[AW] Navarre Takes The Lead

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"Uncle says we're supposed to clear out the undercroft. Take prisoners if we can, kill only if we need to. You want to lead it?"

Navarre, Chat is finishing up his smoke. He tosses it on the ground and grinds the butt into the dirt with the front tip of his steel-toe boot.

"What's up, Navarre? Good to see you doing better man. I heard how you fucked those pansies in the balloon thingamajig up. That's some hard shit. Glad to have you here. My men'll be a lot more confident."

He snatches his rifle up by the barrel taking it from its leaning position against the stone wall and starts walking down, into the undercroft.

"We've set up down here. It's tight. If gunfire breaks out, won't be many places to take cover. How you wanna do this?"


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    I'm fine with you detailing the undercroft if you want. I'm imagining a series of narrow tunnels, mixed with chambers and wider passages. Somewhere down there is the mansion's catacombs also.

    How do you want to handle it?
  • Before I respond, what question do you want to ask for your read the sitch roll?
  • The Rough Riders have 1-armor, so I'm thinking they're decked out in leathers and motorcycle jackets and whatnot. Chat's got a squad of about 7 tough looking men. That's right about the size of a small gang including you and Chat. Of course, you're worth a gang yourself. So maybe all together you're worth a medium gang when working together? That's certainly an advantage.

    Chat is nodding.

    "I didn't know you'as so tactically minded, Navarre. Sounds like a helluva better plan than I'd have thought up. And, you're right, they've set up defensive postures back in those rooms where it's tight and cramped. Any time we've tried to move up, they fire down on us. We throw some bullets back at 'em, but we're trying to conserve our ammo. Haven't seen any of them near the catacombs."

    Chat points his finger deeper into the undercroft.

    "I sent a couple'a my guys up to get a better looksy, and they saw Fleece's men setting up some barrels of fuel at the base of some of the support structures. They might have a mind to blow the place if we venture too far into there. Trap us. So, we've been hanging back here, near the stairs, waiting for orders."

    He spits onto the dirt floor.

    "So, what do you think? What should we do?"
  • Based on what Chat is telling you, you believe Fleece's men are probably set up with some fighting positions on the far side, just beneath the East Wing, near the old servant's quarters. Most of those rooms are not more than ruined walls and dirt floors. They're going to stay back far enough to ignite the fuel, hopefully causing an explosion and catch anyone trying to move through that route into Fleece's quarters under a pile of rubble.
  • "Not that I can think of."

    Chat scratches his cheek through his thick beard.

    "I'll pick two guys. You go on in and we'll keep our distance."

    When you get closer to the far side of the undercroft, where Fleece's men are set up, you hear a voice shout from the other side of some broken walls near the servant's quarters.

    "Stop right there, motherfucker! Take another step and we'll blast the shit out of yah!"

    You see several gun barrels poking out from various parts and holes in the walls. In your peripheral vision, two of Chat's men are moving stealthily around toward where the gasoline canisters are.

    What do you do?
  • Chat's behind you, and you hear them building up snickers and taunts. "Fuckin' Fido." "Go ahead and shoot boys." Etc...

    A woman steps out from behind one of the crumbling walls. It's Lala.

    "Fido, you know how it works. We've got our orders. So, unless you want us to go ahead and blow the gasoline, catching your men under it, you should go on back. We're not letting anyone past here, and you're too close as it is."

    She looks back and smiles casually, waving her hand across the firing line behind her.

    "As you can see, you're outnumbered and your men back there don't seem too keen on backing you up. So, be a good little pup and go back to your master."
  • You notice the Riders are moving into cover and getting settled into firing positions.

    Right now, on the countdown clock, we're at maneuvering 12-3:00.

    You can see them, but it's through a series of pillars and whatnot. So, they're in and out of your peripheral vision.

    Do you want to read the sitch?

    "Really? Hmmm. So, what are your orders?"
  • As soon as you finish your sentence, you hear a pow!, pow!. Two shots.

    Lala immediately turns toward where the gasoline is positioned.

    "The fuck?"

    Then, her eyes go wide.

    "They're going for the gasoline! Light this motherfucker up!"

    Then, she draws forth two smgs, one in each hand and starts firing wildly as she backs up into one of the doorways there.

    Now, the way I see it, Chat's men have two options. A) Lay down some covering fire for you, so you can get back to cover, or B) Lay down some covering fire for the two men going for the gasoline.

    Do you want to call out orders at this point?

    The countdown clock just went straight to 9:00 btw.
  • Right now, none of Fleece's men are over near the gasoline (there was one, but he got shot twice). So, seizing by force doesn't make much sense in that respect. Maybe since Chat's men are positioned back further and are providing covering fire for the other two men to take the gasoline, it would technically be following through on someone else's move.

    Roll+sharp since it's one of my characters.

    I think you're dead on, since this is most definitely an untenable course.

    Sound good?
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  • Nice. So, Lala's got your blood boiling because those two men, well, she's sent two men of her own to take them down.

    You hear her shouting.

    "Putrid, stop those cunts!"

    You see Putrid and Rufe moving through the servants quarters and Putrid moves right up to a wall and kicks it down. He rests his machine gun on the rubble and starts pelting the area with machine-gun fire. No doubt, using up most of their ammunition.

    But, the two men Chat sent over there, well, they're pinned down with the canisters of gasoline in their laps.

    You make it up to Lala and her crew's firing position. You're literally back to back with Lala, her on one side of a wall, and you on the other. If it were a movie, the camera would be positioned so that it's you|her. There are occasional rounds snapping over your head, but you're too close for them to get a good shot on you without endangering Lala.

    "What the fuck, Fido?!"

    She's shouting over the gunfire.
  • Well, technically he's not providing the covering fire, Chat's and his men are, so I thought the follow through move seemed more appropriate.
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    Countdown clock goes to 10:00.

    Chat's man, Bingo, he stands up and tries to make a run for it when he sees you firing on Putrid. He doesn't make it far. Several rounds slam into his back and come out the other side through his chest, causing tiny explosions of blood to mist the air. He drops the gasoline and faceplants.

    The other guy, Saddle, he's crawling and Lala takes one of the smgs and fires off the corner of your shared wall. Saddle gets hit in the foot and the gasoline canister goes rolling. He's fucking screaming out now. "My foot! My fucking foot!"

    Lala is shouting at you again.

    "It's only getting worse for your men. Now, back the fuck off! Or, we're going to kill you all!"
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    Alright, give me a suffer harm roll+2 (minus armor).

    What three options are you choosing?
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    I guess it seems reasonable that you could lay down harm on a by-individual basis considering you have disciplined engagement, assuming you follow the guidelines for harm established. So, say you wind up doing 3-harm to Lala and her small gang, there definitely has to be widespread injuries, many serious, several fatalities. Who those fatalities are could be up to you.

    Unless you notch it down to 1-harm, there's going to be fatalities though (that'd be you dishing out 2-harm because they have 1-armor).

    That cool with you?
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