[AW] Preparations Take Place



  • Motown smiles. Tosses his cigarette.

    "That's the ticket! Any time I run my mouth, you just slap it if it ain't sayin' something upbeat. Ya dig? Omie, get us crackin'."

    It's a dance party now.

    You, Omie and Motown cut it up in the little hailing station. I ain't seen so many smiles in one place.

    What's it like for you? Are you a good dancer? Does this remind you of anything?
  • Motown shakes his head.

    "Nah, I don't drink."

    But, Omie's already digging into a little bag he has. He pulls out a flask of something.

    "I took some of this from Uncle's stash. It's the applejack."

    He giggles.

    "Don't tell him!"
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    "Well, assuming you get back from Brockway alright, let's have a party. I heard you have a barge yeah?"

    Motown leans in.

    "And, wouldn't you know it, I got another one of these music boxes, if you're interested. I'll even throw in some vinyl. Problem is, the thing isn't working. I don't know how to fix the damned thing. I'll hook you up with a nice deal considering how smooth your hips are. What you say, girl?"
  • "That sounds fantastic. Imam's a good kid. He's the one who brings me my tunes."

    Motown thinks for a second.

    "Too much sadness. Yeah. I like that. Make it yourself. Heh."

    You continue dancing until the music runs out.

    What now?
  • Omie is smiling.

    "Yeah, hey, tell Pamming she can come down any time and hang out, listen in. I've got her setup ready."

    Motown is shaking his head.

    "Yeah, I guess it's getting late. I better get some shut-eye. You be careful out there girl. And, remember what I said."
  • The grounds are fairly quiet. You figure, retained at their barracks, most of the men are probably crashing out. A few Rough Riders are sitting around fires or walking off to take a piss, but overall, it's not very busy in the Chateau. So, it's easy to find a quiet spot.

    Time to open the brain?
  • Did Barney ever betray you? And, you him?

    There's a soft sort of golden sunshine peeking through the cotton colored clouds, set against a vivid blue sky. Velvet colored flowers waver in front of your view.

    Careful, Mar. - It's Barney's voice. You feel his presence.

    Children are laughing, and you sit up. You're in a meadow of tall grass and a cool breeze swims over the top, causing it to sway. The children are flying their kites here. They seem so bright and vivid in the sky. Vera's kneeling on a checkered blanket, a picnic set out before her. She's munching on fresh grapes.

    A woman is with her. She's dressed in all white. She's young-looking. Maybe in her early 30s. She's got a thin, silver chained necklace hanging around her throat and a metallic bracelet glimmering in the sun. Vera seems to like her.

    It's not what it seems. You know that.

    Marlene, what do you look forward to most?

    The woman looks at you. Maybe her vision is blurred, or the sun's in her eyes, but she's squinting, trying to see you. She stands, and pats Vera on the head, before starting to walk your way.


    You don't hear anything. The woman is mouthing it.

    "You belong."

    This time, the words flutter on the air. But, still far.

    "We're waiting for you. The kids are fine. No one else."

    A cough brings you back to reality.

    It's two Rough Riders walking by, bitching about the cold.
  • Posted By: Max BIs it a copout if I say no?
    It's totally not.
  • He was going to see about Gritch. I don't know if he mentioned that specifically or not...
  • Let's just amble in the direction of something central, and ask somebody if we see anybody who looks likely to know.
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  • Oh yeah. Well, I'll head to somewhere around outside of the meeting, then.
  • As you're sort of meandering around, you see Dremmer come hauling ass through the gardens.

    "Hey! Hey! You seen Kirk? Help me find Kirk! That psycho Gritch has escaped!"
  • Knew Gritch was trouble. "Haven't seen him, but I'd guess he's at the meeting. You can poke your head in and check, if you want."
  • I assume the strategy meeting is taking place in the war room yeah?

    Dremmer nods.

    He enters that portion of the mansion and a few minutes later Kirk comes out. He stands there for a second and then looks over at you, Marlene. You can tell he's sorting things out in his head.

    "Marlene, I might need your help."
  • "I owe the Riders plenty. Whaddya need?"
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    "I need a quick sweep of the perimeter. Gritch has escaped. He could already be out of the Chateau by now. It's my guess that he'd head to Narrows first, since it's so close. Can you take Barney down and find out if anyone has seen him running around in his fancy suit?"

    Marlene, you think you hear Baby Duck's voice coming from inside the war room.
  • What do you wanna know?
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    I'm assuming you mean Baby Duck here right? Heh.

    How are you reading the sitch? You looking past Kirk into the room? Moving closer to hear in on what he's saying?
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