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I think it would be nice to know a little about you.


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    I'm 40. Married. I have a sixteen-year-old son and a nine-year-old daughter. I write software for a living when I'm not playing games on forums ;).

    My mom read about D&D around 1980 and thought it sounded like a positive influence for a bright kid, so she bought it and we played as a family. It was a great way to grow up, but I prefer games with more modern sensibilities (like Apocalypse World, most notably).

    I play with Brendan, Michael, Max and Trevis in The Chateau here also.

    I like to make stuff. I play computer games. I also play a lot of board games but not as much as I used to.
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    I'm Gary. I turned 38 today, which is a total nonevent to me other than it means I can't say in an awful Pythonish accent "I'm thirty-seven, I'm not old." I'm married, I have a boy of almost 2 years old who's already inventing toddler neologisms much to my amusement.

    I live in central PA where it's hard to find anything beyond (if I may be indulged in a bit of cattiness) beer & pretzel gaming*. So I write, draw, post on fora, and play World of Warcraft, and sometimes something cool like this gets picked up by my clouded radar.

    Other than that, I'm a GIS tech and working on a Master's in same. Really, it's only so I have a new spate of esoteric jargon to spew at the drop of a d10. Feature class envelope rubber-sheeting projection transformation kriging.

    I don't really know anyone here, and I sincerely hope that changes.

    *Okay, that's uncharitable. There's definitely good gaming to be had around here, but the days where I can drive a couple hours and make a day trip out of it are long past. It's as much being a parent living in a rural area as it is anything else.
  • I'm Trevis. I'm 37 and a half. Married. I have a 4.5 year old son who is the cutest kid ever. He knows the Presidents, their first ladies and where they were born far better than I do. (His rote memory is amazing.)

    I'm in western Missouri. I have an MFA in Painting and Drawing. I have a rarely updated website at if you want to see. I still draw a lot but nothing major in a few years. I keep thinking I'd like to do some game illustration, but I just haven't motivated myself for it. I teach part time at a local university as an adjunct instructor, teaching basic design drawing and art appreciation, mostly. I do game but my local group aren't really into RP that much these days, so we spend a lot of time on various board or card games with the occasional RPG thrown in. Right now my main RPG playing is coming though Pbp, chat or skype playing.

    My main job is as a photogrammetrist for a sub company of GeoEye, one of the two major satellite imagery firms in the US. A good chunk of the images on Google Earth are provided by my company. I'm gonna be taking the certified photogrammetrist test this coming year. So we make geospatial data, and do some GIS work but not much. I work the night shift and so am off of everyone else as I tend to get up about noon and go to bed around 4-5 am.

    I've played with Brendan, Michael, Max, and Chris. in the Chateau AW game, And I played with Michael and Rustin in a Nausicaa inspired Sorcerer game I ran on here a year or two ago. Brendan is also a player in my somewhat irregular Skype AW game.
  • Photogrammetry! That's awesome. /asprs_secret_handshake
  • I'm Max, but I guess my name already says that. I'm 26, and I got married in August. I moved to West Lafayette, Indiana to go to school and I've bounced between West Lafayette and Regular Lafayette since then. Most of my friends moved away after they graduated, so I go to Gencon and try to rustle up games between those. I'd like to run a Paranoia game at some point, but I don't know that pbp would be the best format for it.

    I'm a software engineer for a bought-out startup. We make discounting software for grocery stores. If your receipt at a dedicated grocery chain other than Kroger is too long, there's a chance we're involved somehow. I got my B.S. in physics, but screwed up my grad school applications. It turns out the majority of people with a bachelor's in physics who don't go on to further school end up in software, so I can't complain too much. I mostly do Linux stuff.

    I'm in the Chateau game, and the seemingly-dead Mez game. If the Mez never picks back up, I might pull Horse into another game at some point, since I don't feel like his story is done yet.
  • I'm Brendan (Yay for me!). I'm 23, so I'm a young punk idiot. I'm in North Caldwell, New Jersey, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. I graduated from college only a short time ago (by my reckoning), and I have very few genuinely marketable skills. Currently I'm working as an editor of web content for Peterson's, the college guidebook company. I know how to write (no really, believe me, seriously, stop laughing), and I know how to edit, and I've got a sense of humor that doesn't translate well into text.

    I gamed throughout college years, and since then I've kept it up a bit locally with a group formed by Brennan Taylor. Haven't played Apocalypse World with them yet, but I desperately want to. I had another group that used to meet consistently on Skype, but we fell apart due to other time commitments, and a disinterest in the games we were playing at the time. The game I most want to run right now (besides more AW) is The Shadow of Yesterday, because Keys taste delicious.

    I'm in the Chateau game twice, with Max, Michael, Trevis, and Chris. I'm also in the Skype thing with Trevis, as he mentioned. I'm also devilishly handsome, and something of a liar.
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    I'm Scott. I'm 38 and have a wife and young son. I'm in the San Francisco Bay area, California.
    Currently working in the computer game industry as an artist.

    Been gaming for 20+ years now, off and on. Recently found I love this indy gaming stuff, and have been getting into ApW and trying out other things. Have run a pretty successful ApW campaign with some coworkers (now finished) and have run a convention session of ApW once, and coming up for the second time next month.

    Really excited to play on here and improve in places I need to improve. My character will probably deliberately not be very combat-centric (No need to avoid involving me in fights, just don't want to emphasize that) cause I feel I focus on combat too heavily in my games.

    Figure this might be relevant, I'll probably post moderately during work hours (when I can find a few minutes break at work) but most intensely possible late at night (7-days a week) and not too much on weekend days (out doing family stuff)
  • I'm Rustin. 38, live in Utah. Wife and two dogs. I run a sleep lab in a hospital, sometimes do EEG. Graduated a part time law program, but haven't sat for the bar.

    Gaming since my older brother needed someone to play the Monk. I was seven.

    I really like the vibe I get from Snail's pace, and, until recently, it has been my primary source of indie gaming. I've played several PbP games, and I'm beginning to feel it is my preferred style of play. I've been so entertained by the Ch
  • I'm Michael, a mere 25, living in Indianapolis, Indiana. I'm partway through my Masters in Architecture, though I'm not in school right now ... mainly focusing on paying down my student loans with temp work while I look for an internship in the industry.

    Around here, my gaming group mainly plays D&D and its various derivatives, though I have lured them into various indie games from time to time (including, just recently, Apocalypse World!). I've run many, many failed PbP games of various stripes, most of which were fun while they lasted.

    ( Speaking of, the Mez game is pretty much a write-off Max. You ended up being the only regularly-posting player, and I wasn't too keen on hunting up an entirely new batch of players to inject ... Horse aside, that'd basically be starting a new game, except with the new people having less buy-in on the setting. *shrug* )
  • Yeah, I was kind of figuring that. I thought about taking an advance to have him show up at The Chateau, but I don't think Uncle would put up with his shit, and I doubt he'd do as well against his Uncle as the last one.
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