[The Menagerie] NPC List & Some Setting Details

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Terminology of Significance:
Daylighters - the folk who live closer to the surface. Still in the tunnels, but they go out from time to time. Viewed as low-caste, serfs, by the rest of the tunnelers.
Deepers - The ones who live deep in the tunnels. Never see the sun. Aristocracy.
Scuttlers - Merchant caste. Go-betweens for Daylighters and Deepers, though they probably aren't welcome for long in the deep tunnels.
Tunneler - Catch all term for tunnel-dwellers.
12th Street Station - the local 'hold, where a lot of tunnelers live. Covers sections inhabited by deepers (the station proper) and daylighters, towards the surface.
Fuckoff Cave - Clarion and some of the other powerful deepers can give the residents of 12th Street the old Fuck Off, kicking them out of the hold and making them go live elsewhere. Fuckoff Cave was founded by a bunch of such individuals. It's a cave, but it's totally cut off from the cave system to which 12th Street is attached. The only way to get to Fuckoff Cave is above ground. Fuckoff Cave is equal parts criminal/troublemaker types and religious or philosophical thinkers who were undesirable in 12th Street.


Avenue: Rabbit's mother. Scuttler, now.
Fuse, Tao, and Bar: Rabbit's stepbrothers, aged 14, 13, and 11, respectively. Scuttlers all.
Bach: Rabbit's step-father. Scuttler.

Clarion: The guy in charge of 12th street, at least functionally. Runs salvage of ruins from Before. Loaded. Probably pays most of the Menagerie's bills. Deeper.

Kray's sister: Something happened to her. Don't remember her name. Speaks to Kray through his mask, sort of.

Wilson the First: The "real" Wilson. The one who founded the Menagerie and built up a reputation. He was willing to kill megafauna, but only if he had no other choice. He was Christine Wilson's love. He died or vanished during a catastrophe that left most of the Menagerie dead, the details of which are unknown.
Johnson, Kim, Smith, Rothschild: Old dead members of the Menagerie. Or at least, likely dead.

Pike: A bully with a squad of kids. Hates Nickel. Scuttler.
Tails: 14, tough. Nickel helps watch out for him after having stayed with him and his dad for a while. Daylighter.
Pepper: Tails's dad. Daylighter.

Springroll: Kray's favorite squeeze. He brings her food, she screws him. Everybody's happy. Daylighter.

Dremmer: "Sees Tavi as a challenege." Wants her. Daylighter.
JohnJohn: "Wants to be with a hot girl who can kick his ass." Specifically Tavi. Deeper.

Rabbit's Cult:

Alba, Nugget, Trio: Rabbit's students, all scuttlers
Tang: The fourth student, son of the most powerful deeper in 12th street, Clarion. Dead, by Kray's drug-induced hand, during a frenzy and haze of crocus madness. Man actually finished him off, and helped hide the body and the evidence. Deeper.
Balls: Deeper Rabbit follower. "Balls doesn't seem to get what you're saying all that while, but he loves the drugs, and you can tell he wants to believe you and follow you with all his heart."
Prim: Deeper Rabbit follower. "Prim has been doing his best advocating for you, trying to get more people to come by and try your crocus fruit, though you have a feeling that it's more than a little because he wants to fuck the pretty women he can get to come to the sermons."
East Harrow: Deeper Rabbit follower. "East Harrow, you're totally confident that all she wants is to fuck you, that as far as she's concerned, you are everything she wants and needs. Though, she might just be confusing you for the drugs."
Chai: Rabbit follower. "She’s not exceptionally unattractive. Shy, awkward, and the things she tells me, her visions, are nothing like the others-- they don’t make sense, and I’ve never interpreted one correctly. She’s always so sad and disappointed in me. I think she’s joined and left my group a half dozen times. She still comes back to me, though. So I must be helping, right?"
Zinc, Bible, Photo, Smirnoff: Daylighter followers. Hooked on the Crocus juice, were supplied by Trio during Rabbit's stay in the deep.
Homeboy: Another such follower, but deceased.

Cast: Chai's father. A successful deeper who deals in a particular kind of phosphorescent moss.

Wisher: Tunnel guard. "Wisher always took guard duty seriously."
Grome: Tunnel guard. "Grome plays music. A two string guitar type thing, hooked to a metal bucket. When she plays, she just comes alive, lost to the music. I didn’t want her to lose that. So I refused her entry to the cult; she’s forbidden the prepared crocus. I know the visions take so much out of people, they rarely return to their previous passions in the same way. And to watch her move, is such a thing of beauty, I couldn’t part with that."

Fauna, Barker: Daylighter butchers. The Menagerie deals with them.

Omie Wise: Old lady, owns a fruit stand in daylight markets. Knows Nickel, gives him food, tries to help, screws up.

Amy, Mice: Scuttlers who help sell Menagerie goods in the deeps.

Crine: A fairly well-to-do Scuttler, a gentleman-merchant who's employed Shade in the past for ornamental purposes, and they have a working relationship.
Abondo: A daylighter girl, being taught by Shade to be a new Skinner.
Bowdy: Shade had to stick him with a sword. Deeper, creepy, arrogant, overcryptic. Wants Shade, but then, who doesn't?

Preen, Norvell: Omie Wise's regulars

H, Ricarra, Fianelly: Pike's gang members

Martini: A hunter, infatuated with Tavi. Bit of a prick, really.

Silver: Proprietor of the Big Game Lodge.

Dusty: One of the girls working for Silver. Sweet on Nickel.

Kipper: Deceased
Quoth: Deceased
Bonaduce: One-eyed woman, Kray seduced her a bit. Pissed at him. Likely deceased soon.
Jung: Younger Slicebit. Still alive.

More to come, add comments below to make suggestions.


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