Rabbit - Hocus

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Rabbit - The Hocus
Updated: 2-9-11
Man, Formal Vestments, Open Face, Clear Eyes, Soft Body.
Cool +1, Hard -1, Hot +1, Weird +2, Sharp 0
Divine Protection (1 armor)
Charismatic (Weird to manipulate.)
-Powerful psychic antenna. Surplus: + augury
-Eager, enthusiastic. Surplus: +growth
-Drug Fixated. Surplus: +Stupor
-Decadent and perverse. Want: +Savage.
- Successful Commerce. +1 Fortune
1-barter from last Fortune's roll.
*I'll expand on this, but want to sleep on it.
Thoughts I'll be sleeping on: Drug fixated deals with special trees that feed off lightning and the sickly sap they produce.


  • Only note: I thought Charismatic was "weird" for just manipulate, not seduce. Other than that, I'm interested in seeing more!
  • Yup. Oh. Also, +stupor is a surplus, not a want. (This guy is notably similar to the hocus in my face-to-face game, mechanically speaking. Fluff is already clearly different, though.)
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    They caught Rabbit’s mother returning from a daylighter’s hovel, yet none of the deepers thought much of it. A few scornful looks, a bit of shaming from her mother. There was an understanding that sometimes It happened, the young, caught curiosity and had to see the light. Almost a right of passage in a way.

    When she showed birth sign, however, things changed.
    No longer welcomed in the rooting pits, she went hungry.
    No longer accepted in the sleep circles, she dreamt cold.
    No longer acknowledged by the deeper women, she was alone.

    And when Rabbit was born, they whisked him away, placed him at the deeper threshold, where the green phosphorus lights of the lower tunnels gave way to the grey light of an exit.

    Some say a Scuttler took him, raised him. And when Rabbit bit him, the Scuttler threw him outside. Others say he walked out alone, just a babe, into the forests, with only the twisted birth mark on his back to keep him warm.

    But all the tunnelers know how he returned.
    He was found wrapped in the roots of the Crocus trees, amid the bulbs and sap, fifteen years later.
    The roots had returned him to the tribe, back to the deepers of the tunnels.
    Ever since then the roots and bulbs of the Crocus tree lost their poison leaving a sweet, filling fruit. And when prepared in just the right way (bathed in stormwater and sunlight), one can feast on it and be filled with bliss and come to crave it.

    Rabbit is one of the few tunnelers that can pass from Scuttler, to Daylighter to Deeper, without scorn.
    He is constantly pestered to tell his stories of his time above which are filled with contradictions and insights. Though, if under the influence of the Crocus fruit, a follower will understand it’s deeper meaning, and have their own visions of being above, under the sun and the storms, at one with the monsters that live there.
  • Very neat. Hey Rustin, for some reason I feel that Nickel doesn't like your character, how would you feel about this weird kid? Was thinking you're the one who dislikes her but that's up to you. (I can't tell you what to think) From my end I feel that Nickel is intensely jealous of you for some reason.... Certainly not all the way to hatred, we may need to socialize... but just rubs Nickel seriously the wrong way.
  • RusRus
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    Nickel seems private in a public sort of way, like a lost in the crowd type. Perhaps Nickel didn't like Rabbit seeing her soul rather than ignoring her? (hx +3)
    How would have that happened? (I'll mention in the Hx thread if you think that is good, or maybe you have a Hx to give Rabbit that explains it better?)
  • Nickel and Rabbit actually seem to have a lot in common. We both like the outside, we're both weird (of course) but we go at it extremely differently. I think you said it perfect, Nickel is "lost in a crowd" and just trying to get by somehow, while Rabbit is out there, the center of attention and adulation(?) and totally the opposite. Nickel sees Rabbit as kind of a jabbing reminder that she doesn't fit in, why can you be like this when I cannot? I can see the things you see... can't I?

    Maybe Rabbit sees the real Nickel, she's not a lost kid looking for help, but a little parasite, taking what she needs and leaving people... not necessarily broken or damaged, but just leaving them behind.

    How would this have happened...
    Perhaps I attached to someone close to you without realizing it, a follower? Your follower suddenly changed character, lost interest in other things, and spent time with his "daughter" rather than attending to normal business. That's kind of what it's like when I need to mess with them (I need to think of a good term for that) which I don't like to do, I'd rather probe your mind for what you need, and provide it or exploit it... making you take me in, least for a little while. But when that doesn't work out or if Nickel feels threatened, I will pull your brain strings. Perhaps this happened to a follower or someone you care about? Maybe you "saved" him.
  • Is there something that clearly and formally marks some people as followers of Rabbit and others as not? What if someone wants to come eat magic crocus-fruit and bliss out with your people, what does that scene look like? What do you get from them -- just augury?
  • RusRus
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    Rabbit’s Cult
    Are those who wish to discuss the visions and experiences they’ve had with the specially prepared Crocus Fruit. Getting that specially prepared sacrament/fruit is not easy. You need to be in the group. Not sure how that is established yet. As it is addictive, I’m sure there is money to be made there too. For now, lets say a white scarf or head wrap is the typical garb. and if you wear it and are not one of them, then watchout!

    Rabbit’s Family
    His mother, Avenue, quickly found a husband, once Rabbit returned, and has become a celebrity/saint of her own accord. He has three step brothers, 14,13 and 11, and of course, his step-father- Bach.

    Rabbit’s Students
    Alba, Nugget and Trio are Scuttlers, as they have the easiest time moving between castes (Daylighters and Deepers really don’t have much to do with each other, but they both deal with the Scuttlers).

    Rabbit’s Scene
    He wanders the tunnels. If there is a specially prepared table, he will sup with a follower that put it out. On holy days, he makes a shrine, and the mores of the caste system are ignored for the few hours where he talks-- his followers gather from throughout.

    Rabbit’s Staff
    He has no staff, though there are usually more than one person at a prepared table. And, a few key followers step up and handle logistics when he starts a shrine.

    Rabbit’s Court
    He has no fixed court. Just tables and shrines.

    There are no fixed tenants to this movement.
    Rabbit reflects and validates and often questions the spirituality of others, but he has not turned dogmatic, yet.
    Visions associated with the Crocus fruit, do, however, tend to the feral and animistic-- thus the risk of savagery.
  • Do you have any preference for whether we rank among your followers?
  • I think if you're his follower you should give him one of your starting barter.
  • RusRus
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    If you mean rank specifically as how you stand in ranking amongst the followers, then I would say the caste system really mucks with the rankings. You might be top dog as you mingle with your fellow Daylighters, but try to worship with the deepers and you best be meek and humble.

    If you mean rank in a general sense, as in you are part of them, then ignore the above.

    But no, I have no preference per se, though a bit of mixture of PC's always is nice for an MC.
  • So, roll call? Who's a follower?

    I don't think Man is, though she's not adverse to you. I could even see her becoming a follower in play. Not now, though.
  • You're a little Weird for Wilson, but that can change in time, especially if people important to her join up.
  • I'm in. Drugs and savagery and access to an auger? What's not to like?
  • Shade's not a follower. Nothing against Rabbit per se, since Rabbit is bold enough to come up out of his hole. She doesn't have a lot of liking for the pure tunnel-folk.
  • Huh. You didn't note your Sharp in your stat line, up there.
  • Tavi's not a follower. It's just not her style. She thinks Rabbit's kind of cute though.
  • Rabbit used to have four students, right? The fourth was Tang, son/daughter of a deeper headman ... kind of a big deal, actually, that the headman let his kid come up and associate with the other castes like that, living with Rabbit and moving among the people.
    ^ Is that an acceptable statement?
  • Tang, yeah, I remember Tang.
  • I changed some of the times and ages here to make his step brothers older. (i.e., fodder for the MC).
    That puts Rabbit at around 28-29 years old.
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    Hey Rustin.
    Realized Nickel is going to be more suspicious of the outside than I first thought, also will make her more in contrast to you and Man to an extent, hopefully in an interesting way. She spends most of her time inside and probably mistrusts people who get affected by that stuff, though as I wrote, she does have a dark fascination with it.

    Hope you had a great new year!

    P.S. incidentally I don't mean to screw you with the highlighted stat, if you think that's not cool I'm happy to change it.
  • Did you roll for Rabbit's fortune move? That's a first session thingie for Hocus usually.
  • Yes, and I rolled poorly.
    Rabbit has spend the last few days mostly with the daylighters of his cult and neglecting the deepers. He’s feeling a touch guilty about this.

    Fortune #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )2, 3, +1
  • Don't forget to roll fortunes! If you get a hit, you'll be able to attempt augury to set right your possessed followers. Much better than getting them all murdered by Man.
  • Huh, that's interesting. I'm sorry, yeah, you totally should do your fortune move, Michael's absolutely right. I was thinking along the lines of the hardholder move, where you only roll "when your rule is uncontested", but apparently Hocuses (Hoci) roll every session for fortunes. Interesting.
  • (You don't need a plural -- there's only one Hocus.)
  • And I was thinking along the lines of operator(i.e., during downtime).
    Roll+fortune. Fortune =1.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • There ya go.
  • My advance:
    X Get a new option for your followers: Your followers are involved in successful commerce. +1 Fortune.
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