[AW] The Admiral and Spector

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Spector, with a jolt, you come to.

The blueish-white cast from the monitor is still dimly lighting the room. It's freezing in here. Your breath is creating steam. You were out of it, but for how long? You're not sure.

Then, a humming.

"Musha rig um du rum da..."

It sounds like the Admiral's voice. There's someone here.

It's him.

He comes out of a side room, casually, carrying something in his hands. A pot of tea? It's not real. He's not real.

He's a fucking spook.

"Oh. I see you're up. How do you feel?"


  • "Uh...yeah...a little disoriented. I'll be fine."

    How do I feel? (Other than cold.) Regardless, I'll live. Does he look like the Admiral in my original vision or the older gaunt Admiral that actually came to save me?

    Shaking myself more fully conscious, "Sorry about that. How are you doing? I hope I haven't caused too much inconvenience by coming here. We should talk."
  • He looks like an apparition of the gaunt Admiral that saved you, hole in his stomach and all... His form is flickering, like static on a television. But, you're not sure he realizes what's happened entirely. You're not sure he realizes he's dead.

    "Oh, doing good, I suppose. That was a close call down there. I'm putting on some tea. You hungry? I know Rose must be. Time for talk is after bellies are full! That's what my father always used to say anyways."

    His voice sounds jovial.
  • I'll go along with things. I'll try to eat/drink, but I'm not sure how I'll interact with his world. And I'll keep it to small-talk to get things started. "Tell me about Rose. Is she safe? Trained?"
  • The Admiral disappears into the sideroom. It's where the camping stove was located. You hear him grumbling to himself.

    "Rose is, well, she's my sister. Of course she's safe! She's not out there with those heathens is she? I don't know what you mean about being trained. She's stubborn. Won't even try to learn her alphabets. Now, darnit. This stove isn't working for some reason."
  • "That's OK. I just ate, actually." I say it like I'm kind of embarrassed -- hoping I know what genteel behavior is like from his time.

    "So tell me about the ship and what you've been doing here for the last so many years?"
  • The Admiral comes back in from the other room.

    "Something isn't right. Rose? Where's Rose?"

    You can tell he's starting to get anxious.
  • I'll look around the half-wall where I found "Rose" chained before I dropped into this world. Is she there? Can I decide how much of this place is real and how much is -- I dunno, some kind of construct in Admiral's "head?"
  • You feel like most of it is real, like maybe opening your brain caused the Admiral to be pulled back here, to this place he lived so long. It's real, and the Admiral thinks he's still 'real' too. You can hear Rose over there, hiding. Scared.
  • "So Admiral, I think we need to have a tough talk. Man to man stuff. And maybe we can work something out that's good for all of us. Please, have a seat and I'll start to explain why things are a bit off. You ready?"

    I'll wait for him to sit down before going on.

    "You know how you said it was close down there? Well, you were right. Problem is, it was close in the wrong direction. See, you got killed." I'm pointing at the hole in his stomach.

    "That's obviously tough news for a man to take in, and I feel real bad that it happened when you were coming for me, but at least I found you out there and brought you back. And like I said, maybe we can find a happy situation in this for you."
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    The Admiral looks stunned. He slowly looks down at his stomach.

    "Wah... Wah... What's going on here? I can't be dead. Who's to look after Rose?! I'm, my soul is going to deteriorate. This place is cursed! Happy situation? This is no happy situation, son."

    The Admiral stands up. He's pacing now.

    "How, how can you see me? Without the instruments, I mean? How is that possible?"
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    "Sometimes I can. And I try to help folks you get into your situation and aren't so happy about it. It's a gift I've got, I guess. But tell me about the curse -- I sensed something was really wrong down below. And tell me about the instruments."
  • I want to read him. #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Or...y'know...not.
  • lol... Too many threads! :) I got Ruby and Rose mixed up. Yes, it's Rose.
  • Before the Admiral can answer, the carrier shudders slightly. The monitor flickers and then goes out completely. It's pitch black. The Admiral's voice carries over to you. It's faint and echoing.

    "Oh no... someone is inside the facility..."
  • "Please tell me more about what's going on." I'll open the door to the stairwell...does light come in?
  • A very faint bit of light comes in, or is it your eyes adjusting to the darkness? You're not sure.

    "I don't remember much. I was just a boy when the shit started hitting the fan. My poppa was one of the officers onboard the carrier. I do remember the facility though. Sparks flying from welding tools as they were bringing it in and securing it down. Yeah, it was a boy's delight seeing all those tools and gadgets. My poppa came and disciplined me though. 'See those red letters!' he said. Restricted. That means, Do Not Come Around Here. Yeah, and I didn't. Most of my time was spent running around the carrier, getting lost, finding new places, crawling in the vents when I could. I was fearless, I tell yah. A boy doesn't understand the gravity of things."

    He continues.

    "It was more crowded than usual. Most of the men were allowed to bring their families onboard. My mother was here. She was pregnant when it all went down. Pregnant with my little sister. It's hard to remember those times. Despite the chaos, everything seemed normal. There wasn't monsters, and the space didn't speak. It's that facility. It's what caused Rose, and the others, caused 'em to go mad. Lose their souls. Become... animals. Had to chain her up, whip her with my belt to keep her from trying to eat me!"

    He pauses, looks down.

    "Guess I should have let her. Would have ended the same anyways. So, what, I'm a ghost now? The space, it talks to you. That's how I found you earlier. Through my instruments."

    He walks over to the monitor. He stares deep into it, getting lost within the static.

    "Sometimes it comes through the monitor. Tells me things, let's me see things. There's something bad on this ship. Down there. It told me a woman was coming forth, from the Restricted area... She's evil. Gonna burn down the skies. The earth. Take it down into Hell with her."

    The Admiral's voice sort of meanders off... His form begins to flicker, like the monitor he's looking at.

    "What's happening to me?"
  • Is there anything I can do to affect him? To help him? I'm going to read the sitch if that's appropriate. #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    "Yeah, you're a ghost. And I think you're going to hang around a while. Where is this Facility that you think caused the curse?"
  • (Oh, those last two (failed) rolls were highlighted, too.)
  • The Admiral continues to fade. He turns, looking at his hands as they dissipate. Then, he looks at you, horrified.

    "Please, take care of Rose for me. The facility is in hangar 3. Use my maps... Stop the woman!"

    And, he's gone.

    You're left in the darkness with the slow breathing of Rose as your only comfort.
  • Top to bottom in this relative island of safety, I'm tinkering a bit. Where is there power? What pieces of equipment can I get working in short order? Is there anything that reports status of the ship or allows communication across the ship? While doing that stuff, I'm going to also study Admiral's maps a bit. Are Hangar 3 or The Facility marked?
  • Good questions.

    I'm imagining there's a power generator down in the bowels. The Admiral's been running off of reserve energy for years now. He's tapped into the facility's power source, whatever it may be. Problem is, when someone's mucking around in the facility, power to the rest of the place goes down. He's marked on his map where he's jacked into the facility's power source.

    In short order? Probably none of this equipment here. There is a communications device that allows broadcasting across the ship, though you're not sure to which parts. That probably still works.

    Both Hangar 3 and the facility are marked on his maps.
  • Right, I try to memorize the map and then head down to the weapons control room and into the appropriate ventilation shaft. I'll take a trip down to The Facility. As I travel, I'm making a point of noting any intersections -- if there are any, and remembering my way back to the hub. I'll also travel as quietly as possible.
  • The ventilation system is quite maze-like. Without a solid copy of the map, you're going to need to act under fire, the fire being you get lost, trapped, or in some other kind of bad spot.
  • Alright, I'll act under fire using my new advance and gaining xp for my third advance: #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • What gear do you have on you?
  • Gosh, dunno. We've narrated that I have the magnum and a lantern -- I'm not sure that there's been anything else. But we were coming for salvage so I probably have some tools. Let's say a leather back-pack and some burlap and plastic sacks. Also, I scooped up the plastic airplanes and Admiral's journal (and other books unless there were lots and lots). Oh, and I picked up a space blanket and some MREs. Maybe other stuff if it seems reasonable after the fact?
  • Sure. That sounds fine. You're at the facility now. There were a couple close calls, crawling through that ventilation system. You could hear scraping, shrieking (sometimes frighteningly close) and smell several odd odors throughout your journey. But, you made it. You're here.

    Except, fuck. Where's the magnum? You must have set it down, or dropped it when you opened your brain. It's not with you. You wanna go back and find it or get the fuck out of this cramped shit and down near the facility?
  • I'm looking for a vent inside the facility. The magnum will have to wait.
  • Strangely, there are no vents directly into the facility, only near it. The facility must have an autonomous heating/cooling/air system.

    You see the doors to the facility in plain view though. The bright red words, "Restricted" emblazoned on them.
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