Nickel - The Brainer

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Nickel is currently suffering from bruises to her shoulder and torso from rocks and a hard kick to the chest.
Nickel has had a painful and bloody bite to the lower leg from a maelstrom crazed man.


Ask anyone and she's just a weird kid who hangs around, but if you stop and think about it, that "kid" has been hanging around since just about anyone can remember. Somehow nobody thinks about it too hard though. Nickel is just part of the scenery around the tunnels, living in among the scuttlers and the daylighters, usually. Nobody's really sure if she's a boy or a girl, most people say she but honestly nobody would swear by it. But we'll stick with that for now.

You can often find someone playing happily with Nickel, dice, jacks, simple magic tricks, even just playing pretend. The toughest toughs of the 12th street station have done so on occasion. Something about that girl, play with her and just for a bit maybe you can forget your troubles.

Nickel tends to latch on to someone tougher than her, often someone little dim or at least open to manipulation. That might be Kray the faceless these days. She doesn't stick around too long any one place either, nobody's sure where she lives and if you pressed there's probably half a dozen people who THINK they're related to her some way or another.

Most people don't take her seriously at all, but she's got some insight. She can see things in people that she's got no business seeing. She can see the infection on people, the lingering badness of the outside hanging around people like a swarm of flies. Nickel is drawn to people but also afraid of them. They mostly bring her harm and fear but also moments of joy. Even so much as a moment of happiness to Nickel is a powerful drug worth all the pain people usually heap on each other. She's nervous and mistrustful by nature, often assuming the worst but never quite losing hope, but she is disturbingly fast to shift attitudes as people disappoint and occasionally surprise her. She has a deep admiration of the hunters who protect the hold, almost viewing them as figures of myth.

Name comes from a couple old coins she keeps on a chain, hole through the head on each. You can hear her jingling and she often can't seem to stand still. Seems they're a memento of her parents.


Appearing to be a kid of 12 or so, Nickel jingles when she walks from the coins on a chain around her neck and the apparent collection of old coins and metal trinkets in her pockets. She wears an adults heavy hiking jacket and a couple layers of fabric shirts underneath which might act as 1-armor against something non-gun. Old black jeans, and sandals. Often barefoot. She has a pale face with too-bright green very deep eyes and jet black hair cut short and close around her face. Her slight body makes her quick on her feet but by no means athletic or graceful. Shes actually a little oddly un-attractive, maybe it's the creepy way she looks at you, or the way she just won't stand still for a second when she gets excited.

Hidden Knives, pretty much anywhere there's some sharp object hidden.
Receptivity Drugs: These are pills or powders made from plant extracts. Nickel usually discreetly hides them in some flavorful drink.
Implant syringe: The natural stinger of some hand-sized forest insect. About 1/2 inch long and resembling rose thorns. Injected with a scratch or a puncture. Nickel holds them between her fingers and they're hard to see. Hurts like a bitch.
5-barter worth of a combination of metal trinkets and a selection of simple creature comforts. She's got a sack of coffee beans, some cocoa, stuff like that. She's got at least a few dozen old coins on her and treasures them.
Nickel has a nickel coin given to her by Shade. So far she hasn't put it down.

Color note: No especially high tech gear here, she's not a blinky-light technical brainer.

Current XP: (X) (X) (X) (X) ( )

Cool+1 , Hard-2, Hot-1, Sharp+2, Weird+2

Kray +1
Tavi +2
Shade +3
Man +1
Wilson +3
Rabbit +1

( ) Unnatural lust transfixion
( ) Casual brain receptivity
( ) Preternatural at-will brain attunement
(X) Deep brain scan
( ) Direct-brain whisper projection
(X) In-brain puppet strings
(X) Everybody Eats...
(X) Healing Touch

( ) get +1cool (max cool+2)
( ) get +1sharp (max sharp+2)
( ) get +1hard (max hard+2)
( ) get +1hard (max hard+2)
( ) get a new brainer move
( ) get a new brainer move
( ) get 2 gigs (detail) and moonlighting
( ) get a holding (detail) and wealth
(x) get a move from another playbook [MAESTRO D': Everybody Eats... - Roll+hot to know about people]
(X) get a move from another playbook [ANGEL: Healing Touch - roll+weird to heal a harm segment]
( ) get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
( ) retire your character (to safety)
( ) create a second character to play
( ) change your character to a new type
( ) choose 3 basic moves and advance them
( ) advance the other 4 basic moves


Experience Log:
1. Open my brain (Weird) : A day in the life of Nickel
2. Open my brain (Weird) : Omie Wise's Fruit Stand & The Tin Shack
3. Deep brain scan (Weird) : Omie Wise's Fruit Stand & The Tin Shack
4. Act under fire (Cool) : Omie Wise's Fruit Stand & The Tin Shack
5. Open my brain (Weird) : Nickel's Tour of 12th Street Station (Advance: Get a move from another playbook | Everybody Eats...)
6. Open my brain (Weird) : Nickel's Tour of 12th Street Station
7. Open my brain (weird) : The Mandiboar
8. Hx with Kray resets from +3 to +1 : End of session 1
9. Hx with Rabbit resets from +3 to +1 : End of session 1
10. Everybody Eats... (hot) : The Lodge (Advance: Get a move from another playbook | Healing Touch)
11. Read the sitch (Sharp) : The Lodge
12. Manipulate (hot) : Big Game Lodge Meetin' Time
13. Read a person (Sharp) : Big Game Lodge Meetin' Time
14. Everybody Eats... (hot) : The Lodge


  • I'm not opposed to custom moves. I'm kind of opposed to customizing the special moves. I think the openness that one achieves during sex is why the Brainer can read her partner. I don't see how you could get that by playing hopscotch instead. But I'm also not convinced that you can't get what you want through other means/moves. What do you get out of these play instances? Why not just manipulate folks when you need to? You want to deep brain scan them? Take the move. What's missing?
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    EDIT: Post removed. Just tidying up.
  • Hey long as I can consider non-sexual time spent as "time and physical intimacy" I'm cool not going with this take on the move.
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  • Yeah, ok, two voices find at least some problem with this so I'll drop it. I can still DO THAT of course... meaning spend time with someone, etc... just won't count as "seduction".

    Need to pick new move, will edit the opening post if time allows.
  • Michael, yeah, that could work. I didnt see this as the most important thing about the character so it's all good.

    That detail aside, can she be fit into the crew? Knowledge of the weirdness outside and an insight into people (Plan to expand that with new moves later) would be her strength. Probably NOT going for the brainer glove though it's really hard not to.
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    I can clearly see uses on the hunt for someone with Direct-brain whisper projection (particularly coupled with the Battlebabe move Merciless).
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    Hey, how long do the edits remain active on this site? Indefinite? For updating characters or whatever, can we just go back and check new moves and such?
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    Easy, everyone gets -1 to me, I keep pretty secret.

    The rest of mine are on other's turns so I'll hand those out in response. If anyone feels like your character would quite obviously dislike Nickel, please let me know.
  • Nickel's quite the awesomely creepy psychic kid. Love it. And I do find myself somewhat adoring the picture of Kray lumbering around with Nickel sitting on a shoulder, but that's just me.
  • I just had a weird vision of Nickel, who may be pretty tuned into this psychic fauna shit checking over the crew for "infection"after a gig. Opening her brain to them... going from man to man... "Ok, you're clean... you're clean.... you're.... oh shit!"
  • Starting to go with the thought that I can see the infection on people. Sense it? I don't know about curing or removing it.
    Makes me useful really, which is always nice. Might want to rethink the mechanicals a bit, but need to see how the crew fleshes out and if I really do have a place in it.
  • The last question in the Savvyhead's Things Speak move would be perfect for this. That might be a place to look for hybridizing if it's important enough.
  • Sounds cool. We can put that on brain scan but I'm going to need time with someone to determine, if that's the case, an I wasn't going to start with that so might have to switch to it to start if that's how we're going. Or pick that up later. Maybe opening brain can give an impression but i'll need a more specific move if I want to become really good at it.
  • Or better yet, just take the Savvyhead move if it's not something you have to start with.
  • Yeah I was looking at some Savvyhead stuff so that might work. Long as "things" includes people... or the stuff.
  • It may be an advance so I'll look around to see if there's something else more applicable.
  • There's an advance that makes their workshop work on people, but not Things Speak.
  • Oh, the Savvyhead's sex move gives access to Things Speak on her partner.
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    Yes, I was just thinking casual brain receptivity is the thing. Can read someone without actually interacting with them... quick, subtle, and very personal, but yes maybe just opening brain is the answer and a weird character will just necessarily be better at it.

    I may take that, though I have+2 sharp so the die bonus of the move is kind of wasted on me. Just means I don't need to interact to do it. Will consider.
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    Ok, so I've decided to start off a little more vulnerable, dropped the In brain whisper for the moment so I will be pretty vulnerable, nothing I have works in the moment. I will need to rely on a protector, which seems to fit my concept. If I can survive long enough maybe I can become more self-reliant.

    I do have in brain puppet strings, which takes time to use and I've probably used for years to get my way with people. Probably doesn't leave them too broken (I don't want to be a monster) but a few people around probably bear some old mental scars and maybe don't remember quite who I am or the time we spent together. Just holes in their memory, maybe I've spent a few days, a week with any given "parent" Some of them i like and stick around. The rare one will take me in without me having to mind-mess them and I can see people around treating my like an orphan kid and giving me handouts from time to time.

    Where I've failed on that is where things went bad, no doubt a few people are unhappy with me, but overall I think I'm a presence people sort of smile at and have that "Oh, there goes Nickel again..." kind of feeling. Nobody's surprised to see me just about anywhere.
  • Thank you for the table, Christopher.
    SP IDplayer nameplaybookcharacter name
    Christopher WeeksChrisFacelessKray
    Max BMaxOperatorWilson
    Michael LoyMichaelGunluggerMan
  • Copying this here to have available:

    Tunneler kids hang out with me sometimes, but I'm weird and not really welcome. I have this feeling like I need to give them something to be treated like a friend and that actually pisses me off a little bit, they will hang with me if I have food or something. I don't really like most of them I'm probably the kind of kid that other kids would DARE each other to go talk to, maybe cause their parents probably tell them to stay away from me. While I'm not really seen as threatening, I am seen as weird and I do hang out with a ton of fucking dangerous people. They see me with Kray, or someone from Menagerie or just fucking around with some dangerous crap from outside and they probably tell their kids to steer clear.

    Pike is the worst, he's this bully who has a squadron of little punks who run with him. Shit I hate that kid.

    This kid Tails is important to me. I stayed with him and his dad for a time and was treated well without having to screw with them. He's about 14 now and a tough kid and pretty much outgrew wanting to hang with me but I watch out for him and he'd have my back if things got bad. I can go to his dad, Pepper in a pinch, though he probably knows I get involved in trouble.

    EDIT: Have an impression that I will watch out for the kids nonetheless, especially younger ones, if it really comes down to it.
  • NOTE: Have made some edits to my moves (Take deep brain scan and dropped the +1 weird) and a little color about my barter and such.
  • First advance: Taking "Charismatic" From the hocus playbook. Though I'd like to re-imagine/rename it to fit me a little better.Nickel is clearly not charismatic, this is just a WEIRD based compulsion people will have to do what I suggest.

    Maybe call it "Oddly compelling" or something. Just going to put it down as "Charismatic" for now.
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