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Cool: 0, Hard 0, Hot +2, Sharp 0, Weird +1
I'm thinking of a Skinner who's weird attuned. A soul artist. Like he can draw souls, real people's, the ghosts too. He draws on both paper, walls, and skin too, and he's tattooed himself everywhere he can reach with these drawings. He'll work with any surface he can mark and any thing that makes a mark.
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Most people are too distracted, at first, by the swirling tattoos that cover most of Sketch's visible skin, to really think about the rest of him too much. His face is striking rather than handsome, with a nose a bit on the beaky side and arresting dark eyes with dark heavy brows that seem to look into you, often from behind heavy black-framed glasses. There's rarely any hostility in them, but many find the penetrating quality of it to be disquieting. Lots of people around here have tats of course, but when someone says "look for the guy with the tattoos," everyone knows who they mean.

He keeps his scalp and face clean shaven most of the time, because he's tattooed most of his head, though the designs that run across his face are made of such thin lines that at a distance they're hardly visible. Within 5 or 6 paces, the fine designs become obvious, almost like the fine cracks on old oil paintings, but they seem less than random. The lines pick up more variation in thickness and color as they go other places on his body. There are still open spaces and always a partially complete design somewhere. Occasionally his hair and beard do grow in a little, a dark brown, but it's never long till he shaves it again. The skin that isn't covered with ink is a medium brown with a reddish undertone to it.

The tats themselves are something. At first they look like standard raft gang tats, at least on the arms (which indicate to those in the know that he's been part of at least 4 rafts), but soon they move into something else entirely. Most people who look at them too long get a case of the willies. Past the designs though, Sketch is nicely built for a man, tall, lean and toned. The brown, heavy fabric pants, hiking boots and unremarkable work shirts actually don't hide his frame much. He sometimes wears a beat up brown leather coat which has designs similar to the tattoos burned all over it, giving his look an odd sort of coordination. Actually he's begun embroidering patterns in all his clothes. He'll mark anything with anything. He doesn't get cold easily so it's not unusual to see him in short or no sleeves, particularly indoors. Anyone who's seen him work knows his hands are steady as a rock.

He's around 28 or so. He's been with the raft gangs so long that they refer to him as "OG"

Gear: An old M1911 .45, A pair of heavy black framed eyeglasses, And of course the tattoos. Oddments worth 1 Barter.

Not sure what he's using to tattoo with, I guess that's part of his oddments, tattooing stuff, ink, paper (I figure he makes it. Making paper isn't hard.) that he folds into sketchbooks.

XP: 4


Di +2, Marlene +2, Gritch +2, Spector 0, Uncle -2, Navarre +2, June -2


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    Di, you're secretly in love with me. Hx -1

    I think maybe we got involved a little, but you backed out when you realized you were in love with me and kinda told me that it was just a thing. That hurt me. Maybe that's why you left the raft gangs or whatever.

    Marlene, you are my friend since you've traded with the raft gangs, Hx +2

    Not sure on the details, but we've talked a lot and I feel like I can trust you. I like your kids too. Maybe I even told you about my heartbreak when it happened. I suppose if you or yours have any ink, I might have done it.

    Everyone else, Hx 0
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    Yay, Marlene has a friend! I don't think she has any tattoos, but maybe one of her kids get one while she wasn't paying attention. That seems like a Timmy thing to do to me.

    ETA: I tell you +1, and I subtract one from the +2 to end up with +1.
  • Yeah, Spector gives Sketch a -1
  • Aw, no friends for Gritch. HE IS FRIENDLESS. Except for Navarre, that lunk.

    So, I get to add 1 to what you tell me, which means I have Hx +1 with Sketch, and...we get to pick acquainted or not acquainted for Sketch, right? +1 or -1, respectively? Don't have the rules in front of me, so I'm not totally certain, but if I'm getting this right, I think Sketch should have +1 with Gritch. They're probably acquainted, if only because Gritch, in his position as ghostbuster for the Chateau, was intent upon making sure he knew all the weirdos in the area, and soul art certainly sounds more in the weirdo sphere than not.
  • Sketch, you're here.
  • I'm adding a +1 for +2 on my Hx to Gritch because he's all weirdie and so I find him an interesting study.

    Spector I'm adding +1 to that for an Hx of 0.

    I add another to Marlene for +2.
  • You get Hx+0 with Navarre to start, modified as you see fit.

    I think Navarre gets Hx+0 with you, and I can't modify it, so that's it.
  • If we're following the new character rules I think you just tell me +1 if we're acquainted and -1 if we're not, right?
  • Ah, my mistake. Are we acquainted? I could see it going either way.
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    Oh, yeah: pretty obviously, Di and Sketch are acquainted, so you get your Hx+1.
  • I think we might be. If you have any ink or spent any time interacting with the raft gangs, you might know me. But we might not. Up to you I think.

    Michael L. Yep I figured on Di, and I'll add +1 what about Uncle? -1 because he doesn't hold with the weirdies? So by whim, since I have +2 with Di, which stat is highlighted now?
  • Sketch, highlight your Sharp for me. Go ahead and give yourself an XP. :)
  • Yeah, -1 with Uncle.

    Highlight Hot.
  • Navarre doesn't have any ink, but there's a fair chance you met him when he was working for Dog Head, if you ever ranged inland that far, or Dog Head's errands sent Navarre that far afield. And I think that could be cool, so if it works for you, yeah, we met each other a while back, when I was Dog Head's completely loyal thug-for-hire.
  • So, I was curious about Sketch's art. Is his art now officially tattoos? Is there something special with tattoos that he might do, which might make particular tattoos his true art? Is the "soul-art" thing at all still in there? Like, for Artful & Gracious, I think we've established that any artistic expression qualifies. But I assume that there's a primary art form which any given Skinner would mostly use for that move. Is it tattooing, or something else? On the one hand, using Artful & Gracious over the course of tattooing seems like it might take much more time than just singing a song, so maybe it's unfair. On the other hand, this has the distinct possibility of allowing you to deploy Artful & Gracious at range, by having someone see a tattoo that you've drawn on someone else, which, while not provided for in the rules, just sounds friggin' cool to me.

    I don't think Gritch has many, if any tattoos, but maybe he'd have another piece of art or two as some of his jingle, depending on what it is.
  • I think what media a skinner chooses for expression is solely a role-playing choice and isn't touched by the rules at all. Also, I think Artful and Gracious allows for deployment at a distance (spatially or temporally) in the wording "or when you put its product before an audience."

    Also, the combination of Artful and Gracious and An Arresting Skinner for a tatoo artist opens up some neat possibilities for really seizing control of situations.

    As an aside, when I first created Spector, I was thinking of doing Artful and Gracious bonsai.
  • Oh yeah, I wasn't saying that the medium was touched on by the rules. I was just saying that I think some groups may decide to say, "You've got an art that's attached to artful & gracious," and some might say "Any art works." Although the exact wording might make that more clear; I don't know, I don't have it in front of me. Regardless, yeah, I'm with you. This is more about me being interested in the fiction.

    Good point about the "when you put its product before an audience," that does actually sound like it provides for the distance from the actual origin point of the art.

    Artful and Gracious with tattoos and An Arresting Skinner would actually be a fascinating combination. I'm now envisioning Sketch as the Illustrated Man.

    And an Artful and Gracious bonsai artist would be really, really cool.
  • Like you say he isn't locked down to a particular expression. I was seeing tattooing as an extension of what he does. He draws on any surface available with any tools he has at hand. Tattooing probably earns him the most so he does it a lot. People are mobile, they don't exactly want murals for their living rooms. But he draws/paints/scratches/carves/embroiders/marks on vehicles, walls, whatever.

    I do want to keep the soul art thing. The soul art idea is stuff like, he can just look at folks and make a drawing exactly for them, a unique design, probably abstract in nature. But people look at the work and it seems inevitable, right, it just fits. Maybe it involves opening his brain. Probably does I guess.

    The other thing is that I was thinking of moving towards being able to bind spookies to the drawings. Or maybe even being able to bind them inside people or protect people from them with tattoos/drawings. Not that I'm sure how I would do that. There are a lot of possibilities in the concept for moving into being a Brainer, a Hocus or a Savvyhead

    I picked hypnotic because he might easily get that 'time and intimacy' with folks doing tattoos or other art for them.
    Good point on Artful and Gracious. I've also thought about the Arresting move as being about seeing more and more of the tattoos on his body, which definitely have some Weird going on with them.

    Part of it probably came out of me just finishing Mike Carey's first Felix Castor book. Castor is an exorcist who uses music. I was thinking of one that uses drawing.
  • The illustrated man was a reference for me too.
  • Another thing. Cameras and Film are pretty rare I imagine. Even now I'd say a majority of people are using digital cameras and never getting a hardcopy photo at all. Film is also only good for a relatively short time. So now, if you want an image of someone. Yourself, your kid, your lover, you have to go to someone who can make one. Sketch is that guy. Even better, he might be able to make an image after that person has died, since he can see spookies and all.

    People who are away from each other for years without any images for reference really do forget what the other looks like.

    If you want it permanently on your skin, even better.
  • Cool beans! A skinner, moving towards a brainer, hocus, or savvyhead! I like it! I'm sure Spector would love the company of another ghost catcher instead of a ghost annihilator. And the soul art thing sounds interesting...in a way, that does sound like it fits just the basic nature of artful & gracious, although perhaps taking the move means that you can produce art which appeals to multiple souls at the same time, somehow. Very interesting.
  • Posted By: trevisPeople who are away from each other for years without any images for reference really do forget what the other looks like.
    Not to get all emo, but this is something I'm thinking about since the loss of my mother earlier in the week. Living the modern lifestyle, I have lots of pictures of her, so that's not an issue, but like, I was down there two weeks ago for Thanksgiving and hugged her several times -- how long until I forget that sensation? And what about her voice? The only access to that that I currently have is on my folks' dad's answering machine. Interesting (and topical, for me) stuff.
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    The other thing is that I was thinking of moving towards being able to bind spookies to the drawings. Or maybe even being able to bind them inside people or protect people from them with tattoos/drawings. Not that I'm sure how I would do that. There are a lot of possibilities in the concept for moving into being a Brainer, a Hocus or a Savvyhead.
    Acquire Augury. Picking up Reality's Bleeding Edge as a 'multiclass' move would probably be the most obvious option. Perhaps you somehow tune a certain set of tattooing implements to function in/on the maelstrom?

    Plus, use Hypnotic on ghosts. Use Lost to bring them to you, Artful and Gracious + Arresting Skinner to make them stick around, and hypnotize them into doing stuff for you. Make them fall in love with you, while you're at it.

    If someone's already possessed, so much the better - talk them into getting a tattoo, and apply Hypnotic to bind or banish the ghost for a little while. And then you've just finished a tattoo! Artful and Gracious again.

    You can describe it as being all Weird, with your tattooing being an intimate kind of soul-binding, when it mechanically isn't, except possibly that you throw an Open Your Brain move into the mix, so you can see the ghost. (Well, and if you do get Augury, then it actually is Weird.)
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