[AW] Session 3 Letters to the Players



  • "Tum Tum is alive" was my first pick if I got to pick. I guess I'll take the good with the bad.

    Dinner was great. The kids loved the toys, and they seem to take to Imam in a way they don't with a lot of people. Afterwards, Imam and Marlene got to just sit around and talk. Adult conversation is a premium on the barge. She explained her day, and why physical intimacy is going to be hard for a bit, and he seemed understanding enough, for the moment. It was nice to feel strong arms holding her up instead of down.

    Barney was built to last, but like all mechanical things, he requires routine maintenance. You can't just pop down to Apocalypse-Mart and check the book to find the right air filter for your assault hovercraft. Maybe this breakdown will spur Marlene to setup a garage.

    Marlene would have liked Tum Tum just for not being Lala, but in a gang of savages, he always seemed to be a decent guy. Unfortunately, he was decent enough to die to save his squad and Marlene. Chivalry's not dead, but it can be deadly.

    Most people think Baby Duck got his name from the fuzz covering his head and face and his habit of yelling "WHAT?!" in a vaguely quack-like manner when informed of bad news. That's because everyone who remembers Mother Duck either died or fled to the south when Baby took over The Nest. He didn't get there by not knowing Everything that happened along the river, and it looks like Everything includes Marlene leaving the safety of the chateau.

    "MOAR GUNZ" was high on Marlene's list before, but after realizing that there's only one working one on the whole damn boat, it's jumped up a notch. Did Tum Tum drop something? Something the new leader of his squad could appropriate? If not, Marlene has a couple of ideas. Since Uncle provided the gas for Barney and the squad, he gets the lion's share of the loot from the expedition; he's providing for the whole Chateau, after all. After Spector's picked out anything else he wants, Marlene will take the rest back to the barge and see if she can make something of it. Maybe, with time and engineering savvy, she can setup a nice workspace, with a garage, and machining tools to make a few good rifles. It would be nice if all the older kids had something, and if those somethings could share ammunition. Maybe if they all felt safer, Jimmy wouldn't have nightmares all night. One thing guns won't protect him from is too much pudding, so Marlene was up with him all night anyway. Come to think of it, Marlene wasn't feeling so hot either. Maybe the malaise and the lack of sleep distracted her from being able to save Tum Tum. It's definitely kept her mind off of Sarah's ghosts. We'll have to deal with that at some point, but Marlene's only seen helpful ghosts today, so they should be fine until we can have a good sit-down with Spector.
  • Love it. Absolutely love it.
  • So, at the hospital, Spector has been seperated from the others, Tum Tum is dead and his men are looking to Marlene for leadership. Something must have gone right...for someone not us.
  • What two you choosing Navarre?
  • Dear MC,

    Yeah. Well. Thanks for the pep talk, buddy.

    I had to make an example of someone at the meeting with Fleece, and even that only got them to back the fuck off and hole up in Fleece's section of the east wing. I think Gettys has a bullet in him, but he wearing armor, and I didn't get a chance to see how bad I got him. I haven't seen him since though, and with Crutch out of his goddamn mind and Navarre stoned out of his gourd, neither side here really has much of what you'd call medical expertise.

    So Fleece is camped out in his bit of the mansion, and there's barricades in the fucking corridors, dividing up our territory. He's got snipers in his windows, so crossing the grounds is kinda dicey and I can't do much about it ... that's why we boarded up the fucking windows in the first place, so we wouldn't have to worry about snipers in the grounds in event of a siege.

    I could starve him out, I guess, but I asked Rice some pointed questions, and I think Fleece's been stockpiling. On the other hand, it looks like my lock on ammunition - while obviously not exactly perfect - has more-or-less worked to keep bullets out of circulation. He's definitely making his men conserve ammo, and I'm not sure that he actually has enough rounds to pull of any big assault or breakout.

    So there hasn't been much blood, which I guess is good. I think Kirk and I would win this if it got down to brass tacks, but we'd probably cripple the Riders in the doing. There was some skirmishing in the first six or seven hours, as everyone got bunkered in, but now everyone knows everyone else's sight lines and we're pretty much staying low and trying to figure shit out.

    Given what other crap I have on my table, I don't think I have time to wear him down, starve him out. But he's good and fortified in there, so getting at him directly would be brutal going.

    And, God above (no, not the fuck in the prison), we're all getting sick here ... it's a fucking plague! Fever and swelling, lightheadedness, diarrhea, all this shit. This morning, I was pissing green. Motherfuck. Did I mention about the lack of medical expertise? At least it looks like Fleece's boys are hit just as bad. If it keeps up like this, we're none of us're going to be able to work up the balls to fight.


    At least Mo and her people are ok. I guess I managed to hustle them out of here before the bug started getting around. We're in sporadic contact ... we got to assume that those National Guard jokers are scanning the radio frequencies, so we have to keep exchanges short or they'll probably stumble onto us talking.

    Mo's got people in the hills around their base, though, and the bastards don't know they're being watched. Or, at least they won't know it for sure until they manage to break Violetta. She's tough, and I like her, but I can't be sure what to expect of her.

    I'm set up in the stables. It's a solid, stone building, and it's connected up to the undercroft, so I don't have to run through a sniper's field of fire to get up to the mansion. As a plus, Daff and Wisher are pretty innocuous compared to the average Rough Rider, so that's maybe a little easier on Pamming. Well, Wisher is, anyway. Daff's kind of huge ... doesn't talk much. Sweet guy, but some find him worrying.

    And Pamming? Really? This too? What's she have to be suicidal about? Damn, I'm just not as good with the girls. At least I got Mo full-grown. I'm going to have to talk to her about this, aren't I?

    Love and kisses? Bullets and quinine would be more useful. Maybe some tear gas?

    Regards, Uncle
  • I'm going to be reading the situation. Want I should just roll that here? That way, if I totally blow it, you can treat me as even more of an unreliable narrator and kick things off with whatever I missed.
  • That'll work! Great writeup! :)
  • For Marlene and Spector,

    This is what you know:

    The 'hospital'... coming soon.
  • Oh yeah, letters. I can rework mine into Marlene's voice if that's what we ought to be doing.
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    Not necessarily. If you want to do something like that, keep it the same as how you have it, or even go with a simple, "I choose 1, 2 and 4" it's all good for me.

    Gritch, poor buddy, you're just gonna have to wing it when I post your thing. :)
  • Oh, I just felt like doing it as a response letter.

    Erm. What'll work? I should roll? Or just the response?
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    Yeah, it sounded great. Loved it.

    Go ahead and roll here. That'll be your read the sitch for the scene and I'll set up a new thread for that based on your roll.
  • Right:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    Didn't bomb it out, at least. Let's go with: What's my enemy's true position? Fog of war sucks.

    (And yeah, probably just answer that in the play thread.)
  • Marlene's planning to read her sitch as well, so if it would be helpful for scene framing, I can do that now, or if not, I'll just do it when the thread gets going.
  • Go ahead and roll. If you miss, that'll make the in media res setup even more threatening. :)
  • All right:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 ) (highlighted, for advance #4)

    Let's make that +1 Cool, since that's highlighted, and I'm expecting some fire.
  • Oh, and those are both highlighted. Go me!

    This is what I'm taking:

    • You’ve stumbled on some random medical supplies. Good for you. You can start with your first aid kit full and ready to go.
    • One of the Rough Riders (you name her) - well, her baby girl got sick and came to you since Crutch is off duty for the most part. You saved her. Congrats. She owes you a favor. Anything. Anytime.

    (I was tempted to go for Emo Navarre in the Love Triangle, but decided against it.)

    Return love letter to follow.
  • Dear MC,

    So I misread and dosed myself with two narcostabs instead of a narcostab and a biostab. It was an amazing high, and I wasn't sure where Violetta left off and where the dream began, until I woke up the next morning ready to puke. I almost cried when I saw that she brought my book back to me, and I did cry when I stubbed my toe on my assault rifle that Princy left just inside my door, but I made it outdoors to puke. Which is good, because my room was enough of a mess after Ruby ransacked it for her things.

    Speaking of which, uh, there was this cigar box full of some really sweet things. You don't know where that came from, do you, MC? It must have been Ruby's. There was a whole unopened tube of meatmesh and a six-pack of chillstabs in it, which I put in my first aid kit. Good thing, too, because word got out about how I had all this medical jingle and this girl, Prim, I think she was sweet on Tum Tum for a while, she brought me her daughter, all puking and unhappy, and I nailed the dosage first try. Kid probably would have been fine without my help, but Prim acted like I was the merciful hand of God (not the guy in the prison, but the guy from Before), said anything she could do for me, she would.

    So yeah. I have a cigar box full of stuff that Ruby left, and I just don't feel right keeping it. Thing is, there was some kind of dust-up between Uncle and Fleece, and Ruby's holed up in Fleece's wing of the chateau, with Fleece. When I went to return it, they called me Fido and took potshots at me, so I'm hanging on to it for now. Maybe she meant for me to have it, but until she tells me that to my face, I'm not spending any of it. Is she out of my life? Well, she seemed pretty clear on that when I talked to her at Fleece's. And if she came back, well, if I were a betting man I'd bet everything I had on Violetta. Ruby's a nice girl, but Violetta gets what she wants, and I think what she wants is me. And if Uncle trusts her enough to send her on recon missions, then she must be trustworthy. Not sure it'll last, but then again, what does?

    The sick fuck on the hillside. Well, this is two chances he's had to kill me, now, and he's walked away from both of them. I saw the look in his eyes, down in Crutch's place, when he had a gun and I was bare-ass naked. Maybe he just can't stomach killing, maybe he just needs a good reason and doesn't have one yet, at least where I'm concerned. I don't think I would have killed him -- killing a man to prevent a rape, that's more justified than some of the killing I've done. But he heard Crutch and me talking, and killing a man preemptively to prevent him killing you, that's fair. Only he didn't do it. Maybe he's more decent than I thought. Might be worth talking to him, especially since Uncle seems to have a fair bit of respect for him.

    So yeah, the room's tidy. Been wandering through the market, traded a few bullets for an old book I hadn't read yet. Thought I was getting better after that double dose of narcostabs, but it turns out there's this nasty flu going around, and I've been sore and cranky and coughing up blue gunk. Hope I'm better by the time Violetta comes back. I mean, my room's all squared away now, and every time I see Uncle he snarls at me to go get some rest until I'm healed up, so what else do I have to do with my time but see if I can fix some of the leaks in her room?

    Yours faithfully,
  • Lots of love 'round here. :)
  • Love makes the world go 'round!
  • Navarre's probably had an idle thought about, well, what if Ruby did come back? Could she and Violetta be convinced to share? However, every time he plays out that scenario in his head, it ends in bloodshed, usually his.
  • Do you wanna be at the siege Navarre?
  • Given Uncle's remarks at the end of last session and the timing of the whole thing, I figured that Navarre's probably tried to be at the siege a couple of times but has been chased back to bed by Uncle. If the siege is an ongoing thing and we're going to open in the middle of it, I think it's entirely plausible that Navarre has decided (once again) that he's better now despite what Uncle says.
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    Yup. I'm imagining this siege having kind of gone on for the last 36 hours, and during that time Uncle sent you back. It's been sort of a stalemate from what I gather up until this point.

    But, now that you're well (well, not counting the crap that you're coughing up) seems like if you wanted to be there, you should. I'll set it up where you arrive at the beginning.

    What do you think, Uncle?
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    Fine by me.


    Wear armor, dumbass.
  • Uncle says wear armor, I wear armor.
  • Dear MC,

    Seems like every day you're around is quite a day. I can go months without anything interesting happening, then as soon as you show up, all hell breaks loose. One of these days, I'll whip up a machine that can tell when you're watchin', and if it lights up, I'll know I'm better off just stayin' in bed.

    I ain't forgot about the gun. Even if I had, leavin' mine with Vera woulda reminded me right quick. My little officers need proper rifles for Home defense, but I don't want some piece o'junk from the market that'll jam up as soon as they're in a tight spot. Way I figure, I've got the know-how, all I need is a good workspace with some tools, and I can build 'em myself. Keep some for us, and then trade some to Uncle for bullets. And if I can get Navarre or somebody to show the kids the right way to shoot without hurtin' themselves, all the better.

    Speakin' o' somebody, somebody came over for dinner tonight. Somebody special. There's nothing like a man who can make the kids happy. Happy and fed. A couple days ago, I would have taken him down to the workshop and shown him my tools, but after the morning I've had I think I'll need some time on that. He didn't take it personal, though, and we had a nice talk, so I think we may be seein' more o' him. He left me with some things he found scavenging. Haven't had time to take a look at 'em yet, but knowin' Imam, I bet they'll be useful.

    After that, I was ready to turn in for the night so I'd be fresh for our hospital run, but things didn't go exactly as planned. Jimmy had nightmares about the dead fella comin' to haunt him, and nobody was feelin' quite right. Aches, shakes, and a second helping of dinner comin' back the wrong way didn't make for a very good night.

    Still, time waits for nobody, so the next morning, me, Spec, and Tum Tum's squad mounted up in Barney and made a run for the hospital. Probably shoulda waited, since I've been muckin' things up all day. Course, Spec wanderin' off like a damn fool didn't help. He's a smart man, bless him, but he could stand to work on his people skills. I'd like to ask him about Sarah and the spookies, but he seemed distracted on the way. He must have a lot goin' on.

    I was more'n a bit distracted myself. Every time I leave the Chateau I wonder if I'm gonna bump into Baby Duck's gang. If I never see that yellow rain suit again, it'll be too soon.

    Didn't help that Barney wasn't runnin' quite as smooth as usual. He made the trip up fine, though, so I'll just have to find some supplies, and give him some TLC when we get back.

    Anyway, we got to the hospital, but things didn't go so well. I was fumblin' with a heavy locked door, looked like it went somewhere old and important, and 'fore I knew what was what, Tum Tum was dead, and his squad was lookin t'me for leadership. I guess all I can do now is take stock of the situation, and try to keep a cool head. I've faced danger before and always made it out, and it's nice to have somethin' pleasant t'look forward to when I come home.

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