Wilson - The Operator

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Wilson is a woman with a pretty face, calculating eyes, a medium blonde ponytail, and an energetic body. She and her squad wear signature uniforms when on the job, and unless PC's are in the crew and doing otherwise, they mostly wear the uniforms off the job as well, just a bit more sloppily. I'll see if I can find a good picture for the uniforms; they're distinct, and definitely military, but not camo; normally the crew doesn't hide, and if they do, they'll make situationally appropriate camo from local flora. A double breasted jacket that covers up to the collar, with piping in a wacky color. Everyone has name patches, and additional patches based more on role than rank are optional; Man, for instance, could have a patch with some guns, or a crushed skull, or something generally indicative of murderous badassery. Active squad members wouldn't have the same role patch, but if our scout dies, the new scout could take the old one's patch, or have a new one. Also, caps. Nobody has to wear them, but everybody's issued one, and Wilson wears hers most of the time. I'd like it to have a headset communicator, but that's pending MC approval.

She doesn't tell most people that Christine is her first name, both in the first name/surname sense, and in the sense of the name she had before her current one. Man knows it, from before Wilson took over as the new Wilson, and Shade knows it, because Wilson loves her and trusts her. Both of them are asked not to mention it in public.

Wilson's defining characteristic is her uncanny calm in the face of trouble, but she's reasonably adept at combat and negotiation, as a good squad leader must be. She prefers to let Shade do the negotiating, and Man or Kray do the violence, but she's involved in the whole process. She's not dumb, but she relies more on other members of the squad to pay attention to people and surroundings (I may multi-class in daredevil later, so she'll be more for charging into battle than reading things.) She doesn't know why there are crazy animals and killer storms, and doesn't think more about it than she has to, as long as there's something to kill.
Cool+2 Hard+1 Hot+1 Sharp=0 Weird-1

Oftener Right

Addiction to Crocus Juice:


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    Gigs: (still a little tentative)

    Compound defense (light hunting)
    Doing murders (Bring down a big, particularly troublesome beastie.)

    Maintaining your honor: Wilson's name and The Menagerie's reputation are important. Keeping them intact is a job in itself.
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    Plates are sewn into the uniform, making it effectively 1-armor.

    Wilson's signature weapon is a 2-harm close loud reload AP pistol that I'm still trying to come up with a good name for. Obvious mechanical parallels include "Core Sample" or "The Juicer" or we could go with something like "Ventilator," "Perforator," "Shellhole," or "A little something to remember me by." She tries to keep somebody Hard between her and the beasties, but if the shit hits the fan, she can at least punch a hole in the shit. Or the fan. Whichever seems more threatening.

    After a few good gigs, she'd like to buy a long-range tranq rifle, if such a thing exists. Maybe we need to meet someone Savvy enough to make it.

    She's got 1-barter worth of small hand tools, useful to both tunnelers and anyone needing to cut through the forest or its downed denizens.
  • I need to look more closely at the gear rules tonight, so I'll get back to you on some of this. My current instinct is that we'll be able to work out maybe a 2-harm close loud reload AP pistol, and then see what you want from there.

    For the obligation gig, because I do think Michael had a good point, and I'm interested in keeping the human element present to some extent, maybe the biggest damn whatever took something from her, sure, but that thing? Somebody owns it. Would that help put the obligation gig into terms more easily construed by the rules as they exist?

    Also, Wilson looks awesome, and damn you for choosing a name that is always going to make me think she's a he.
  • I like the idea of a human threat behind a beast that took something from me, but I don't have a good idea for specifics yet. I'll ponder, and anyone with a good idea on it chime in.
  • For uniforms, I like the piping on these:
    but no cords, and I'm picturing something double breasted, with no shirt showing when the jacket is fully buttonned, like this:
    I'm not sure about the colors, but probably not something an actual earth military from Before used, more something that one would expect the bridge officers on a space cruiser to wear. Something striking for the piping, maybe a pink or purple, over maybe a more sensible jacket color. Or a crazy jacket color if we can find a good one.

    As I write this, it occurs to me the reimagined BSG's not half bad:

    Alternately, maybe something like this would be better at keeping the troops in line:
  • Yeah, I think the last option is your best bet for keeping this crew of horny savages satiated.
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    Wilson's old name is Christine. Man knows this. Shade also knows, but Wilson would be unhappy if anybody else found out, although she could just say, "yeah, Christine Wilson," I guess. Still, she's Wilson now, and only people that really mean something to her can get away with using her old name, and only in private.
  • Thinking about it, hard for me to see Nickel being a regular part of the crew, at least to start. Maybe every now and then someone on the crew might want "That kid" to check out something weird or look for info or something. And hey, I have become attached to Kray these days. Sound about right, Max?
  • Sounds reasonable to me.
  • Are radios hi-tech or hard to come by? I'd like Wilson to have a headset in her hat for short-range communication with the squad, but if that'd be difficult to get, it can be a goal for later.
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    Personally, I think I'm thinking something like Vietnam-era radio technology. Just the picture I have.
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    Everyone has name patches, and additional patches based more on role than rank are optional; Man, for instance, could have a patch with some guns, or a crushed skull, or something generally indicate murderous badassery. Active squad members wouldn't have the same role patch, but if our scout dies, the new scout could take the old one's patch, or have a new one.
    We have patches! I'm pretty sure you edited that in without telling.

    My patch is a knife and a revolver, crossed. Also, I figure my role is both heavy weapons and scouting, maybe scounting alongside Tavi? They're both reasonably Sharp and both excellent at acting under fire.

    ... I think I begin to see the shape of how I got left bleeding, somewhere. We got out ahead and ran into a nest of something, and Tavi pulled out while I got pulled down? Justifiable, of course. Had to make sure word got back to the team, right?
  • I think I mentioned the name patches in the original post, but it looks like I forgot to mention the role patches. Yours I like. I'm still trying to decide on the leader patch; Wilson would have definitely taken the old one, but what designates the leader in a group of monster hunters? Crosshairs sounds more like a sniper, and a handshake would be better for the negotiator. Maybe links of chain, holding together? I'll ponder.

    I think that's a good idea for the bleeding; it lets us still be working together. There's tension there, but it wouldn't totally ruin team cohesion.
  • You need a patch or something for each huge critter you fell. Sleeve full of pins or patches or whatnot.
  • I think something simple. Stars are used for the highest ranks in many many militaries. I think Wilson would have a star of some kind. Besides, the north star is the guide right?
  • I like both of those; a big star for team leader, and other accouterments for kills. Some might wonder why Man has so many more kills than Wilson, but really, look at her. She probably leaves the tunnels when she has trouble falling asleep and comes home with a deer.
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    I don't see you complaining. Cuts down on food expenses.

    A patch or pin for a killed monster seems awfully genteel. I'm thinking trophies: a tag of cloth dipped in the creature's blood, or a tooth, or a splinter of bone ... something standardized.
  • I think bone or tooth fragments down a sleeve would be cool. Man's uniform might start looking like it's made of them, but that sounds good and intimidating.
  • I've already said Tavi wears monster teeth as a necklace. I'm sure everyone would wear the trophies differently.
  • Nickel is collecting trophies of a kind, too.
  • Teeth it is!
  • Off-hand thing: I think our hunting might be less a 'raiding' gig, and more a 'compound defense' gig. The objective is mainly to protect the hold, right?

    Changing that would also create interesting variety in things that can go wrong, since doing murders and raiding both have catastrophe:embattled, while compound defense has catastrophe:infiltrated (something gets by and attacks the hold).
  • That makes sense. I'll update accordingly.
  • Uh, yeah, I have literary allusions too. See, Wilson's just The Dread Pirate Roberts.


    I want a status report on all operations by the end of the next solar day.
  • So for my first advance, I'm taking Oftener Right. As Michael astutely points out, if we plan things before we go into battle, everyone rolls better and I get experience. Good times.
  • Hmmm. I'm going to be honest right up front here, I don't think that tactical planning sessions would necessarily qualify. The move says "when a character comes to you for advice, tell them what you honestly think the best course is." To me, there's this implied level of detachment in the move, where you're giving them advice on what to do, but not in such a way that you're attached to it, that you're planning out some kind of battle plan. Plus, it seems to me that if they come to you as a leader, it's different than if they come to you for advice. Like, I could totally see Tavi coming to Wilson and saying, "Wilson, I don't know what do about Martini. What should I do?" And that's oftener right. But Tavi coming to Wilson and saying, "Wilson, I don't know how best to kill a man. Like, physically. Bullet through the eye? Knife to the chest? What should I do?" That feels goofier, and that second option feels closer to tactical battle planning.

    This could just be my personal feeling, but I don't think I see it as a "tactician/battle-planner" type move when you're in the leadership role. I don't think followers "come to you for advice," they come to you for orders.
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    Well, yeah, that second option, about how to kill a man, feels goofy ... but that's because it's deliberately chosen to be goofy, as far as I can tell. It has nothing to do with tactical planning, either.

    It's: the Menagerie has something that needs doing. Maybe hunting down a specific beast, maybe rooting out and killing Rabbit. Whatever. We sit down, we talk out the issue, and then it's time to decide what to do. Any of us could come up with a plan, but what do we know? We all look at Wilson, because she's the smart one ... she can tell us how we'll get through this.

    That's an Oftener Right situation. If she were just handing down orders and expecting us to follow them, it wouldn't be, but Wilson can't make any of us do anything. We're all perfectly capable of doing well on our own, and any one of us (including Shade, in a sense) could kick Wilson's ass six ways to Sunday - she has no way to enforce anything on us. The Menagerie's a friendly circle, not a military command.

    We listen to her because we want her direction and we're choosing to (usually) do what she suggests. So Oftener Right is an excellent answer to the question of why we would let her lead us ... the direction she gives is consistently good, as mechanized by the move.

    I mean, we doesn't literally follow Wilson because she fucks all of us, except maybe Kray.
  • I'd say it sounds fair as long as it's the individual seeking advice taking the initiative for something that perplexes them.

    If a member of your team comes to you not knowing the best way to hunt Carpasaurs... you know first time I've ever hunted Carpasaur. (really big fish I guess) then you can advise, they need this and that bait, etc.... but if you get a Carpasaur hunt together you can't just automatically advise everyone who happens to be in the huddle.

    You can always use the help move while with the team as an option. You can add the +1's for people that way and get the added excitement of exposing yourself to danger. (You may have mentioned this)

    Regarding the kill a man thing, if I'm some bad ass come to you asking how to kill a man... with a gun or a knife, yeah, that's goofy. But if I (Nickel) come to you knowing Dremmer is going to beat the crap out of me and I don't know what to do... "Wilson I think I might have to kill him and I can't ask someone else to do this for me, but I've never killed a human being before, what should I do?" I mean yes that works.
  • I don't think the examples are very good ... telling someone that a Carpasaur's weak spot is its thermal exhaust port isn't advice, it's just knowledge.

    Advice is, like, a basilisk has moved its hunting grounds into the area, and we're losing hunters daily, so the Menagerie has been hired to deal with it. We look to Wilson and she goes, ok, it looks like its den is at the south end of the ragwaste, so Tavi, you need to get up above the steam vents, there. Be our lookout, and use that as a sniper's nest when the time comes. And then we're going to have to lure it out. Kray, I think you should do that, and this is what you'll do ...

    Likewise, she isn't going to tell Nickle that the best way to kill a man is to stab him in the eye. She'll provide a strategy: she'll tell her whether she should kill Dremmer or not in the first place, and maybe she'll suggest that Nickle wait until he's good and wasted with his friends down at the red lanterns.
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    Sounds like we said a pretty similar thing, you have better examples but that's kind of what I meant. :-) I'm just saying it's not an area of effect attack, so to speak. And I think it generally has to be initiated by someone seeking your advice, not you volunteering it but that's up to interpretation. Enough said, hash it out with Brendan but my point was I think it sounds cool for Wilson to have this.
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