[AW] Preparations Take Place



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    You hear Baby Duck in there. He's talking with Exit. You can tell it's Exit by his deep voice. You hear him trying to negotiate some time to speak with Uncle. Exit's telling him that what Kirk said is he may have to wait until after the strategy meeting about to happen.

    It sounds like Baby Duck might be interested in joining up with the Rough Riders, based on his tone.
  • "Uncle wants people in pairs. Pick someone to go with you. I don't care who. Just don't be alone. It'll be my ass."
  • "Navarre's watching the girl that witnessed the massacre. I just put him on duty. I think B should be fine. He's in Shag's squad, so just go tell him you're taking B."

    Kirk pats you on the shoulder.

    "Thanks, hun. If you need fuel, you know where to get it."
  • "B's probably back at the barracks getting some rest. Shag's in here with us waiting for Uncle. Try to get back as soon as possible, no doubt Uncle will want the low-down on what happened."
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  • Baby Duck is standing at a table, opposite from Exit. His back is to you. He's totally not expecting to be attacked. You could walk right up to him, and probably get the gun to his head and pull the trigger before anyone would know better.

    You don't see any others from his gang.

    Shag is sitting in a chair, nodding off.
  • Kirk's still standing outside. He's taking in the cool air, keeping an eye out for Uncle, but he doesn't even notice you slip out.

    Then, the fog comes rolling in. And, with it, a small army of spooks. Most of them are faces you recognize. Wilco, Topaz, Sandy, and more. And, still, others you don't recognize. It's the people Baby Duck and his gang have slaughtered in their raids and terrorizing.

    No doubt, not all of them are innocents. Surely, some of them belonged to other gangs, other bad peoples.

    But, it's clear they all want one thing. You feel it in their glares. Their hunger for it.


    Barney is conspicuously absent.

    The fog then seems to clear out. And, the spooks along with it.
  • "Yeah, that's fine."

    Ha. Nice. :)

    B's laid up in his bunk. He doesn't argue when you wake him. The two of you carry some fuel back to Barney without trouble and if you've got no other business, you're off to the Narrows.

    Where do you normally get your grenades for the grenade launchers? Seems like something Uncle might not have ready access to, considering his armory and short supply of ammunition. You might need a specialist. Or, maybe not.
  • Yup. That'll work. I was just curious if you had something in mind for where you got them. If not, Imam is probably your guy.
  • Great. I'm putting you here now.
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