coming from somewhere at your back. When you try to bend upward, to untie yourself, it's just pure pain. Pushing yourself to do it might require you to act under fire.

    You hear the sound of a door opening. It's like a suction being undone and then more light filtering in. It's a doorway into this place. Then, you hear footsteps, walking heavy on a metallic floor.

    Crutch leans down, tilting his head so it sort of matches yours, upside down.

    "Well, looksy what we have here. I figure'd you still had some life left in yah."

    He giggles a bit.

    "Everyone else, well... They think you're dead meat."

    Crutch smiles. He's got his apron on, and it looks like fresh blood stains on it. He holds up a syringe and depresses it a bit. A clear fluid spurts out.

    "Now. I've gotta put you back to sleep. So, you don't make so much noise."

    What do you do?
  • This creepy fucker thinks he can take care o' me? Hah. Fuck no.

    "No. What you are gonna do is drop that syringe, get a knife, an' cut me the fuck down. Because otherwise, I'm gonna turn you into a fuckin' vegetable."

    Going aggro through Direct Brain Whisper Projection.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    (Highlighted for 2 total)
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    He caves. He always caves.

    He drops the syringe. Fright.

    "Calm down, buddy."

    He laughs nervously.

    "I was just kidding with yah. Glad to see you're alive. Lemme get that knife for yah."

    He walks over to the wall and pulls on a lever. You hear something click and release and you come down to the ground fast. Ouch. It ain't fast enough to break bones or nothing, but you weren't expecting it.

    Crutch is over by you again. He's got a knife now, helping you cut your feet lose.

    "Hey, uh, don't tell Uncle about this place, ok?"

    Your ankles are loose.
  • (I hadn't really thought about how much Gritch knew Crutch, so I'm pretty much gonna assume that Gritch knows of Crutch only by reputation and hearsay.)

    "That depends, fucker." I stand up, still glarin' fuckin' daggers at the asshole's head. When I summoned up the cold afore, it came easier than I've ever felt it, like somehow, this whole experience cleared some blockage in my brain or somethin'. Or maybe that was Dog Head, pushin' with me again. Either way, I feel more confident in what I can do than ever before, an' that means I ain't gonna take shit from an asshole like this.

    "Where the fuck are my clothes? My things? An' what the fuck happened t'me? Talk quick."
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    "You, uh, you got blown up, s'far as I can tell."

    He's sort of backing away now. Toward the door leading out of this walk-in freezer you're in.

    "Uncle grabbed up your things: a glove, a pouch, some other stuff. I didn't take nothing. Like I said, I thought you was dead. Yah weren't breathing, no pulse. Nothing."
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    You wanna read him?
  • "No. What you said to me was you thought I had some life left in me. What you said to me was that everyone else thought I was dead, an' you wanted to end me yerself, you little fucker." I'm glarin' at Crutch like I ain't never done afore, an' it feels good. "An' why? What the fuck were you gonna do with me, sell me as meat?" I let an evil grin spread across my face. "Maybe I'll do the same to you. You got plenty o' meat on yer bones."

    Yeah, I'll read him.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    "No... no. no..."

    He's backing away, he trips out of the freezer.

    "I didn't mean it. I was just joking. I'm not funny. I know. I know!"

    You got 3 hold of course.
  • "Oh. You were just jokin', right? Yeah, I believe you." I reach down an' pick up the syringe he had dropped, an' I hold it casually in my hand. "Then what's this? Should we give it a test on you, you little fucker? I'm assumin' it's somethin' that wouldn' spoil the meat, right? So it shouldn't cause any problems." I'm steppin' after him, now, an' the grin's still plastered on my face, until it suddenly isn't.

    "Cut the bullshit. What the fuck were you gonna do to me? You fuckin' knew I was alive, an' you were gonna kill me anyway? Is that it? Tell me the fuckin' truth."

    (So, obviously I'm gearing up to ask if he's telling the truth after he answers the question, but i also want to ask: What does Crutch intend to do? Particularly now that I'm awake an' he's in this spot.)
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    You see Crutch's beady eyes shifting from the door back to you. He intends to slam that door shut on you before you can get to him. It's only got a handle on the outside, and he's probably got a lock on it out there. If he can shut you in here, it'd be easier to deal with you.

    "It's pain reliever! I heard you were alive and awake! Figured you might be in pain!"

    And, of course he's lying.
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    "Oh? It's a pain killer? Oh, well, then, in that case-" I suddenly cut out, an' I dash fer the door, before he's aware o' what I'm doin'. No way this fucker's lockin' me in his freezer. He's still on the ground, so I figure I got a bit of a shot, even with my burns.

    (This acting under fire?)
  • Ah, yup! Roll!

    He's stretching out for that door. He's trying to get a hold on it and slam it shut before you can get your body wedged in there. And, you're in pain. Good luck.
  • (Ah, yup, you're right. Fixed it, so I'm not locking him in there. Not yet, anyway.)

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
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    Ah yes, sorry about that. I didn't read that last part correctly.

    Crutch is outside the freezer at this point. Gritch, you're still inside moving toward the doorway.

    C [] <-- G *cold*

    So, the fire is, does Crutch shut the door on you, with him outside and able to lock the door once it's closed?

    If you get out, you'll both be out of this freezer.
  • Just as you reach the door to the freezer, it slams shut in your face. You hear Crutch fumbling with a latch on the outside. Pushing on the door doesn't cause it to budge. You're locked in. You hear Crutch lean against the door and slide down.

    "I can't let you out now. It's not safe. The disease must've spread to you."

    You're not sure if he's talking to you, or himself about you. But, you can hear him, barely through the cold.

    Then, you hear him stand up and walk away.

    It starts feeling... colder in here. Is he dropping the temperature?
  • "Crutch. Here's the story. You open this door an' let me out. Or I will do things to you that you can barely imagine. Y'see, Crutch, I can tell what goes aroun' here. An' I'm sure as shit t'find lots an' lots o' angry spookies round here, who'd love to have a crack at you. Not to mention what I'd be able to do to you, if'n I died. So what's it gonna be, Crutch? Wanna suffer, or wanna let me out?" I shout it at the door, hopin' he can still hear me.

    Spend my last hold for: How can I get Crutch to let me out?
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    "I can't let you out! Not in your condition!"

    You hear him pacing.

    "You need to be sedated."

    Convince him you'll sedate yourself (with the syringe in there), or let him sedate you. He'll open up.

    At this point, are you trying to also manipulate him with the threat? Or, do you wanna try and convince him you'll go with the sedation method? You can't use direct-brain whisper projection on him, because he can't see you.
  • "Alright, Crutch. Fine." I let the anger an' hatred drain outta my voice, an' I fill it with what sounds like fear. "You win. I just don' wanna die in the cold!" I let a note of pleadin' enter into my voice. Somethin' I've heard plenty o' people try in the past, though it always feels awkward from my throat. Still, should be a pretty good act for the fucker. "I'll sedate myself with the syringe here, an' then you come an' get me, right? You promise?"

    I'm gonna try to manipulate him with the idea that I'll sedate myself.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )

    (mark experience for 3 total)
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  • Ayep.

    Good news is I can still follow through on the other threat, though, and try to summon a storm of ghosts.
  • "I can't trust you. You stay here. I'm going to get help."

    The cold is getting unbearable now. You're starting to feel it in your bones. Your teeth start chattering uncontrollably and you can't move your fingers anymore.

    You hear Crutch's footsteps leaving. He's gone.

    Balls steps out of the frost building on the wall.

    "You done fucked up now, Gritch... Might wanna use that syringe anyways. Wouldn't feel much then. Numb and number. Ha!"
  • Damn that fucker.

    "Shut the hell up, Balls. Don' need yer help. Haven' fer years." I hate it when this fucker shows up. Just means shit's gonna get more annoyin'. I can remember the times when I respected 'im, cared about what he had t'say. Not so much anymore.

    I pull the cold into myself, an' I try to expand beyond the freezer. There's gotta be some way outta here.

    (So, I'd like to open my brain, with the hope of either (a) figuring out a way to get outta here, or (b) perhaps touching on someone else's brain. Someone particularly receptive to weird stuff. Navarre and Spector are prime targets. Hopefully one or the other is okay, though I think the latter is much more interesting.)

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    (Mark experience for...I think...4 total? Not sure. 3 or 4.)
  • I'm pretty sure that's 4 XP. That'll be what, your third improvement?
  • (Fourth, actually. First was Healing Touch, second and third were In-Brain Puppet Strings and Preternatural At-Will Attunement. Unless I miscalculated something somewhere, which is entirely possible. But I'm pretty sure it's fourth.)
  • "Hey now! Ole' Gritchy. You need to cool it. Oh..."

    Balls is smiling broadly. As much as a ghost can smile.

    It's hard to even feel the difference between the cold from the psychic maelstrom and the numb cold of the freezer. It's so fucking cold in here. How does he power this thing? Fuck.

    And, then, your mind gets a bit numb. The fog washes away the world. You're standing amidst the spooks. They're all standing around Navarre. He's fucking that girl. The one in Uncle's cottage with Seville. The one who tried to take your glove. The one who fucking shot at you.

    What would you do if you found out Navarre had fucked White?
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    (Side note: I went back through and tried to count every time I'd gotten experience, I counted 18 so far, so I think I had put myself up one by accident, maybe, or I just miscounted. I'll drop myself to 3 experience towards my next advance in my character thread, just to be on the cautious side.)

    Posted By: Michael PfaffWhat would you do if you found out Navarre had fucked White?
    Be shocked, first of all. I'd thought I heard from Mimi that the girl was a virgin, an' Mimi's pretty good at that. Plus, I wouldn'a thought that Navarre was her type, or vice versa. So it woulda set me back some, in my head. But other than that, don' know if I'd much think about it. I mean, I don' fucked so many women over the years, who the hell am I to begrudge White a good fuckin' before I've even said word one to her? Nah, that ain't got much to do with it. Well, okay, I'd be lyin' if thinkin' that she might be mine, entirely, cuz she was a virgin had nothin' to do with why I keep thinkin' about her. But that bein' said, I don' think it's all the reasons, an' certainly not the mos' important.

    Now, on th' other hand...if, say, White were with me, an' she fucked Navarre when she said she was only fuckin' me...or if they fucked, an' White cared about Navarre, or vice versa...now that's an entirely differen' issue.

    I don' think much about fuckin' as more than a physical act. But if there's an emotional element there, well. I'd have to figure it out first, by talkin' to both. An' then I'd have to end it somehow. I'd do my best not to hurt either, not physically at least. But I'm not against a few well-placed statements, maybe, t'get what I want, when I want it so bad as I want White.

    I'm a little shocked t'see it, jus' cause I thought that boy actually gave a damn 'bout Ruby, an' this chick is the enemy, through an' through. That bein' said, though..well, damn, I'm impressed. Boy works fuckin' FAST!


    Don' really care about any o' that now, though. Not really. Don' got time enough or body heat enough to worry about it. I reach out to him, much as I can, tryin' t'get in his head.

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