[AW] Cleaning This Place Up

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Uncle, you're standing in the gardens proper. Kirk and his men are situated around you as Kirk goes over the situation.

"So, most of the men who were with Fleece have settled back into the barracks or the mansion. We've collected up all of their ammo and put it down in the armory. We can move that if you want, but figured the cottage wasn't the best place to keep it now. I've stationed some armed sentries around the garden just to make sure there aren't any confrontations or something. Fleece is in the war room. I told him to sit tight until you had your words with him. You sure you don't want me to just end that asshole? Make an example out of him?"

Kirk is a good-looking kid. He keeps a five-o-clock shadow going, but maintains a somewhat well kept appearance. He's got a heavy coat on and jungle boots with no laces.

"That's about it. Oh. Well. Mimi's place. I haven't been up there myself, but something fucked has happened there. I've got a couple of Chat's men up there keeping people away. Not sure if one of Fleece's men got loose and wreaked havoc or not. I know you and Mimi were sorta close or whatever, pop. I'm sorry."

It's starting to get dark at this point. The day kind of came and gone, you spending most of your time in the machine shop dealing with everything.



  • "General orders: we're prepping to move out, possibly en mass. It may not be right in the next fucking twenty-four hours, but hell with it. Get it in full swing. We could use fewer idle hands, I'm thinking. Someone tell Wisher to get that damn truck running, I don't care what it takes."
  • If I can roll+barter spent to a freaking replacement part for the truck, here goes:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • I lean my head back a fraction, squeeze the bridge of my nose:

    "What kind of 'something fucked' happened at Mimi's? How bad?"
  • "Haven't seen it myself. But, from what they tell me, it's bad. You want to go up and have a look?"
  • Also, someone's gone off with your barter to tell Wisher to get the fucking truck running.
  • I bring my eyes down from the sky.

    "What the hell. Might as well."

    "Let me see you in the war room, in an hour. We've got violence to organize - it might be a late night. Leave Fleece be. I owe his dad enough, he gets a second chance."
  • "Sure thing, pop."

    Kirk waves toward some of his men and they move out along with him.

    The walk up to Mimi's place is cold. It hasn't rained too much recently, but the ground is still soggy from the constant moisture in the air.

    There are a couple Rough Riders, some of Kirk's men, standing outside on the porch, leaning against the posts. When they see you coming they stand up and wave you over.

    It's Dandruff that talks.

    "It's not pretty in there, boss."

    He's shaking his head.
  • Before you go in, Uncle, you see Marlene coming up the hill.
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    "I reckon I c'n handle it, son."

    I feel like I already know what I'm going to see. I've had a nasty feeling in my gut ever since I figured out that Gritch shoulda been up here, but obviously wasn't. And while nobody's had the balls to tell me what's on the menu, it's not like they've said anything that would leave me hoping for the best.

    Damn. I liked that girl. Sure, she was getting older, but - heh - it's not like I was in any position to complain.

    Marlene will have to catch up to me. I open the door ...
  • ... and, also, my brain.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6-2 )
  • Ha ha! Motherfucker! Though, I admit I was hoping for boxcars.

    xp (1)
  • Marlene will follow. Maybe she heard Gritch had been up this way, so that'd be convenient.
  • Carnage. That's probably the best word to describe the scene before you. It's a slaughter house of mangled forms. The floor is soaked in already drying blood. Does it turn your stomach? There's Mimi. Her face is slashed like someone took a knife to the inside of her mouth and yanked it out like a hook out of a fish. Her dress is colored purple, a mixture of blood and blue. It's got a thousand knife wounds in it. And, the other girls. There all there too. Their bodies draped lifelessly over chairs and tables and balcony rails and the floor.

    Uncle, the word 'Gritch' is carved into every body's chest.
  • It doesn't really turn my stomach. I've seen worse. Knife wounds are really pretty tame, after you've seen people turned to hamburger by the more recent weapons of war. This might've caught me off if I'd just happened across it, but I didn't expect to see anything pretty tonight.

    As Marlene comes up, I'm mentally counting bodies. Anyone missing?
  • White. She's not there.

    Marlene, you see the horror show now too. Of course, you don't see the word Gritch carved into everyone's chest.
  • Marlene's stomach turns a bit. She goes white. "I'll be outside, whenever you want a report on the mission. Thought I had mixed news, but compared to this we had a picnic."

    She heads back outside to try to regain her composure and wait for Uncle.
  • (I'm not there, but it may be relevant when someone tells Navarre: is Ruby there?)
  • (God I hope not.)
  • No. She's not. Good thought though.
  • I finish scanning the space, then turn around and walk back just outside, standing framed in the door.

    I nod to Marlene: "Marlene. I guess you all are back. Just a moment."

    To Chat's boys: "What happened to White? The albino girl?"
  • Dandruff was drinking some water. You catch him off guard. He's coughing it up, like it went down the wrong tube.

    "What boss? Oh, yeah... White. Kirk told us to put her in the dungeon until we figured out her part in it. I think little Pellet might be down there watching her."
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    So in case I'm not on tonight, I'm going to assume that Uncle eventually asks Marlene for a status report, and provide that now so that I don't hold things up later.

    "Wasn't just a hospital. It was the biggest damn boat you ever saw. Hell, it was bigger than the biggest damn boat you ever saw, unless you saw that one. All hi-tech, too, metal as far as the eye can see. Made the barge look like a driftwood raft. Anyway, we're looking for supplies, and some door slams shut behind Spec. Then They came. They looked like people, but they sure as hell didn't act like it. I'm sorry, but they got Tum Tum. They spooked the squad somethin' fierce too, but I reminded 'em they were Rough Riders, and they did you proud after that. We hauled out enough stuff to start a whole new infirmary if you want. If Crutch does stay on, you'll be able to keep him stocked for the foreseeable future. But on the way out, we lost Pipes. Everyone but Pipes and Spec was back onboard, and with the ship full o' those...things...we didn't think we could find them without risking more lives." She looks at the ground. "So we headed home. Wasn't as easy as that, though. Had to stop to refuel, and ran into some thugs. Wasn't a big deal, but they had some nice hardware. With Dog Head gone, you got any enemies left that have rocket launchers? Coulda just been a raider gang, but it seemed like they were setup to ambush us, so I think they're better connected than that. Might have somethin' to do with what we saw next." She looks at Uncle again. "Brockway's not gonna be sendin' tribute any time soon unless they get some help. Some nut by the name o' Robin Williams was roundin' the whole town up in the name of some bigger nut goin' by God. They had a pretty wicked lookin' ride too, with armor, and a mounted gun. If the squad had been at full strength, we'da done somethin' about it, but I didn't fancy our chances with Tum Tum dead, Pipes missing, Wheat injured, and me sick. Brought back a girl that might know more about it. Anyway, we did finally make it back, and Coors and the rest of the squad should have plenty of supplies for ya. There are five jetskis and a couple of Baby Duck's gang down by the dock, so I thought you might want to have a talk with them, and see what brings them this far south. I wouldn't mind gettin' a hold of one of the jetskis myself. Last thing: Gritch has been sendin' trouble my way, so I'd like to talk to him and get it sorted it, if you know where he is."
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    You talk as we're walking down the hill. I told the men to lay out the bodies (and not to do anything their mothers wouldn't've liked to see, and we're heading down the hill toward the mansion and attendant buildings).

    [ Huh. Since when was the guest house up a hill from the rest of the mansion? Well, it seems to be. The land starts to slope and break up at the back of the property, going up into the hills, and the guest house is back right where what used to be the lawn runs out. Behind it is a rockfall and a rough hill, and the ground slopes down toward the mansion. I guess the barracks would be built on the old lawns between here and there. ]

    I'm listening, and I'm going to sort of casually read you, to keep you honest. I don't have any reason to believe you're deceiving me, but you might try to bend the truth if you're more responsible for the deaths of my men than you say, right?
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    Man, this is looking familiar. Maybe I should seduce Marlene - that definitely cleared up my read on June.

    Do I know anything about Baby Duck's people, beyond what Marlene's told me? They're not from around here, which broadly means that I don't have any beef with them. And, more specifically, am I aware that they are here, right now? They're from up north, apparently ... did I ever get a rough direction on how God approached my sphere of influence, or can I guess?

    For that matter, and maybe I've just overlooked it, which way is the carrier from here?

    I'm a little absent-minded in my responses, Marlene, but I'm keeping track of what you're saying, making intelligent comments. We seem to be heading for the smithy (I'm going to check on Navarre and Pamming, MC).

    "Nothing we can do for Pipes or Spector right now."


    "What did you see around Brockway, exactly, and when was this?"


    "What's this about Gritch?"
  • Easy one is: What does Uncle wish Marlene would do?

    "Yeah, I feel bad, but Coors was right, we didn't need to lose anyone else. Spec can take care of himself, and if Pipes found him, I'm sure they're fine."

    "Everyone I recognized as a citizen of the town was on their knees in the town square, and the place was smashed and on fire. Not sure what Robin and God want with 'em, but I'd reckon the town's empty by now. The thugs probably took anything worth looting, but that girl might be able to tell us more. I passed out on the way back, but we came straight from there, so it was probably [an hour? two hours? did we establish distance for Brockway?] It was a damn shame, but gettin' the whole squad killed over it would have been a damnder one."

    "'fore we left for the mission, a family came aboard my boat, lookin' to book passage to North Haverbrook. When I got back, the father had his nose busted up but good, and their kids and mine all had scratches on 'em. Somebody took somethin' off the man, said it belonged to Gritch, and wasn't real pleasant about it. I don't know what it was or who it belonged to, but bringin' kids into it is low. I'm not fool enough to start a fight with a mindfu-...with that man, but if he has a problem with someone on my boat, I'd like him to know that the best way to address that is through me."

    How can Marlene get Uncle to get rid of Baby Duck's gang members and let her have one of the jetskis?

    Also, I think if you seduce Marlene, she'd be acting under fire to not flip the fuck out, but hey, crosshairs, right? Go nuts.
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    Technically, Michael still must call the result of the miss, which could theoretically involve, y'know, people getting shot and raped and looted and stuff. Answering questions is fine by me, but I'll hold off until he decides if he wants to go that easy.

    "Where's this girl you picked up? With the squad? The boat?"


    "I'll speak to Gritch."
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