[AW] Left To Fend For Yourself

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Spector, the entire ride to the aircraft carrier these thoughts about Pamming kept swimming into your brain. How is she going to cope at the Chateau? When you left, things were not going well with Uncle and Fleece. There was talk about a fight. More bloodshed? More death? You're not sure if Pamming can handle it all. It left you worried. And, the potential for her to be pregnant. How does that change things?

It's like you're more or less going through the motions when you finally reach the ship. Tum Tum, his squad and Marlene are all climbing into the ship, and you're following behind them, but fuck. You're just not there, yah know? It's fucking creepy in this place. It's like a giant iron and steel tomb. Cold. Damp. And, is that footsteps off in the distance you heard? Did anyone else notice that figure standing on the deck of the ship? Or, was that a figment of your imagination?

Tum Tum leads you through the maze of corridors toward the hospital. Luckily, there are indicators. Whoever lived in this place before I guess realized how fucking confusing navigating it could be.

And, then, finally you reach the clinic. It's got everything the rumors promised. And, more. You're stepping through a door that leads off to another section of the clinic, maybe you're just meandering, maybe you're still thinking about everything, maybe you saw something that drew you in. And, then, clack!. The door shuts behind you. There's screaming coming from beyond and then gunfire. Marlene's in there. Along with Tum Tum and his crew. Fuck. Try as you might, you can't find a way to open that door. You're going to have to find another way in. You turn around and there's a long hallway, leading away from the clinic. Maybe it wraps around? Light is minimal. A few safety lights, still getting power - maybe from whatever is powering the clinic emergency lighting - near the base of the walls in the corridor. Just enough to see that the end of the corridor is enveloped in darkness.

Do you have a light? What about weapons?

There's a sound coming from deeper, further down the corridor.

*tink tink*

*tink tink*

It sounds ominous.

What do you do?


  • The small revolver that I took from Frankie is left with Pamming. She's a good shot with the rifle, but before taking her down to to Lars, I had her blow off the six shots in practice then got Lars to refill it. I'm carrying Panzer's Magnum in here -- no point in a long arm indoors. And right now, it's in my right hand, pointing down the hall. I've got an oil lamp in my kit, but it's not lit or out -- I'd rather not draw attention just now and as long as there's a bit of light, I'm better off with both hands free.

    It's strange that this grand old ship is here. I'm not used to seeing things this large that aren't just landscape. It's stranger still to think that a treasure trove like this is uninhabited. I guess the inhabitants just found my partners. A thing like this -- there just have to be ghosts. I'm opening my brain as a matter of recon before moving out. What the fuck is going on here?

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Nice roll.

    You roll your eyes into the back of your head and suddenly your mind is assaulted by a thousand shrieking voices. The normal icy fog that clouds your vision and sweeps you away is replaced by a pitch black emptiness thousands of spooks are trying to climb out of. They look discolored and streaked with blues, greens and browns, like you're looking at them through a film negative. Something's sucking them back through the black hole. And, you feel this pain seeping into your mind.

    I need you to give me a roll+1 for unusual exposure to the psychic maelstrom.

    There's a man through all of this. He's old, in his late 50s or early 60s. His face is thin and gaunt, but he has a neatly trimmed beard and he's wearing this brilliant white hat with a dark blue bill and gold trim around it.

    "Pull it together man! Hang in there! I'm going to try and get down to you!"
  • Huh. Interesting. "...down to you." #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
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    You nearly fall to the ground, catching yourself at your knees when you come out of the vision. You realize you're clutching at your head and you miss noticing whatever it is that has moved into the darkness at the end of the corridor...

    What do you do?
  • Can you explicate "unusual exposure to the psychic maelstrom" or is that basically all I know -- that something weird is going on in ghost-world (as per your description above)?

    I'm heading down the corridor, watching for hatches or passages to the sides and for movement ahead. If I get to the point where the dark is starting to be all-consuming, I'll back into the light and deploy my lantern, keeping it out of my direct vision once it's lit so that I'm not blinded by it.
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    This place, this ship, has a strange fucking connection to the psychic maelstrom. And, even though you noticed something strange and creepy, you didn't get the full sensation until you opened your brain to it. There's something very bad going on here.

    When you open your brain to the psychic maelstrom on the Nimitz, you also subject yourself to unusual exposure to the psychic maelstrom and suffer Y-harm.

    Don't tell the other players. ;)
  • When you get to the darkness, you look up and it sounds like footsteps moving with speed on a metal grating. It's echoing like this might be part of a staircase and someone is coming down. When you step back to deploy your lantern, something leaps out at you from the darkness! It crashes into you and the lantern goes tumbling out of your grasp onto the floor. It's positioned so that it only casts a faint glow on your attacker, which seems humanoid, but more than that is hard to discern.

    You're on the ground, it's on top of you, hissing and breathing it's foul breath on you. You've got it pushed up off of you, but it's about to come down hard and bite you in the face.

    What do you do?
  • I pull my legs up into a knot and kick up and back -- over my head, to propel the...thing off of me and hopefully into the light. Whether that works or not, I'm bringing my gun to bear and either threatening it into a more complacent attitude or shooting the fucker.

    I think that's going aggro, yeah? #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • We'll resolve you acting under fire to get out from under it first.

    You kick your legs up and back, and you can get the thing off of you, but you're going to lose your grip on the pistol in the struggle. You want to get it off of you, or hang onto your pistol?
  • Oh, hang onto the pistol! Fuck that! I'll just plug the muzzle into the thing's mouth and pull the trigger.
  • That's gonna be seizing it's life then! :)
  • #DiceRoller( 2d6 ) (highlighted stat)
  • What now, fucker!?

    As it lunges to bite at my face, I shove the end of the pistol into it's mouth and pull the trigger. (I suffer little harm, inflict terrible harm and I frighten and dismay any allies it might have in the area.)
  • Gimme a suffer harm roll+1 (minus any armor).
  • #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Right. The psycho fucker clawed you across your fucking arm as you were holding it back (1-harm). Whatever the thing is, it's head's gone now and there's a mess of brain and skull fragments everywhere. All over you. All over the floor. And, it's dead mass just falls off of you.

    You don't notice it at first, but there's someone else here. At the edge of the darkness. They speak.

    "Well, you're still alive, I see. Good work."

    It sounds like the old man from your vision.

    What do you do?
  • I push the thing's dead body off to the side, get up and wipe some of this shit off my face. "Yeah, it's a start. What is it? What's the drill? This your ship?"
  • I figure he's going to talk and I'm going to try and get a sense of what he's about. Reading him: #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Or...y'know...not.
  • The man steps forward, into the light, giving you a helping hand to your feet. It's the man from the vision earlier, with the white beard and the naval commander's hat. He doesn't look nearly as clean cut as he did when you opened your brain to the psychic maelstrom. His beard is unkempt and his face looks withered. He smiles at you with yellow-stained teeth, those of a heavy smoker, and talks.

    "Yes. I've lived here pretty much my whole life. I stay up in the control tower. It's my home. Welcome. I'm..."

    His sentence is abruptly cut off. He gets this strange look on his face. One of horror. He stiffens and looks down at his stomach. And, ever so slowly, this sharp, jagged end of a pipe or something similar, comes pushing through from his back.

    He tries to speak, and instead of words, blood spills out. He looks up at you and he mouths the word 'run' at you.

    There's nothing to get a sense of, except horror.

    At this point, whatever is stabbing him through the back is focused on that and you can definitely get to the staircase and make a run for it if you want.

    What do you want to do?

    And, damn my principles. :/ I totally didn't want to look through crosshairs at him. :)
  • "Oh, fuck!" I push to the side of him, looking behind him. I'm not sure if I'm going to bolt for the stairs or what, but my pistol is pointing out in front of me. What the fuck is going on?
  • It's funny how this works. I was going to wait for the MC to describe the situation and then act on the tactical situation as described. And that's fine. But actually, I think I'm reading the sitch, so I'll just go ahead and roll and we'll still do that other stuff but with mechanics. #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • What's my enemy's true position? (I.e. is there a single opponent behind the captain or a swarm of the things waiting for me, etc)
  • It's another one of those things, it's greyish skin and hunched back with sharp spinal protrusions. Whatever this thing is, it resembles a man, but its face is contorted and flesh taking on the texture of that of melted skin. It's grasping a pipe and it has stabbed the man in the back and through his stomach.

    It's trying to pull the pipe out. If you move now, you could probably get a head start on the staircase. If you do anything else staying here, it'll have that thing out and probably come for you next.
  • I'm killing it. BLAM! If all goes well, I'm going to throw the captain up over my shoulders and run up the steps.

    Seizing by force for an experience and an advance. #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
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    Well, you try to fire, but it's click, click, click. Shit! You forgot to reload. :)

    Do you want to reload and let it get the pipe out, or just make the run for it? You still have time. If you take action to reload, it'll use that time to draw the pipe out.

    Edit: You can also pistol-whip it if you want.
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    So Michael pointed out that I haven't reloaded...that's an easy thing to forget when you're in the shit and using a new gun. I pull the trigger, nothing happens and I try to pistol-whip the thing and I'll inflict terrible harm and suffer little. That should be enough even without ammo. :)

  • Give me a suffer harm roll+1 (minus armor).
  • #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • So, you're pistol-whipping the thing to death? I assume you're seizing it's life yeah? Terrible harm indeed. It takes several strikes to the head for the thing to fall and its clawing at your with its wicked fingernails the whole time. Each blow you inflict spurts more and more blood onto your face and clothing. Eventually, it falls to the floor and lies motionless except for the occasional twitch. In the aftermath, you realize it has clawed the shit out of your face and throat (you suffer 2-harm total).

    The man in the admiral's cap has fallen face-down in the corridor, the pipe still standing up from his lifeless body like a flagpole with no flag.

    Standing here, you realize the things must've come from an open ventilation system at the base of the stairwell. Off in the depths of the cruiser, you think you hear the sound of thumping on metal, like something still moving through the ventilation system.

    What do you do?
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