[AW] Cleaning This Place Up

edited December 2010 in In-Game
Uncle, you're standing in the gardens proper. Kirk and his men are situated around you as Kirk goes over the situation.

"So, most of the men who were with Fleece have settled back into the barracks or the mansion. We've collected up all of their ammo and put it down in the armory. We can move that if you want, but figured the cottage wasn't the best place to keep it now. I've stationed some armed sentries around the garden just to make sure there aren't any confrontations or something. Fleece is in the war room. I told him to sit tight until you had your words with him. You sure you don't want me to just end that asshole? Make an example out of him?"

Kirk is a good-looking kid. He keeps a five-o-clock shadow going, but maintains a somewhat well kept appearance. He's got a heavy coat on and jungle boots with no laces.

"That's about it. Oh. Well. Mimi's place. I haven't been up there myself, but something fucked has happened there. I've got a couple of Chat's men up there keeping people away. Not sure if one of Fleece's men got loose and wreaked havoc or not. I know you and Mimi were sorta close or whatever, pop. I'm sorry."

It's starting to get dark at this point. The day kind of came and gone, you spending most of your time in the machine shop dealing with everything.



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