[AW] A ReliC Out of Time

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June, describe your descent into the bowels of the aircraft carrier with Di, Mox and Jackson here.


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    In the few days since I popped out of stasis, I have been rigorously compiling a map of the area in my head. "Always know the territory." Military doctrine. It's so easy to just let it take control.

    I know which corridors are collapsed or ruined, and which are still open to movement. I lead Di, Mox, and Tammy through a few corridors of steel pipe for a ceiling and metal grating for a floor, and down a few staircases where lights are either gone entirely, or flickering weakly, giving the staircases an eerie, half-alive look. There are a few times when a sound rattles out through the halls, and I hold up my fist for Di, Mox, and Tammy to stop and get down. After waiting for a few seconds, we move on, and fortunately, nothing jumps out at us.

    Eventually, after bypassing a few of the more ruined corridors and squeezing through one or two half-shut automatic steel doors, we come to the section of the carrier which is most important. The power here is still running perfectly fine, and the door at the end of the corridor is illuminated by three different lights. I don't know what those lights are, but either I can't have been in stasis long, or they must have be something special, some kind of bulb that doesn't burn out easy. I'm personally hoping for the former. Big red letters painted across it read "RESTRICTED". The little panel to the right of the door is currently closed.

    As I approach, the motion sensors embedded into the hall activate, and the miniguns ratchet out of the walls, aimed down the corridor at us. An automated voice, warbling and somewhat unintelligible (the speaker doesn't seem to have been as durable as the lights), rings out: "Lockdown is in effect. Unauthorized personnel are to turn around immediately or they will be fired upon. This is your only warning."

    I stand in the middle of the corridor. I know I'm safe, but it always gets my heart racing a bit when those guns pop out.

    "This is Specialist June M. Whitfield, authorization Charlie Tango Foxtrot Niner Eight Three One Zero." I calmly step forward through the corridor to the panel next to the door, which slides open, revealing a keypad and a slot. I type in a quick sequence of digits into the keypad, and then slide my keycard into the slot. The miniguns snap back into the walls, and the large metal door slides open with a hiss.

    "Move it," I say to the people behind me, and I enter the stasis area.
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  • "What do you mean?" Does she know about the other stasis pods? No...How could she?

    "I'm the only one of my regiment that I've seen active." Besides Tammy, I almost say, but I bite back the words before they come out. "So, yes, I'm alone down here."
  • Tammy doesn't go in.

    She's standing there, shuddering slightly.

    "This ain't right. Something doesn't feel right, Di."
  • Her skin feels oddly cool to the touch, but also moist. Her eyes are moving erratically. You sense her beginning to panic.

    "I don't know. I don't want to go in there. I don't trust her."

    Her eyes break contact from yours and go to June.
  • I blink at Tammy. What is she saying? Is there something she's trying to communicate? Something she's trying to get across about the stasis? But it's perfectly safe. None of those...things...could make it past the guns.

    "Tammy, get inside, now, or the security measures will reactivate." Tammy should know her own set of codes, should have her own keycard, to deactivate them, but...something tells me she either won't use them to keep up appearances, or she doesn't still have them.

    (Can I manipulate Tammy into coming inside? The leverage being safety from the miniguns which are going to pop out of the walls and eviscerate her?)
  • Tammy's stepping backward slowly. You get the feeling there isn't much you could do to get her in there.

    Do you want to read her, June?
  • Sure, why not. Read away!

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Bwah. June's not really much of a reader. She always liked movies better.
  • June, how could Tammy get you to leave her the fuck alone?
  • Um. Hmmmm.

    This is sort of a toughie, I think, because I don't see June as just "leaving Tammy alone" until June understands the situation more fully, particularly in terms of what happened to Tammy. I think if Tammy were to turn out to be batshit crazy and violent, then June might leave her alone right this second, for the sake of safety, but June would eventually want to go after Tammy. The only ways June would ever not go after Tammy for the sake of learning more would be if Tammy were dead, if June found another, better avenue for information, or if she clearly were never going to get anything out of Tammy, ever. So again, for the moment, if Tammy turned violent somehow, then maybe June would leave her alone, depending upon how, exactly, Tammy turned violent. June might be more inclined to protect herself and Di and Mox than to really confront Tammy. June's certainly not gonna shoot Tammy, not yet. If Tammy were to run away, June would definitely pursue her, though, unless there was some other more immediate threat.

    I dunno, hope that works.
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  • I think that might be enough leverage to manipulate. I mean, after all, it is dangerous out here. Let's see the manipulate roll.

    If you can talk her into getting into the stasis facility and maybe isolate her from June, you might be able to keep her calm.
  • If there's a problem then, we'll deal with it.

    What's your concrete assurance that you'll deal with the problem if one arises?
  • No, don't think so. Not quite sure June trusts enough yet to put away the gun, not to mention that we're all still technically outside the stasis area, and the security systems are on temporary halt to let us go into the stasis area, so if anything comes to attack now, we'd need a gun. Or maybe that's just June rationalizing. But either way, no. It's not pointed at anything in particular, but it's not slung over her back, either. (This is an assault rifle, too, so the best she could do to put it away would be slinging it across her back.)
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  • You can probably take your pick of any number of different descriptors. Confused, bewildered, frightened. Actually, those probably cover it. For the past few days since release from her pod, she has been acting on autopilot to a fair degree, getting food where she knows it should be on the ship, shooting possessed mutants wherever they showed up, and generally not thinking deeply about the situation. She can't. If she did think deeply, she'd get too depressed, too overwhelmed by it all, so she hasn't let herself. She saw the Admiral, I think, but she never got to talk to him, so she didn't come off autopilot until she saw and started speaking to Di, Spector, Mox, and Tammy. Tammy, especially, knocked off June's autopilot, because June recognized Tammy from before. So now, June is feeling all the emotions she kept in the subbasement of her mind since she woke up, and she's covering it up well with a veneer of military training and practicality, but really, she just wants to be safe again, and she can either do that by running (whether into the armory or off the ship) or by figuring out what's going on, understanding the situation, and doing something about it. Tammy seems to be key to that second strategy.
  • Yeah, combat medic might do it. I mean, you could do reason, too; point out that June is being hypocritical when June can be at most 10 years older than Di, and is likely closer in age than that, so June ain't too old herself. Point out that Tammy is only going to listen to Di right now, and that if June wants them to get inside before the miniguns turn back on and shred everyone, then June has to listen to Di. Basically, talk reason, real, hard, true, pragmatic reason, and June will probably get with the picture that Di knows her shit. I'm pretty sure June is already okay with considering Di to be the sanest person she's spoken to yet, but that doesn't necessarily mean much to June when Di theoretically might be using that sanity to plot against June, or something.
  • Please hang around a little longer to find out how easily those miniguns can shred a human being. :)

    June, you hear the security begin it's reinitializing sequence.
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    The beeping hits my ears, and my pulse quickens again. It's loud enough that it can bring some of those things to us, and I'd rather not deactivate the guns again after sending out a call to any nearby creatures. Then again, deactivating the guns would, without a doubt, be better than being shredded into tiny pieces.

    "Mox! Get inside." I follow him quickly into the stasis chamber. "Move it! You've got about a minute, probably less!" I stand ready at the inside of the door, prepared to hit the button to seal it shut again at a moment's notice.

    (Carrot XP for 4)
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