[AW] Battle of the Chateau



  • Ever since Pamming has been around the Chateau, you've noticed her keen observation of you whenever you were around. She doesn't seem to know that she's your kid, but she might have suspicions. This small time you've spent with her, despite her obvious distress, she seems to have livened up in your presence. Why do you get the feeling she wishes you'd invite her to visit the Chateau more, maybe spend more time with her? That's how it seems.

    Fleece's voice comes over the radio, into your headset.

    "Roger that."

    Moments after bellowing, Princy comes running over from where Crutch's infirmary doors are. He comes in and climbs up to the loft to get his pants.

    "Thanks, Uncle. I was freezing my balls off out there. What do I need to do?"
  • I give Princy orders - he's to go and tell Kirk what I want him to do. Logistical stuff, overseeing things as Fleece's men stand down.

    Next up:
    - I put a radioman on raising Barney and securing a report, using my own radio to contact whoever's at the mansion's main radio (connected to the aerial).

    - I would send someone off to check on Mimi, except that that's when I put together Gritch's presence and Hale's interruption to figure that someone nasty might've happened up there.

    - Chat's squad is handy. Some of his men are injured, so they're off duty, but I'll detach two of the rest to replace Wisher on Gritch-guarding duty while the remainder goes to check on Mimi. If the injured aren't yet stable and secure, detach another dude to help Navarre. I can dismiss Lala's team while I'm at it, appraising them, Chat, and Navarre of the situation. Pamming is nearby, since I sure as hell am not letting her sit around that close to Gritch.

    - I attend to matters around the mansion, probably talking to Kirk, Rice. Nothing really exciting.

    - Hearing back on the topic of Mimi and her girls.

    - Going into Jean's room, to see if anything stands out.

    - Calling a strategy session, after a few hours.
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