[AW] The Quarantine - Specialist June Whitfield



  • Cool! I like the extra stasis facility idea. If you come up with a cool custom one, let me know.
  • Some of those "?" doors are labeled, right? 'PODS' and 'RELEASE', at least.

    : Ok, I'm looking at what I'm typing (below), and - stepping back - it looks critical. It is criticism, of course, but in the technical sense. I'm trained in architecture, so you if put a floor plan in front of me, I will analyze it. :

    The entry is odd. There usually should be something at an entry. This one is a mid-length corridor with three events: a side-hall, a lounge/kitchenette off to the side, and ending in a four-way intersection. There's nothing to suggest where you should go first after you enter, and that's off in an institutional facility (even a super-secret one).

    Looking at it, it would make some sense to just kill the walls around the mess, making it a larger room with four halls opening off of it, rather than a smaller adjacent to the crossing of two long halls. It'd feel more central, that way, and it would establish the entryway. Toss in a couple of bigger tables, so the place can be used for briefings of the entire unit.

    It's fairly weird that there's a barracks over there, a barracks and armory over here, and the mess over there. Normally, you'd cluster those things for convenience. Also, so that the toilets can all share a wall full of plumbing and you only have to run the sewage line to one place.

    If you swapped the locations of the barracks and that locked room at the southwest corner of the main intersection, that would pretty much fix that. The two barracks rooms would be next to each other (each sharing a wall with the utility room), with the armory right across the hall from both, in case of emergency. And then the kitchenette remains just next door, which is good both for the utilities and for general convenience.

    Post-it note:

  • I haphazardly threw that map together, with the only concern in my mind being that there was at least one circular room of mystery. So I'm fine with changing it. I'll try to get that done tonight. My only concerns:

    - I wanted the mess to be its own room, instead of being just an open room, especially because (I now realize) it should have a pantry. So I'm going to keep it as its own room when I redo it.
    - Door aren't labeled with anything more than "RESTRICTED" and maybe stuff like "SECTION 014-J". They all have security locks, which to me implies there were some people who had access to some areas of the facility, but not everybody had access to all areas. This could easily have been because they wanted the left hand unaware of what the right was doing, and vice versa, so putting the names of the different rooms on the doors would've been nonsensical. So I don't think we know what's behind any particular door at this point.
    - I'm also not envisioning this place as having been much more than a really advanced lab/bunker. So I don't know if there would've been briefing rooms or lounges or anything. More like a mess, so people can eat; barracks, so people can sleep; and the places to work. Also, there is theoretically an entire other section to this, or additional space above or below this level, so maybe those things are elsewhere, if they're anywhere.
  • Huh. I was going by:
    There are multiple doors which are labeled "Pods," and one that is labeled "Release".
    (Posted above, and in the current thread.)
  • Fixed it. I totally reserve the right to retroactively change whatever I want.

    June's hair is blue.
  • New version. Criticize away.

    Also, yes, that is totally a guard post for small guards. A small guard post.
  • Wait, which room has frozen ninja midgets...that's the one Spector wants to open first.
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    Posted By: Brendan ConwayJune's hair was always magenta.
    Hot. How about that war with Eastasia?
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    Spector has to wait for Christmas for his presents, just like all the other children.

    And yes, blue hair is totally hot.

    Except, now, it's magenta. And due to my powers of retconning, it was always magenta. Mind-blowing.
  • When you encounter some specific trigger (a name, a photograph, etc...) from your past, roll+sharp. On a hit, the MC will tell you something you remember about that trigger. On a 10+, it'll be something specific and detailed. On a 7-9, it'll be vague and hazy. On a miss, the MC will instead ask you something completely irrelevant to the trigger.
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