[AW] Back to the Infirmary, Gritch

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Assuming you aren't fighting them just yet, Princy and Wisher escort you back to the infirmary.

Crutch has already cleaned up the place and there's no sign of him at this point. Princy opens up the double doors leading down and motions with his rifle for you to head on down.

"We'll be outside, so don't try to leave, Gritch."


  • They ain't comin' down with me, then? Just gonna stand outside?


    I go down the stairs without a fight. I need t'start preppin' myself fer what I'm goin' do.

    (Let's try this AGAIN! I want to open my brain to the Maelstrom. I'm going to try to do it in such a way as to get Dog Head in a place where I can attack him with my psychic abilities.)

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    (XP 3, I believe)
  • (WOW. JUST. WOW.)
  • Someone. Out there in the maelstrom. Hates you.
  • Yeah, holy crap. Dog Head is going to have racked up a body count with Gritch's body that's going to rival Navarre's.
  • As the fog rolls in, you feel Dog Head's soul lingering inside yours, waiting for you to give him the opportunity to snatch your body away. You can go ahead and open your brain, but if you do, Dog Head's only going to get control in the end.

    It's up to you.

    You hear the latch on the double-doors being pulled open and someone starts coming down into the infirmary.

    What do you do?
  • Assuming I'm understanding your tremendous mercy correctly, I pull back. I don't understand how he's there, always so ready and so strong, to take my body from me. I just don't get it. But I'm not letting him hurt anyone else with my body, if I can help it. I look at whoever is coming down the stairs.
  • It's Hale. Princy and Wisher are closing the doors behind him. They must've let him in.

    "Hey there, fella. I found your thingamajig, I think."
  • Bwahahahah.

    "Thank you Hale, yer a good man." (Assuming that 1 pack of cigarettes wasn't a full 1-barter, I give him the rest of 1-barter's worth. Otherwise, ignore this comment.) "You can just leave it on the floor there. Don' worry, I won' make no moves or nothin'. But here's what I'm gonna need you to do. You an' the men, you wait outside, keep the doors shut, an' your guns ready. If I try to come out, you shoot me. If you hear weird things from inside, you ignore 'em, an' keep those guns ready. Don' come inside. You understan, Hale?"

    The painwave projector's got a radius on it, but I think the men'd be safe if they're outside. It'd be just me an' Dog Head. Perfect.
  • "Oh, I don't have it. I said I found it."

    He takes out another cigarette and lights it up. The smell is intoxicating to you, and you feel inclined to do the same.

    "What you talkin' about weird noises and shit?"
  • I blink at him.

    "Hale. You shit. I was payin' you to find it an' bring it t'me. I need you t'do that. Now. S'important. S'brainer shit, an' if you don' do it, then we're all fuckin' in danger." I resist the urge to light up...might need the cigarettes t'pay more.
  • "Thing is..."

    Hale's kind of a big dude. Not too burly, just fat. But, not like obese, just like good and... hearty. Yah know? One of those guys who has a belly but when you touch it it's hard as a rock. He's got these massive forearms. One of 'em has a tattoo on it of a primitive looking naked lady with a cowboy hat.

    "Well, thing is I saw some gruesome ass shit today. And, well, I don't like seeing gruesome shit."

    He puffs on his cigarette. And, then, turning it sideways in his hand, he's examining it.

    "Damn. These are good. Where'd you find these? Anyways... Well, I saw something moving about in the gardens back there after I saw it. Up at Mimi's yeah. The white bitch didn't say nothing to me yet, but I bet she knows who done all that. And, me? Well, I got a pretty good idear."

    He stops looking at the cigarette, takes another drag and blows some smoke out toward you.

    "I never liked ole Mimi and her mildewed ass pussy. Charged too much in the first place and never let you get rough with the girls you most wanna get rough with. Yah know?"

    He spits.

    "I can keep a secret. Yeah. For the right price of course."

    He drops the cigarette and squishes it with his shoe.

    "Now, about that thingamajig you want, I can probably get it back. Some fucking family or something picked it up in the aftermath of it all. Alls I gotta do is probably go in there and pound on the guy and he'll probably give it right over. Down at that barge."

    He's cracking his knuckles.

    "But, uh, about this secret between you and me. We gonna deal or what?"
  • I blink at 'im again. Knew somebody'd figure it out. Didn't quite expect it t'be Hale.

    I want to read hale, por favor? Figure out how to get him to go get me the painwave grenade, and hold onto the secret until he does so?

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    (highlighted for 4)

    (at least if I fail this, it'll feel more reasonable.)
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    (Oh good grief.)


    What does your character intend to do?

    What does your character wish I'd do?

    How could I get your character to hold onto the secret until after he gets and brings me back the pain wave grenade? Without paying him at all, preferably, or without paying him exorbitant sums, secondarily?
  • You can tell Hale wants to blackmail you and he wants you to pay him a steady supply of barter in the process. He'll probably keep your secret and bring you the pain wave grenade if you make like you're going to barter with him for his secret.
  • I look at him sly-like.

    "Hale, I ain't doin' business with you until you prove t'me that you can keep up your end o' the bargain on our firs' deal. You can't do me one little errand, then I'm not confident I can trust you in the slightest t'keep yer mouth shut. But you bring me back that grenade, an' we can talk. I can get some mighty jingle rollin' yer way. Sound good?"
  • "Alright. Fair enough."

    He goes back over to the doors and bangs on them three times loud.

    "It's me. Open up."

    They do. And, he's out.
  • I wait. Not doing anything until he gets back with the pain grenade.
  • Great. We'll pause there for a second.
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