[AW] Marlene's Proposition

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Marlene, you're on the barge playing with the kids. They all seem well-fed and happy now. Timmy asked you about maybe getting that gun for him soon, but he's not pestering you or anything, just keeping it in the back of your mind.

What kind of games you guys play? Where do you guys usually play? I mean, more definitely, what's the layout of the barge look like? If someone came around knocking, where would they go?


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  • That sounds great. I'm assuming there's like a plank that leads to the dock for people to board the barge, yeah? Where does that lead to?
  • Sure. Where are you guys right now?
  • The kites are suspended in the air, held aloft by the lake winds. The kids are loving it, cheering each other on and shouting with excitement. "Go! Go!"

    You feel a tug on your leg. It's Sarah. She's sitting next to you, holding her teddy. She's pointing down to the plank.

    Looking down there, you see a family standing, huddled together at the dock-end of the plank. There's a man, a woman and two children.

    The man's taking off his hat, looks like an old engineer's hat and scanning the barge.

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    "You Marlene?"

    The man hugs his family closer. Both children are girls, ages about the same as Vera's.

    "We heard you could might'n be able to take us up river? That true?"

    The man's thin, but with strong bones. He's got a stern face. A five o'clock shadow. His lips are chapped really bad, like he hasn't had good water in a while. Or, maybe he's just not used to the weather. The woman with him has a dress on. It's layered in dirt and mud near the bottom, like it's been dragged through a mudhole and dried up.
  • The man looks down at the children and the woman. Then, he's scanning the barge.

    "We don't have much to offer. If you've got enough space on your boat, we'd keep to ourselves and won't be taking no food from you. You can count on that. We're not thieves. Just a family looking to get out of here and on down the water. And, we don't mind waiting till tonight. Can we rest on your boat until we leave? We don't wanna be left behind and the hold ain't safe for the kids."
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    A big smile comes over the man's face. His teeth are remarkably nice.

    "Company, we can handle."

    He lets out of short laugh.

    "You hear that, kids? We're gonna be going soon."

    The two girls smile. The woman tries to, but she can't seem to get one out.

    "Of course. We ain't got no weapons. Go on kids, let her take a look."

    They come aboard the barge. They don't appear to have, like, luggage or anything. Although the man does have what looks like a bowling ball bag he's carrying along with him.

    "I'm Armistead. And, this here's Kylie and Penny."

    He's motioning to the girls.

    "And, my woman, Mae."

    Mae nods and timidly speaks.

    "Howdy. Nice boat you have here."

    Armistead and his family come aboard and climb up onto the deck. How you wanna search 'em?
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    Yikes. I totally read that as a 7 earlier. I was waiting for you to use the hold. Ha. You can totally read Mae, but Armistead's got a hold he can use on you too at some point.
  • She is.

    While you're looking at Mae, checking her out and examining the bag, Armistead wants to know, what can I do to get you not to thoroughly search the bag?
  • Great.

    Armistead's cool as a cucumber. Inside the bag there's little more than some ratty clothing and a some trinkets of little worth.

    Mae finally gets her smile to come out.

    "Yes, ma'am. We're headed up to North Haverbrook to start a new life. Armi's got a cousin that lives there. Says he can get him some work. Maybe get the kids away from all this violence."

    Despite her smile, you can sense a sort of despair and hopelessness in her voice. She reaches out to help zip up the bag when you're done looking through it and you catch a glimpse of these wicked looking scars on her wrists.
  • You get the sense that, yes, she is telling the truth, but she's not so sure she believes it herself. Times are tough. Doesn't seem you can really get away from violence these days.
  • The slightly older one, she's got freckles painted all over her cheeks and brown hair, talks.

    "I'm Kylie. This is my sister, Penny."

    They both laugh at your joke. The younger one, with blonde hair and pigtails speaks up finally.

    "I'm Penny and nobody sleeps till afternoon. It's toooo cold for that."

    Kylie's poking her nose around, scoping the place out.

    "Those your kids? What's their names?"
  • As you introduce the kids, you notice Sarah is talking to someone. But, that someone's not there. She's talking to nothing.

    "What's a kite?"

    Penny and Kylie ask in near unison.
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