[AW} Flashback - Spector and Solomon's Choice

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So, Spector. It's ten, fifteen years before the events in the Chateau. You come out from an errand -- where were you? what were you doing there? -- and there are two people arguing outside your place. (Is there someone inside who was reluctant to open the door for them for some reason?) You hear this before you see it.

A woman: "I don't care, she's my baby. We have to at least try. Anyway, he's not home, least we can do is wait a little while."

A man: "Fuck that. You know what happens. They're possessed once, makes it that much easier later on."

The woman, pleading: "Please. Spector can help. You came this far, wait a few minutes?"

The man: "I have half a mind to just take off, keep myself safe."

The woman: "But she's your daughter too!"

What do you do?


  • (I'm not entirely grokking the setup, so if my response doesn't jive with your setup, let me know and we'll work through it.)

    I'm digging a well behind the second bunkhouse. I have tap-water in the lab, but the stream is far enough away that when people are living here, a well would be a big improvement. They were able to get all the way up to the buildings without me hearing them because sounds are funny, and mostly absent, when I'm down the hole. When I appear, I'm wearing muddy boots and carrying a shovel.

    "Howdy folks! What brings you up the mountain?"
  • (I left the setup open, because I don't know what you were doing 10 years ago. So you're just coming back to your place after doing some digging.)

    The woman looks like she's about to burst into tears. "It's our daughter, Moon. She --"

    The man interrupts. "She's possessed. I figure the best thing to do is kill her. Would be a mercy to everyone, most of all herself."
  • I'm looking back and forth between them. "These situations can be difficult to discern. Where is young Moon?"
  • The woman looks uneasily at the man. "We were going to bring her. She said she'd kill herself if we went to an exorcist. Well, the ghost said she'd kill Moon. So, you'd have to come back to our place...."
  • "Please, come in." I open the front door, shuck my boots and lean the shovel against the wall.

    Once we're inside, I'll pour three cups of buttermilk -- offering to the guests. "What do you know about ghost? How do you know that Moon is possessed?"
  • They accept the buttermilk. The man downs his in a few gulps; the woman doesn't seem to know what to do with it, and every few minutes seems surprised to find it in her hands.

    The man says, "I had a buddy who was possessed once. Brought him to a guy who said he knew what he was doing, and it wasn't pretty. But I'm not an expert myself, it's why we came to you."

    The woman adds, "She's only two and a half. She shouldn't know words like 'exorcist.' She's talking like an adult."
  • "OK, I have some questions. It's going to seem like a lot, but I need to get a handle on this situation so that I can help you. Did she start knowing these words all at once? Or has she been precocious all along? Who is caring for her right now? Is she as easy to restrain as a normal toddler? Did the ghost say how it would kill your daughter? Has the ghost expressed a name? How long has she been acting this way? Did you bring anything of Moon's with you?"
  • (I'm going to assume you're asking these questions conversationally, not just firing them all off and waiting for them to answer.)

    "OK, I have some questions. It's going to seem like a lot, but I need to get a handle on this situation so that I can help you."

    The man opens his mouth to answer, but glances over at the woman. You can tell by now he's usually the dominant one, but he's taking pains to defer to her.

    "Did she start knowing these words all at once? Or has she been precocious all along?"

    The woman answers: "It's not just the words. It's... the way she talks. She swears like a soldier. And it comes and goes. Sometimes she's herself, sometimes she's not. She's always been bright, but this is something else."

    "Who is caring for her right now?"

    The man: "My brother's wife. We told her we were going to market and Moon wasn't feeling well."

    "Is she as easy to restrain as a normal toddler?"

    The woman looks uneasy. The man: "She almost broke my arm last night. It was the last straw."

    "Did the ghost say how it would kill your daughter?"

    The woman: "No, just that it would. And it's strong enough, it could probably hurt her."

    "Has the ghost expressed a name?"

    The woman: "Not that I've heard. It only really admitted it when we started talking about coming to see you."

    "How long has she been acting this way?"

    The woman counts days on her fingers, talking to herself. She looks up at you. "Four days. We thought it might pass."

    "Did you bring anything of Moon's with you?"

    The woman reaches into a pocket, hidden by her apron, and pulls out a rag doll, obviously made by hand and well-loved. "This is Momma Jess. It's Moon's favorite toy. If... if she were herself, she'd be beside herself when she discovered Momma Jess was gone." The man briefly looks very pleased with himself.
  • (Do you figure I know these folks -- their names and where they live? What they do?)

    "Well, OK. It does sound like you folks have probably apprehended things properly. I can't make you any promises -- no one understands these things perfectly, but I'll certainly try to help." I'll take Momma Jess from the woman. "This is very good. Even under the best of circumstances, things will be strange. I think the worst case it that your daughter will die. What I'm going to try to do, is get the spirit that's in her to jump from her to this doll. At that point, if things work out well, we can keep the spirit happy and she might even help protect Moon. Sometimes it works out that well."

    I've discovered that I can use this building as a conduit into the spirit world where I can manipulate things. In this case, I intend to spruce up Momma Jess and make her a hospitable home for the spirit that has infected Moon. Once that's accomplished, we can hopefully bargain with it.
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