Announcement: Un-hiding In-Game and Out-of-Game categories.

edited September 2007 in Site Matters
Currently, the categories "In-Game" and "Out-of-Game" are marked as "member only", which means you can only see these posts if you're a logged in member. That's a bit annoying if you want to link to something in the game, say, to talk about it on another site, or if someone is browsing the site and wants to see what's going on.

On the other hand, I understand not wanting the whole world to be able to see what you're doing in game.

What I've done is created two new categories, "hidden" versions of the current in-game and out-of-game categories. If you want your game to stay hidden, just edit the first post and change the category over to the hidden one. The old categories are still hidden now, and will stay that way for about a week, to give everyone the chance to switch if they want to. Then I'll un-hide them.

If you want to have an ultra-secret game between more than two people (so you can't just whisper), let me know, and I'll try to work out something with dedicated roles and categories for your game. Remember that as an administrator, I'm always going to be able to read your posts (even whispers).
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