[AW] Gritch's Mess

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Gritch, two days ago, you figured things couldn't get much worse. Yet, here we are.

The detonation of Seville' s bomb, being trapped in the psychic maelstrom, spending time in Crutch's deep freezer... I mean, things could only get better right?

After Navarre stabilized you with Uncle's newly arrived medical supplies, Uncle escorted you up to Mimi's. It only took a short conversation to get you situated in a bed. Mimi knew just the girl to assign to keeping you on the mend. Couldn't have been a better scenario. Navarre never came around looking for trouble, hell, word is Ruby and Navarre aren't even together anymore. So, he shouldn't be an issue at all. Seems you and Mimi may have a fruitful relationship on down the line.

So, you're laid up in this old iron bed frame with the nice mattresses. You've got a hefty, clean blanket acting like a cocoon around you. Mimi really went out on a limb here. She's put you in one of her better rooms. You're still in and out of consciousness though. It's a hazy next couple of hours. As night falls, the albino girl comes into your room. She's carrying a tray with a bowl, steam rising up from something inside, flanked by some other foodstuffs and a candle for light. The warm glow of the candlelight carries gently onto her soft eyes and striking face. White, once you get past her odd malformation, is absolutely beautiful. To you anyways.

"I've brought you some soup."

Her voice is like that of an angel. No wonder you have such a fascination with her. She's not scared. She's calm. You feel like you're in a forest on a warm sunny day, a gentle brook passing by, in her presence. That itself warms you enough to get you over this. Sleep.

You're out again. Dreams. You can't remember them. But, it's you and Dog Head in it. Arguing about something? Nah.

You're awake again. White's there. She's holding your hand with one of hers and resting the backside of the other on your forehead.


When she puts her lips together to make that sound, it's enough to melt your heart. Mimi comes in to check on you too. Mimi's smiling.

"Hope everything is working out for you, Gritch."

And, sleep again. Minutes? Hours? It's different each time. You're in and out and all you have a brief visions of White, looking after you, helping you drink down water and soup. It feels good on your throat. Not as good as her touch. Time goes on like this. And, then...


You come to. It's not like the other times. Has your low temperature passed? Yeah. Your fever? Yeah. Gone. Your sore bones and muscles? Oh yeah. But, you feel awkward. You're not on a bed. You're not in the room. Where's White? Someone's sniffling. A held back whimper. Fearful.

You realize you're in the main room of Mimi's place, downstairs. You're staring at the ceiling. There's an old chandelier hanging there. It's the electric kind, might have once worked, but no one's been able to fix it. Or, maybe no one's tried. It's beautiful though. Glistening brass, crystal glass in the shape of gems dangling like stars. You've never really noticed it before. I mean you have, but not like this. Not like, shit that's beautiful. It reminds you of White.

White? She's here. She's whimpering.

Your forehead itches and you instinctively scratch. Your fingernails get the itch, but you smear something on your face. What? It's sticky. Blood? What the hell? Yeah. Wiping it with your sleeve. It's blood. Lots of it. You tilt your head up. And, you wish you hadn't.

Carnage. That's probably the best word to describe the scene before you. It's a slaughter house of mangled forms. The floor is soaked in already drying blood. Does it turn your stomach? There's Mimi. Her face is slashed like someone took a knife to the inside of her mouth and yanked it out like a hook out of a fish. Her dress is colored purple, a mixture of blood and blue. It's got a thousand knife wounds in it. And, the other girls. There all there too. Their bodies draped lifelessly over chairs and tables and balcony rails and the floor.

One girl still has blood dripping slowly down her forehead. She's face down over this chair. Her body contorted in a bizarre sitting position. There's tiny droplets of blood slowly, one at time, traveling down this tiny river that flows down to the tip of her nose and cascades off where it mixes with the ocean on the floor. It's Kettle. The girl is Kettle.

Dead. They're all dead.

Except White.

The one exception is White. Remember?

Gritch, upon seeing her, knew immediately that he would never, could never, hurt her.

And, even now, you didn't.

She's curled up in a ball of terror near the bar.

And, the knife. Their blood and flesh adorning it's blade. It's in your hand.

What did you do?

What do you do?


  • Fer one momen', I take the scene in, an' it starts reachin' into me, starts pullin' at me, an' I know I'd be lost to it. An' then experience, trainin', instinct, whatever, it sets in like a thunderbolt, an' I'm cut off from it, lookin' around without feelin' anythin'. I didn' call it up, but I can feel the cold waitin' right past the edge o' my perception, waitin' fer me, like a blanket a mother'd wrap around a kid t'help get the kid over some nightmare. The sound o' White whimperin' fades away from my mind. Can't let myself hear it. Need to focus. Need to think.

    Knife in my hand. Seems to mean I did it. Don' remember doin' it. Don' know why I'd do it. Means that somethin' else mighta done it. Some part o' me I don' know about, or somethin' usin' my body fer a tool. Seen spookies do stuff like it before. Never thought it'd work on me.

    Dog Head. Maybe hes' got a bit more access t'me than I thought. An' he did this? Why? Revenge. Mos' likely.

    Maybe it was a frame-up. Somebody did it, left the knife in my hand. But why? Why wasn't I awake, or aware?

    I could question White, but she's not likely t'give me anythin' I can use right now. 'Specially if she thinks I did it. An'...my eyes fall on her, an' the wall keepin' this from penetratin' me starts to crack, an' I immediately look back at the corpses. Somehow, they're easier to see than White.

    I could brain scan White. (NO!) No.

    I rise t'my feet, an' I take the room in, an' I keep thinkin'.

    (So, I'd like to read this horrible nightmarish sitch, please. There is no enemy immediately available, but I am interested in asking questions like "What should I be on the lookout for?", "Who's in control here?", and "What's my best escape route?" Let me know if, because opposition is not readily available, it's not quite charged in the right way.)

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    (Assuming it's okay, highlighted for 4)
  • What should I be on the lookout for?

    Someone's coming up the hillside toward Mimi's place. You can't tell who from here, but finding you, here, covered in blood, knife in hand, White as witness, it probably would be something to lookout for.

    Who's in control here?

    You're in control here. You've got the knife right? The menacing blood soaked clothes? The half a dozen bodies lying at your feet? Yeah.

    What's my best escape route?

    Out the back. There's a door. It leads right into the cover of the gardens.
  • Shit. Shitshitshitshitshit.

    If I leave White here, then they'll find her, ask her what happened. I don' even know. Maybe I didn' do it. But mos' like, somethin' used my body to do whatever happened here, an' White ain't gonna know it wasn't me. So she'll tell 'em, an' then I'm fucked unless I can somehow prove it wasn't me behind the wheel. Yeah. Hell of a good chance o' doin' that, 'less I can get to Spector somehow. But I can't count on that, anyhow. Don' know if I could tell after the fact if someone was possessed when they committed murders, neither. Fuck.

    I can take White with me. But she isn't gonna move, not unless I push her, I'm sure of it. 'Specially if she thinks I did this. I might just hurt her.


    I drop the knife to the floor, an' then I call out to White.

    "White. I have no idea what happened here. An' I know you ain't got shit of a reason t'believe me. But please, you gotta know. I didn' do anythin'. Even if it was my body, it wasn't me. Tell 'em that, if you tell 'em anythin'." An' I bolt for the backdoor.

    I can't hurt her. An' she's probably safer away from me at this point.

    But before I leave, I spin around to the carnage. It hurts my eyes, hurts my head t'look at it, an' I'm barely holdin' onto the wall in my head that's keepin' this shit from stoppin me cold. But I gotta look. I gotta see. Somethin' ain't right here, an' I need to see what.

    (I want to open my brain to the Maelstrom, specifically in hopes of seeing the ghosts of the murdered girls, or any kind of psychic residue left from the attack.)

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    (Highlighted for 5 and improvement)
  • There is.

    The whole bloody ordeal plays out in front of you like it's being fast-forwarded. You coming down the stairs with White in tow, then drawing a knife and going apeshit, stabbing everything in your path. Mimi running up toward you, grabbing your arms to stop her and you taking the knife and stabbing her over and over. The other girls trying to run, but something, some invisible force holding them down as one-by-one you take the knife to each of them.

    It's gruesome. Horrifying. And, White, she witnessed it all.

    And, then, a chill comes over you, and you hear Dog Head in the back of your mind whispering.

    "You lied to me, Gritch. Ole buddy, ole pal. You said as soon as you got back, you'd get me to the Witch. I told you I'd make your life complicated. This is just the beginning. Now, get me to the Witch, motherfucker."

    And, then you're back. The front door to Mimi's place is cracking open...

    What do you do?
  • Oh. Oh you fuckin' monster. Yeah, that's right, I know you're fuckin' listenin'. I'm gonna burn you outta my brain with a bullet, if I gotta, you fucker.

    I dive out the back door, an' hide myself in the garden. Fuck. I'm wrackin' my brain, thinkin' about what I can do next. I don' even know where the fuckin' Witch is. Fuck. Not to mention, I don' even know if I wanna take this fucker there anymore. Maybe I just drown us both, huh?

    I'll try sneakin' my way slowly outta the garden, down towards the Chateau proper. I need t'get to my place. Pick up some jingle, my armor. Maybe a detour to Navarre's, pick up my gun. An' then, I gotta get the fuck outta here. Until I can get this parasite outta my head, I can't be here.
  • Well, there's a siege going on right now, so getting to your shack isn't going to be a problem, but Kirk's men are swarming all over the mansion outside of the east wing (where Fleece is) and it's going to be hard to get into Navarre's room without being noticed possibly.

    You wanna try and act under fire to get in? The fire being, one of the Rough Riders notices you snoopin' about?
  • Sure, let's give that a whirl, to get my pistol back.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Oh yeah, great, NOW I roll well. If I had rolled well earlier, I wouldn't even be in this mess. Jeez.
  • Ha! So true!

    Anyways, you get in and out without anyone noticing shit. You had to scrounge around in Navarre's room, but you didn't leave a mess or nothing. He won't even know you've been here until he opens up his gun case and the pistol's gone.

    You've got your gun back.

    Where you heading to now?
  • Navarre keeps his place pretty tidy. It's not like he has many possessions he cares about: his guns, his armor, his books. And the room's large enough to have a place for everything. His guns were gone, though, so when he comes back and puts them away he'll notice.
  • Assuming I already picked up my armored hazmat suit, I'm heading out to Spector's place. I don't think Gritch would know that he's on the mission to the aircraft carrier, and I additionally don't think that Gritch would care. Spector's place is a moderately safe spot to hide for an hour or two, and figure some shit out. So even if Spector's not there, it's the target.

    Additionally, how far away is Mine from the Chateau?
  • Tell me more about Mine. How far away is it? What's it like nowadays? Does anyone still linger there?
  • I somewhat feel like Uncle should have somewhat more of a say on the current state of Mine, as it's ultimately his decisions that probably dictate the current state it's in, but I'll start describing and Michael can correct me if he wants to.

    I figure that Mine is maybe a day's walk away, and that's a full day of walking. Closer by boat, though, so it's only a few hours. Ever since it was taken apart by Uncle and the Rough Riders, it's been a kind of blasted place, where strange critters take refuge in the rusting and rotting remnants of shacks. I don't think people in their right minds linger there; it's only people who're more old ghosts than people who actually stick around the area. This isn't necessarily because Uncle gave orders to make it so, but it's more a side effect of the Rough Riders' savagery and the ultimate finale of the fight against Dog Head. The place was left metaphysically scarred, and living, sane people don't like it there much anymore.

    Okay, so, Gritch is actually going to open up his brain. He needs to figure out how to oust Dog Head, and he's hoping to get a tip on how to do that. More specifically, he believes that since his pain wave generator is what he used on Dog Head in the first place, getting it back will help him to get rid of Dog Head permanently.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    (highlighted for...not entirely sure, think it's 1)
  • (I'm pretty sure that's 1 xp. And man oh man, this session is not going well for me. Only 3 out of 36 possible die combinations that I can fail on, and I've rolled 2 so far. Woohoo! If Dog Head takes over and kills more people, then I may just have Navarre shoot me for the safety of the Chateau.)
  • ( I think Mine would have to be further away than that. I imagine it being towards the edge of Uncle's sphere of influence, since he would've done something about Dog Head earlier if Dog Head had been close enough for him to really get an idea of what was going on. Call it a day's travel by truck, not on foot, though that's over bad/not straight roads. )
  • (Hmmm. I think one of the immediate questions that arises to me then, if Mine is a truck's day away, is the viability of an actual campaign against Mine. I'm assuming that even if they have gas, the Riders don't have vast stores of it, so a day's trip in multiple vehicles would be quite costly, not to mention the day's trip back. Obviously they could take whatever they found In Mine when they were done, but that doesn't seem Uncle's style, to plan on salvaging instead of bringing. Plus, any such attack would require the Rough Riders to either leave at dusk and arrive in the morning, or leave in the morning and arrive at night, neither of which seems ideal, as traveling at night on "bad/not straight roads" would be pretty dangerous in a world where functioning headlights are likely also something of a luxury. I can understand your point that Dog Head should be on the outskirts, but how far does Uncle's sphere of influence extend, exactly? Maybe I missed a discussion of that, or I forgot, but a day's truck ride is quite a big sphere. Not to mention that it's unlikely his sphere would be perfectly established, and its easy to imagine that it's more like Uncle has a pocket of influence around each area that pays him tribute, but there's plenty of space in between for things to go on that he just doesn't see or know about. Hell, maybe part of the reason for why Dog Head was such a damn thorn in Uncle's side was that for a while, Uncle wasn't even sure where the hell Mine was, and it was ultimately much closer than he thought. In the end, I'm not really attached to either answer and I'm fine with just saying that Mine is a full day's truck ride away, but that seems to have many other repercussions which are worth at least thinking about a little.)
  • I think the Driver and Chopper playbooks only work in a world where, like the default, petroleum is fairly plentiful.
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    (Maybe we should just start another thread for this? Or do it in OOG? I dunno, but I feel weird cluttering this thread with this discussion, which is why I was fine with continuing in Uncle's thread.)

    (I can see your point, and I thought about that, but I don't exactly disagree. Petroleum only needs to be plentiful enough that it's never really an issue for the Driver, who may have one, two, or three vehicles. Also, theoretically, choppers don't HAVE to have bikes. Even if they do, though, I think it would still be reasonable to say that it's moderately scarce. I mean, hell, as far as I read the game, scarcity is one of the major themes, so I feel like it would always be a possibility for the MC to go "New problem! You're outta gas, gotta go find some. Maybe those cannibal gas traders down the road a bit will help out." So I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think it's unreasonable to say that there's "plentiful petroleum" for a single vehicle, but for an entire convoy of vehicles operating on a regular basis in tough conditions? Hell, I'd even be impressed if such a convoy existed. But that's just my take.)

    (Side note: I think that this is also partly because of my own predilections and assumptions coming into AW, period, in any AW game. I immediately shoot for isolation and scarcity, where the people are not connected to much else outside their immediate area, and resources can be depleted at any moment. Even a cross-country Driver would still have this element of "the world only exists at about a 5 mile radius around me at any given time" thing, as far as I see it. So maybe that's something I need to fix about the way I'm viewing the game; maybe adjusting my preconceptions there would make it all fit better in my head.)
  • Gritch, where were you at specifically when you opened your brain? Have you left the Chateau already? Are you on the way to Spector's? At Spector's?
  • I'm thinking I was sort of on my way out of the Chateau, towards Spector's, when I had a brainwave about how I might take care of this. So I'm willing to let you pick exactly where, but I'm assuming I was either towards the edges of the Chateau area, or in between the Chateau and Spector's.
  • Great. I need to know some things.

    Do you intend to help Dog Head and find the witch?

    Who are you most frightened of at the Chateau?
  • Posted By: Michael PfaffDo you intend to help Dog Head and find the witch?
    Hmmm. As a player, I'll be honest, I really haven't been able to decide. I think that Gritch wants Dog Head out, in the quickest, fastest way possible. If that were to turn out to be finding the Witch, then Gritch would do it. But if there's any faster way that occurs, then Gritch is going that way. Also, Gritch would totally not be against killing Dog Head (again) and/or making Dog Head suffer, and presumably the Witch route does not offer that. So Gritch isn't ruling that way out, especially if it's the only avenue available, but I think he's leaning towards something more immediate/painful/permanent. Hope that works.

    Posted By: Michael PfaffWho are you most frightened of at the Chateau?
    Bwah. Toughie. Um.

    Especially after what just happened, I sort of wanted to put down "myself" at first, but that feels like a big cop out. So, I'm gonna have to go with Wise. Gritch is a bit scared of Uncle, sure, because he knows Uncle'd kill him if Uncle saw fit. Gritch is a bit scared of some of the Rough Riders for a similar reason. But the fear of death, while still there, doesn't really have as much of a hold on him anymore. The fear of torture, pain, and nightmares, however, is much more effective. Wise is a sick bitch, and she's charismatic enough to get others to follow her. Gritch is scared of her not only for what she might do to him, but for what she might do to everyone in the entire goddamn hold if she managed to get into a position of real power. He's even more scared to think that she might have some of the same abilities that he has, and that she might be much more willing to use them in dark ways than he ever would be.
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    Gritch, you are here now.
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