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Right, this is where you post when you know you're going to off-line until the day after tomorrow or in meeting all morning or at Gen Con or whatever. If you do know ahead of time, it would be great to warn the other players.


  • If I'm in a meeting all morning, I'll probably be posting just to keep myself awake. Gen Con is a good point, though. I probably won't be posting much during the day August 5-7 unless I'm between events.
  • Tomorrow (Friday, Nov 12) morning through mid-afternoon I'll be preparing for and engaging in a job interview. I'll be around, but maybe not posting as quickly as I might normally do.
  • Good luck! They say you shouldn't text during an interview, so you should probably apply the same rules to forum-posting. :)
  • Unless he's interviewing to be a professional MC.
  • I wish!

    And, thanks!

    If it works out, I'll be moving to Wyoming! Holy shit! I can't imagine there's any AW players out there, so online forum games are going to be my saving grace.
  • I may be training some people this week, so I won't be able to post every ten minutes from work, unless I can convince them to join another game. I'm going to tentatively assume "not bloody likely."
  • Ok, so: for pretty much the month of December, I'll be tied up during normal office hours. I'll still be around in the evenings and weekends, but that's about it. This might not kick in until the second week of December, but it'll last until somewhere around New Years.
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    I'll be communicating much less starting the day before thanksgiving and ending the Sunday after. I'll be here some, but since I won't be at my desk, it'll be much less frequent.

    ETA: Wednesday and Thursday, I probably won't even read here at all. Friday afternoon and Saturday, I'll be at the in-laws and will have much more time to check in, though mostly on my phone.
  • Hey guys, sorry didn't get to post this weekend. Had some family matters to attend to. Should be back on normal routine tomorrow.
  • Sorry guys. The afternoon is busy for me. Might be tonight or tomorrow morning before I get opening scenes for session 3 up.
  • Had a busy weekend. Family stuff. And, today I'm working on a big project. Might be tonight before I get anything posted.
  • Starting Wednesday night or so, I'll be in the country until Monday morning, so I'll theoretically be updating rarely, but we'll see.
  • Wow. Yeah. I'm swamped. Even last night I had to help my wife deep clean the house for the holiday. Today I've still got tons of work on my plate and tonight I have to write a paper. I'll try and post something as soon as possible though!

    For me, I'll actually be able to post more during the holiday. I get out of work tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon, so if it comes down to it, I'll be posting Wednesday afternoon at the latest.
  • Well, holidays are like this. Christmas is just around the corner too, but at least I'm staying home.
  • On the busy side, I am hosting Thanksgiving for my family. Which means a lot of cooking and baking and random hosting stuff over the next few days.

    On the not-so-busy side, I was laid off a couple of weeks ago, so after my 2 hours or so of job hunting activities each day, I have nothing to do but post.
  • Damn. Sorry to hear about that Charlton. I know what it's like to be out of work. Try to hang in there.
  • Thanks. The job market for senior software engineers in Boston seems pretty strong right now, though, and I'm working on an iPad app in between interviews (and posts).

    Worst case scenario, I'll go to an interview, take off my shirt, and channel Navarre. If nothing else, it'll get me a night in the psych ward.
  • Haha. :) Nice.

    Good luck, bud. What's the iPad app all about? Top secret?
  • Knitting chart and pattern management. There are a couple desktop apps to do that, but they all suck in different ways. And there are over a million computer-savvy knitters out there, so a desktop app that doesn't suck would be a win. Except that the iPad is more interesting, and so I'm starting the app on the iPad and porting it to the Mac later.

    It's one of those weird problem spaces where getting it right isn't that tough, but the difference between right and wrong is tough to discern unless you have domain knowledge and experience. Most of the other apps out there get it wrong because they don't optimize for the right use cases. And a few of them use Java to try to be cross-platform, but that means they are just slightly off on the Mac.

    Plus, if in three months I'm not employed, having a solid iPad app doubles my appeal. And if I can sell a couple thousand copies, it'll pay for my indie game addiction quite nicely.
  • Nice. Sounds awesome. :)
  • How do I load a pattern? Does it track the row that I'm on or something to facilitate the knitting or just hold and dispense patterns? What does it actually give the knitter?
  • Am I underestimating the number of programmers that knit, or is it awesome that there are three of us in this game?
  • I don't really knit. I can knit a scarf, but nothing with a real pattern. My wife does and my son does a bit.
  • It's really more a tool for designers. It's not something where you take the pattern from the magazine and scan it in, then knit from the device. It's more for something where you work out the pattern, and then transfer it from the device to paper to send to the magazine.
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    Starting next week:
    for pretty much the month of December, I'll be tied up during normal office hours. I'll still be around in the evenings and weekends, but that's about it. This might not kick in until the second week of December, but it'll last until somewhere around New Years.
  • I have a big project we're trying to knock out today, so I'll be busy for most of the day. I may finish up early and post enough to finish up the session, maybe not though.

    If not, I'll have a pretty open weekend to post. :)
  • Posted By: Michael PfaffI'll have a pretty open weekend to post.
    Yeah? ...

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    Hey guys, sorry. I thought my weekend would be open, but it became pretty bogged down. My wife volunteered our house for my mother-in-law's graduation party and we had to paint the living, set up X-mas lights, tree, etc... and to make matters worse, my brother was in town, so I spent a lot of time hanging out.

    I'm still bogged down at work with our big project, so I'll try and post ASAP! With that said, December is our busiest month of the year. Posting may come in erratic bursts.

    Please be patient. :)
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