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Okay, so, put yo' Hx all up in here. I'll try to figure out how to add the table, and then maybe people can edit it as we go along?
ETA: Okay, it's there, but it looks really weird. Anyone know how to fix it?

ETA 2: Bwahaha. Triumph for the computer illiterate.


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    Everyone gets +1 from me. I put myself in the public view.

    I don't know about the table. Only you will be able to edit the message it's in.
  • Everyone get -1 from Nickel.

    Will interject when appropriate, but if anyone thinks you clearly would NOT like Nickel, please say so. Got one for you.
  • As an aside, could everyone include character name on a lot of your posts? Least until we get a good handle on who's who. Would help me out a bunch at least.
  • you might try to take the nice clean carraige returns out of your code. I think the software is putting them in as breaks.
  • Yeah, you have to take out all the carriage returns, turning it into a solid, eye-bleeding mass of characters.
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    Ooh! Ooh! Can I have helped Kray do something terrible? I don't care what.

    I don't dislike Nickle. I don't dislike anyone, really.

    Assuming that the followers are, in fact, a cult (and not one of those other things), I'm not a follower.

    As for me:

    - Tavi is prettiest, or so I believe. Shade is tough competition, but I understand fighting best, and Tavi looks good doing it. So, Tavi gets Hx+2 from me, modified +1 or -1 according to her whim.

    - Kray has fought shoulder to shoulder with me. He also gets Hx+2 from me, which probably will go unmodified, as I am neither pretty nor kind.

    Everyone else has Hx=0 with me, except that I still have 'you left me bleeding' (Hx-2). I'll hold onto that one until a bit more of the Hx web has been worked out.

    Also, I think Wilson is smart, so my Hx with Wilson will get a +1, whatever Max tells me. For everyone else, I just take what I'm told.
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    Nope, Tavi doesn't adjust +1 or -1. That's the Skinner. She can pick someone she doesn't trust and change her number for them to +3 though. So her number for you is +2, unless I decide she doesn't trust you.
  • Somebody faced down dedicated violence to get me out of a fix, and I give them +2. Could be anyone in the crew, so let's see what the reasons for people's membership are.

    Someone could have let me down in a pinch and left me holding the bill, getting -1. Maybe a non-crew-member, or maybe someone in the crew fucked up and is now looking for redemption.

    Everyone else gets +1, and I add +1 to whatever they give me.
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    Everyone gets Hx=0 from Shade save Tavi, who's a friend (despite sisterly quibbling and differences in temperament) and gets Hx+2. Wilson, as my lover I tell you Hx+1. Man, you poor strange thing, I tell you Hx-1. You keep looking at me in that way.

    Edited to add: since I throw +1 or -1 into whatever you tell me, I offer the following. Kray, +1 to whatever. I find you intriguing as well as alarming. Tavi, +1. Hi, sis! Man, -1. You're scary, and strange, and your ways are opaque to me. Perhaps I can get used to you and your outdoorsy-ness. Nickel, +1. You're a kid, even if you're a little weird. Wilson, +1. I'm paying attention to you, and depending on how things go I might pick up some Operator moves myself with an eye to becoming a co-Operator, maybe handling the face/biz end of things. We'll see. Rabbit, -1. The hocus thing, that bothers me. Despite the fact I may end up like you, with followers and fortunes.

    So, by my calculations I should have... um... /thinks...

    Tavi +2
    Man +1
    Kray +2
    Wilson +3
    Rabbit -1
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    Man helped me do something terrible once. (Michael, what was it?) She takes +2 with Kray. (I just edited this when I realized Michael asked for it.)
    Everyone else takes +1.

    Nickel was once kind and unafraid toward me so I'm ignoring what Scott tells me and taking +3
    Kray thinks you're all pretty, but I'm supposed to pick one and take +1 beyond what you tell me. Shade would be the obvious choice so I'll choose Man. :)
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    Oh, Nickel gets+1 more to everyone than you tell me (Max +3 I assume)

    EDIT: Ah, I'll take this after all.... why is Hx so confusing.
    Kray has been sleeping in my presence, seems like you're ok with that so it's not a secret? I have +3 to him.

    Seems too dangerous to watch Tavi sleep, she'll cut me if she wakes up. I'll figure who that is in a bit. Maybe Rabbit.
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    I swear I'll update this when I get a chance, but if everyone could do me a favor and at least, for your character, keep a tally that says your Hx with everyone else?



    And just fill it in, so it's easy for me to see and update? Thanks!
  • Scott, I didn't give you +3, I took +3 with you.
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    Nickel: 0
    Tavi: +2
    Kray: +2
    Shade: +2
    Man: +1
    Rabbit: +1

    All right, I have friends!

    ETA: I've got specials too. Who faced down violence to help me? Who buggered off and left me holding the bag? Anybody?
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    Wilson: +2
    Tavi: +2
    Kray: +3 (Slept in my presence)
    Shade: +3 (Secretly watching you)
    Man: +1
    Rabbit: +3 (I think you dislike and mistrust me)
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    Kray, calling me pretty? Aren't you just the sweet-talker. And something terrible, ok. Let me do bookkeeping, though.

    I don't think I'm in unrequited love with Shade. Someone should be, though. And hell, if nobody better suited volunteers for that, I'll take up the slack. Why not? For the moment, though, I have Hx=0 with her.

    Tavi ... you're pretty, and that's about the extent of our relationship, so far. And I'm perfectly trustworthy! Moving on.

    Wilson. Yeah, like most of the squad, I might've faced down violence to help you. We should probably be looking for some particularly spectacular/meaningful example of that, when picking exactly who. Personally, I think it'd be interesting if it was Shade, since for her facing down violence is taking a serious risk. If she did it, that says that their relationship might be something real.

    In the normal course of things, I don't think I'd have left you in the lurch. That suggests I have other priorities, when I really don't. There might have been special circumstances, but it's probably better put on someone else.
  • Hm. I think Kray has Hx+3 with Man. I gave Hx+2, and didn't he get +1 to that because he thinks she's pretty?
  • Michael, I'm glad you said that re: Shade and facing violence. I'd been mulling that over but was sort of waiting to jump in. So I'll take that, assuming that one of the guntoting, asskicking types does not prefer to have it.
  • Someone left Man bleeding and did nothing for her (take Hx-2 with Man):

    Kray is a candidate, I assume. Or am I wrong?

    Nickle might've tried to mess with her head and screwed up, but 1-harm (ap) doesn't really sound like 'left bleeding'. Nosebleed, maybe. (c;

    Rabbit needs detail.

    Shade could be interesting. We've already noted ^ that she thinks Man is scary and strange, so it sounds quite plausible that she might've walked away if Man was in trouble.

    Tavi, maybe? Possibly particularly if she thinks Man is in unrequited love with her sister. That could be fun.

    For Wilson, the thing that comes to mind is that Man might've been part of the original crew, and Wilson left her out there in the jungle after that disastrous expedition (intentionally, or not).

    Regardless, let's say that Man was part of the old crew.
  • I like the idea of Shade facing down violence for Wilson. Maybe the menagerie's introduction to 12th street didn't go so well, or maybe some fucker tried to set a trap for them, sent them on a mission with understated difficulty, and planned to just gut them and take their jingle when they came back, but Shade stepped in. Maybe, if we want dramatic tension, she intervened on behalf of Wilson, but threw Man to the dogs.
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    Posted By: Michael LoySomeone left Man bleeding and did nothing for her (take Hx-2 with Man):

    Kray is a candidate, I assume. Or am I wrong?
    Can you give me both that and the +2 for fighting shoulder to shoulder? Seems a little wasteful.

    I prefer that we not collaborate as much as we are on these -- you do whatever your playbook says wrt Hx and the rest of us live with (and explicate) it. So whatever you tell me is fine.
  • Posted By: Max BI like the idea of Shade facing down violence for Wilson. Maybe the menagerie's introduction to 12th street didn't go so well, or maybe some fucker tried to set a trap for them, sent them on a mission with understated difficulty, and planned to just gut them and take their jingle when they came back, but Shade stepped in.
    This is when keeping a sword at hand started to seem like a good idea. As for leaving Man in the lurch, I am a little reluctant. Shade's pretty loyal, scary/strange and opaque notwithstanding. Particularly if Man is one of the old crew who knows Wilson's name.
  • That's fine, I think we can just do mine without doing Man's. I've been kind of ignoring the "somebody left me in the lurch" option because most of the people are in my squad, and having somebody in my squad who left me in the lurch seems like a liability. We don't have to use all the Hx options if we don't want to. Wilson gives Shade +2, which is modified as per Shade's choice.
  • So Wilson's highlighting Shade. Shade's Sharper than I am, so I could ask her to be my eyes, but who am I kidding, I want her to be Hot.
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    Good point, Christopher. I'm going to rearrange slightly. Kray still fought beside me, and I still think Wilson is smart. However, I think Shade is prettiest. Tavi, then, is the one that left me bleeding. Draw your own conclusions. (If ok, I'd be interested in being in love with Shade, to complete the tableau.)

    - So, Kray gets Hx+2 with a +1, for Hx+3. No change.

    - Tavi gets Hx-2, unless she wants to distrust me.

    - Shade gets Hx+2 (modified to Hx+1)

    - Everyone else gets Hx=0, modified as appropriate.

    - And I still take an extra +1 with Wilson, for Hx+2.

    Shade=0 or Shade-1

    So, either Kray or Wilson highlights me, and I pick Wilson. You're the boss, Wilson!
  • Beyond 'okay' into 'superb'. I'll reflect so in an edit to Shade's Hx entry above.
  • Sure. And then you're the one Tavi doesn't trust. So I increase your Hx number on my sheet to +3
  • So Wilson can get highlighted by Tavi, Kray or Shade. Hmm. I do love reciprocity. Shade, highlight Wilson.
  • Wilson doesn't take as much stock in it, but Max wants to see Man be Weird.
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