Shade – The Skinner

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Shade is a slim, sweet-faced woman with dark mocking eyes and quick hands. She wears Wilson's uniform when she must, but prefers to clothe herself appropriate to the situation. It would not be unreasonable to call her usual wardrobe "display" wear, suited to the intense heat of the jungle. Dance is her calling: supple, languorous, frenzied, intense, slow, fast, whatever. It's one of the few things she does with no art or study – she merely moves as her instinct dictates.

Cool +1: do something under fire
Hard -1: go aggro, seize by force
Hot +2: seduce or manipulate
Sharp +1/strong>: read a sitch, read a person
Weird 0: open brain

Highlighted stat appears thus.

Basic moves plus:

Artful & Gracious: when performing, roll +Hot. On 10+ spend 3; on 7-9 spend 1. Spend 1 for 1 to affect an NPC audience member:
-this person must meet me
-this person must have my services
-this person loves me
-this person must give me a gift
-this person admires my patron
An Arresting Skinner: Strip to stunlock.

Hypnotic: When I have time and solitude with someone, they fixate. Roll +Hot. On 10+ hold 3; on 7-9 hold 2. The subject/target/victim can spend this hold by:
-giving me something I want
-acting as my eyes and ears
-fighting to protect me
-doing something I tell them to

NPCs won't act against me while I have hold over them. For PCs, I can spend hold 1 for 1 to:

-distract themselves with thoughts of me, acting under fire
-inspiring themselves with thoughts of me, taking +1 now

On a miss, the "target" gets 2 hold over me on the same terms as above.

Skinner special: Have sex with another character, choose 1 of the following effects:
-I take +1 forward and so do they
-I take +1 forward and they take -1 forward
-I get at least 1-barter in gifts
-they get Hypnotized at the 10+ level

(with 2 luxe gear...)

Part of her wardrobe and performance equipment is a silky, colorful woven scarf/sarong-like garment. Sewn all over it are dozens of metal discs, beaten thin and pierced, which ring and rustle with each movement. Most of them still have the hammermarked shadows of faces, or buildings, or strange icons on them. (worn valuable)

She also possesses a kit containing emollients, unguents, salves, powders, creams, and liquids. Some of them are jungle products, some are salvaged, some are pigments, some are scents. All serve to increase her allure. (applied valuable)

(and 1 gracious weapon...)

She also uses an ornate sword as a prop – a splendid, slender, whipcurved thing of golden resins and jangling hilt-chains. Most people assume it's a blunted stage item: an unfortunate few have discovered that it is in fact razor-sharp.

(Ornate sword, 3-harm hand valuable)

Oddments worth 1-barter.

[ ] get +1 Cool
[ ] get +1 Cool (max at Cool+2)
[ ] get +1 Hard (max Hard+2)
[ ] get +1 Sharp (max Sharp+2)
[X] get a new Skinner move (Hypnotic)
[ ] get a new Skinner move
[ ] get 2 gigs (detail) and moonlighting
[ ] get followers (detail) and fortunes
[ ] get a move from another playbook
[ ] get a move from another playbook

XP Marks
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ i]

Edited to add the stuff above, mark XP, and bring some gear descriptions into line with the fiction.

3 Hold over Corbett.

What do you think? Too much? Not enough?


  • Yeah, I like her! Do you think we have enough in other areas for you to start telling about her personality? If so, then go for it!
  • I'd like to know more about why she runs with a squad of monster hunters. Is the just the face for getting better deals for jobs, or does she have some crazy combat moves? Does she make something out of the dead monsters? Does she feel bound to Wilson by sharing some past event? She doesn't seem like the uniform type, so if we want to go that way, I'd like to figure out why.
  • All right, let's try this again.

    Shade is careful and considerate in everything she does, even though her mode of expression seems to be one of abandon and whimsy. My reasoning for her accompanying a band of monster-hunters goes something like this: Wilson needs to negotiate. Barter, passage, resupply, contracts, better contracts, bounties, etc. Wilson needs all the leverage she can get. A Skinner provides that.

    More to come in a bit, I don't want to lose another post to some toddler whacking my keyboard.
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    Hey, I have a suggestion. There is a certain similarity between Tavi and Shade, and Tavi's the fighter. Maybe we're sisters? That would be another good reason why you're with a bunch of monster hunters.

    The other thing is, your deal is dance, and I'm kinda seeing a martial art thing going on with mine (with the polearm and all). Like you, it's a natural/instinctual development more than a trained discipline.
  • I like the sisters suggestion a great deal, if I may say so.
  • I'm down with that. Tavi's sister it is!
  • There should be an Hx bonus for being relatives. Like a 1d6 relationship from Dogs.
  • I kind of thought so too, which is why I told her the Hx+2/Friends thing. If there's a move to institute a Relatives Hx, I will cheerfully reallocate that.
  • What types does Shade go for? Can Wilson be a lover and a fighter?
  • You know, I've been kind of wondering about that. What's Shade to Wilson, like a prize or trophy? A bonus for having Tavi along? A lever with which to gain advantage over clients? "We'd like to hunt razordillos for you, Rolfball, and— oh, here's Shade! And she's taking off her sarong-scarf. Now, Rolfball, you were saying? Rolfball? Hello? I'll take that as a 'yes,' then." If Wilson can stomach being Shade's lover, and then using her sex appeal to motivate or bamboozle some NPC, sure.

    I can tell you Shade is far happier having a purpose, even if that purpose is pure utility, than being some Tunneler's personal lapdancer.
  • Yeah, I think Wilson can stomach the utility of sex appeal. Wilson fucks a lot of the crew to keep things going, and it's not that she doesn't enjoy it, but it's different with Shade. Like, if Wilson took the "retire to safety" advance, she'd leave the crew, and the uniform, and the hunting behind, but only if Shade would go with her. I like the implication that the Hot stat isn't just physical, and thus Shade knows people and how to manipulate them, and could probably talk her way to more jingle even with her clothes on, but if they do have to come off, nobody's complaining.
  • You got it, boss. Sweetie. Whatever. ;)
  • Looks like Wilson has highest Hx with me. Care to pick a stat to highlight? And Our Gentle MC of course is invited to do so as well.
  • Forgive the repost from the OOG thread -- that happened to be where I was when the brain and fingers went into gear.

    I do work for the tunnelers on a mostly-informal basis. I like Daylighters better, but the Deepers have more jingle so it's six of one vs. a half-dozen of the other. Since I have a lover and a crew, my freelancing courtesan-ness is more "traditional" geisha-like, providing a touch of class to a party or gathering, or acting as a go-between in minor tunneler faction disputes. Not Operator-level brokering, but more of an oil-on-water calming role, "Let's not pull knives on each other in front of Shade, shall we?" These are the things that keep me in a bare minimum of necessities.

    Some persons from my past: Crine is a fairly well-to-do Scuttler, a gentleman-merchant who's employed me in the past for ornamental purposes and we have at least a working relationship. Abondo is a Daylighter girl who has some potential: I'm sort of teaching her what I can about dance and Skinnering, but purely in an ad-hoc manner. At some point she'll make serious demands of my time and it will have to become a gig. Bowdy typifies what I don't like about Deepers – creepy, arrogant, overcryptic – and plus he tried to take more than he'd paid for. I had to stick the sword an inch or two into his belly to get him to back off.
  • Edited to add a new Skinner move, Hypnotic, and note hold over Corbett.
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