[The Menagerie] Tavi - The Battlebabe

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Tavi - The Battlebabe


Woman, display wear, Sweet Face, Frosty Eyes, Gorgeous Body

Tavi is tall with a slim built, but gorgeous body. And she knows it. The sweetness of her face doesn't quite fit in with the dangerous/sexy look she usually puts on. Her skin is slightly dusky, her hair is close cropped in choppy layers, straight, and black, creating an almost feather-like effect. (She looks like someone out of Bollywood.) Her eyes are a shocking contrast of pale ice blue. She sort of wears the uniform. Which is to say she wears the jacket over the rather tight pants and linen (or similar) tanktops, with a fairly transparent overshirt, that clearly display her body to her advantage. She wears a necklace of teeth from various creatures. She doesn't really walk, she stalks. Gracefully of course.

She carries a staff with a heavy blade at the top made of some sort of shell or bone that's shiny, pitch black and razor sharp.

Was imagining showy armor, like armor made of giant centipede chitin (tough little buggers until you roll them over.) that is striped black, orange and neon green.


Tavi's very passionate. She's a creature of extremes. Hot and cold. Love and Hate, Anger and Affection. Her emotions are chaotic though she is utterly unflappable, even casual, under pressure, particularly in a fight. She's warm to people she cares about but reserved, even chilly to eveyone else. However she has trust issues even with people she loves (and is much scarier to them than to people she doesn't know well.) She likes sex but avoids attachment. Or it avoids her, really. Most of her lovers get totally enamored of her at first but get fed up with her deathwish lifestyle (or she drives them away with it.) She's a complete danger junkie. The middle of a fight is the only time she really feels alive, but she'll try anything she sees as promising serious physical risk, and she's always chasing the high. The reasons she's on Wilson's crew are fairly obvious. She gets sullen and pretty dangerous when she's bored.


Cool +3, Hard -1, Hot +1, Sharp +1, Weird 0

Ice Cold: when you go aggro on an NPC, roll+cool instead of roll+hard. When you go aggro on another player’scharacter, roll+Hx instead of roll+hard.
Perfect Instincts: when you’ve read a charged situation and you’re acting on the MC’s answers, take +2 instead of +1.
Merciless; when you inflict harm, inflict +1 harm


Rifle (2-harm, far, reload, loud
+ hi-powered (+1 harm)
+ ap ammo (+ap)

Staff (1 harm hand area)
+ heavy blade (+2 harm)
(Basically a Naginata, but homemade. The blade is some kind of sharpened shell of something...)

Oddments worth 2-barter

Her 'uniform' + maybe the armor.


() get +1hard (max +2)
() get +1hot (max +2)
() get +1sharp (max +2)
() get +1weird (max +2)
x get a new battlebabe move - Merciless
() get a new battlebabe move
() get 2 gigs (detail) and moonlighting
() get a gang (detail) and leadership
() get a move from another playbook
() get a move from another playbook
() get +1 to any stat, to a maximum of +3.
() retire your character (to safety), and create a new character to play.
() create a second character to play, so now you’re playing two.
() change your character to a new type.
() choose 3 basic moves and advance them.
() advance the other 4 basic moves.


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    Tavi has bruises on her face ribs and leg from Martini kicking the shit out of her. Painful but not debilitating
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    X X X X o
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    Kray: +1
    Shade: +3
    Man: +1 (Don't trust her?)
    Nickel: 0
    Wilson: +1
    Rabbit: 0
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  • I love the description of Tavi, and the naginata idea. Also, the sniper rifle. Because what goes together better than a naginata and sniper rifle?

    Anything about her temperament? Style? Mode of thought? She mean? Uncaring? Manipulative?
  • Edited to add. Been thinking about it. I hope Shade is her sister, because Tavi's behavior would be a great source of tension.
  • Awesome description, can really see her. Does she like to play when she's bored?
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    Maybe you could convince her too, otherwise her 'play' would be something that would probably seem suicidal to most people. She'd play hopscotch... on narrow poles 25 feet over dangerous frogshark infested waters.
  • Sounds like fun (to watch)
    I think Nickel may find a little danger in her time. Just a feeling.
  • Something made me think of a skinner whos "art" is fighting. Battlebabe/skinner hybrid. Just thinking.
    Slightly reminiscent of the Battle Angel manga I think.
  • Is it evident that Tavi distrusts/dislikes Man, or does she keep that close to her chest?
  • She's not openly hostile. But she's not freindly the way she is with the others. She trys to be nearby whenever you're close to Shade. I think there's a sense of tension when they're in the same space together. Maybe not in the heat of battle as there are other things to worry about, but any other time. I think part of it is the Shade thing and part of it is the Forest person thing. I think Tavi had some bad experiences with Forest people.
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    Ok. Man doesn't seem to notice the tension, but that's not saying much ... she rarely reacts to things in obvious, immediate ways, and she doesn't put her emotions on display much.

    If anything, Man is a little solicitous toward Tavi, possibly trying to smooth things over. Probably doesn't help much, though.

    Bad experiences with forest people? Do tell. (c:
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    Face and skin are about right. Hair would be short though and eyes ice blue. Her hair might have been this length at some point.


    Body type is right here (except Tavi's taller). Hair is rightish but not quite. It's hard to find pics of fighty chicks who's chests aren't huge

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