While You're Exalted Far Away

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Dearest Ivory, Jewel of My Heart, Most Tenderest Blossom That Ever Was Reborn Into This Age of Sorrows, Most Compassionate and Merciful Radiant Goddess Who Brings Tears to My Eyes Even Now,

I hope you are well.

Furthermore, I trust that my boot is still in your possession, you having cunningly made off with it while I was otherwise engaged. I applaud your zeal and bravado, which nearly matches mine own.

Now, I will gladly relieve you of said boot at your convenience, simply tell me when and where. I am dispatching this letter to you by magical missive, such that it will find you wherever you are. Pity I cannot mail you a far more glorious gift, myself.

Wherever you are, I do hope that you will reply hastily. I am busy searching for you throughout the Southern desert reaches, but I have, as of yet, met with little luck. The sand crabs here, however, do pinch with sudden and unexpected fierceness. My nape and shoulders are the brilliant color of fresh cherries, entirely pleasant to behold if not for the sting.

Patiently yours, for always,


  • My Ever Attentive Saadi,

    I am well, as is your most divine boot. I could not be parted from it even were the Sea himself to offer me all his charms in trade. I often dwell on the fact that were you not so unfortunately detained I may not have escaped quite so easily. I trust you gave my respects and best wishes to the guards as only you would know how.

    I must confess that I am not currently disposed to receive visitors at this time. I would not have you look upon me while I am in such a state for I believe it would overthrow your heart in anguish. Alas, I find your means of delivery insufficient to sent more than these words otherwise I would send you some token of my regard for you.

    Ah, the sands of the Southern Desert. So far do they seem from my memory now. I would that I could caress your shoulders in all their loveliness for here there is nothing that is the red of cherries nor the white of sunbaked sand.

    Ever Waiting, Lonely Without My Love's Embrace, Eager to See Him That Stole Away My Heart and Buried It Behind The Most Secure of Prisons, I Remain,
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    Mischievous One,

    I am pleased to hear that you are well. However, suffice it to say that I am somewhat concerned about your physical and emotional state -- not, of course, for any particular reason, for what reason might there be to assume that you were in any state other than that most exquisite bearing in which last I beheld you? -- but were you not in a "delicate condition" after our last meeting? Certainly you should proceed cautiously, for your own sake.

    I must ask why you persist in retaining that old boot of mine. Its value is purely sentimental I assure you, the sole reminder of a juvenile agreement, the recollection of which has long since ceased to amuse me. I will not tire you with the details.

    To respond to your previous inquiry, it is my understanding that the barracks of Chiaroscuro have recently increased their recruitment efforts. I will be glad to submit your name for consideration, since you seem so concerned with their guardsmen. Perhaps you are infatuated with their captain? I know Thala quite well, as you know, and would be glad to arrange a extravagant dinner for you two, perhaps along the Flowing Promenade.

    Your desire to avoid visitors in "such a state" is quite worrisome to my anxious heart. My dear, are you sure you are feeling entirely yourself?

    Foregoing the whites and reds of the South, I find myself regularly describing your features to the barbarian fisherpeople of the Western island chains. However, the pincers of blue crabs have all of the fierceness of their Southern cousins and my shoulders remain stained with cherry juice. Would that you were here to massage them with cool cactus salve, but you are naught to be seen anywhere. How long will you torment me thus?

    Ever loyal,
  • My Wayward Pursuer,

    I am glad you inquire into matters of my health, for there is no one here who can. I must confess: you make me blush with embarrassment. It is true that the last time I saw you I presented such an aspect as you describe. However, evidence gathered since then has led me to believe that I was mistaken. Could you find it within your heart to forgive such a deception?

    While this may be nothing but an old boot to you, I find it a singular comfort in all my travails. It has about it an… odour that speaks to the very essence of that which is Saadi. And I find that it is this quality, its connection to you, that I treasure most of all. Surely you would not seek to deny me this for nothing more than memories of your childhood?

    I find myself burdened by no such infatuation as you describe. You know quite well in what regard I hold your sister and I have no doubt that she feels the same about me. Although to be perfectly honest, I find no reason for her to hold me in such disdain when it was she who was the poor hostess. Honestly, Saadi, I do not understand how the two of you can possibly be of the same blood.

    I am sure that I feel quite myself, though I am not entirely sure what feeling like someone else should feel like. My person remains as much the same as ever it was, though I find the circumstances that surround my person a not entirely welcome change. It is these circumstances that prevent me from receiving guests but I would not dare impose my troubles on you, who already have so many of his own.

    Ah, the uncouth seas of the West. I must confess to having never been there myself but have heard the stories that are told. I hope you are keeping yourself safe. They say the fishermen there are always eager for meat that has not come from the sea and your tender, red shoulders may be too tempting for them to resist. I am moved to ask, however: Do you spend much of your time lying down? Surely the crabs cannot be so large as to reach above your waist with their pincers. You know how concerned I am for your wellbeing.

    Forever Watching the Last Breath of the Unconquered Sun for Your Arrival,
  • Fragrant Blossom of My Every Waking Moment,

    I sympathize with your current lack of contentment.

    Just recently, I came across a mysterious scroll while searching for you in the far West. Its writing I could not decipher and neither could the bravest sages of those isles, for it was in a tongue that none speak that walk across the soil of the Middle Lands or swim beneath its oceans. I did, however, meet an elderly fisher woman who claimed the scroll had belonged to her family for generations before they'd been forced to pawn it, such was the state of their abject poverty. As I had purchased it from a local merchant and could find no good use for it, she bade me return it to its rightful owner, herself, so that her descendants would be spared the shame and affliction of their ancestors. Like yourself, I was hesitant to give up so unusual a find for mainly sentimental purposes, ancestral wrath or no, and so I took the scroll with me as I boarded a ship east. Seeing as how I regrettably find myself awash in the belly of a great seabeast, I now suppose that decision to be a trifle unconsidered. Is there not an old adage that says: "Hearts, as you please, souls, as you wish, but trinkets bear you mind." I pray that you will learn from my misfortune and return my boot straightaway. I am endeavoring to remove myself from my current predicament and will be glad to meet you in a fortnight. Lookshy is beautiful this time of year, I hear. Perhaps I will see you there.

    I apologize for the brevity of this missive, but my current host is having trouble digesting a rather sizable squid that I suspect to be undead. It is rather distracting. Hopefully your other concerns can wait until I am better situated.

    With haste,
  • Saadi,

    I am most distressed to hear of your current troubles. I find myself reminded of the time in the market at Lookshy that I went looking for a gift to give a friend of mine. We were poor by the standard of merchants but we were rich in each other's company. Still, I sought to find something suitably perfect to give him as a token of my love. As luck would have it, I stumbled accross the stall of a tall, elderly gentleman who looked as if he supplemented his market business with work as a scarecrow on some local farm. The baubles he had on display were too amazing for me to describe in words. Perhaps, were you here, you could see their glow reflected in my face. I cannot recall for you which one I purchased. That memory I have buried deeply and I have long since traded the thing away. He would not accept what small money I had on me, he only promised to send the bill to my residence. I returned to our third floor room to present the gift to my friend to find that my friend was gone. Where he had been, where his very essence had dwelt, there was only a small scrap of paper upon which the man from the market had quoted his price. There is danger in seeking for objects over people.

    I will come to Lookshy, if I may. Perhaps, if I make it, I will find you there. Whether you come for your boot or for me will be discovered then, I imagine.

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