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This is where we can talk about any scheduling stuff coming up that might affect frequency of posting.

Only thing I'll say here is that I don't know if I'm going to be able to do much at all this weekend, thanks to a trip to grandparents who do not have the interwebs. I'm thinking I'll leave up some questions or something, though, just so there's something to be filled in over the weekend for those who are still available.


  • This weekend through Tuesday 04JAN will be touch-and-go for me, with friends visiting. I'll try to keep my finger in the water, so to speak.
  • Well, maybe The Chateau will kick back on this weekend. :)
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    That'd be rad. I'll be in an out with reverie and video games, but I plan to be on at least daily.
  • Brendan, just so we're clear, in rough terms, when does "this weekend" start and end?
  • Friday night until Sunday afternoon or so.
  • A general rule for me: Monday, Tues and Friday my schedule is more open and can keep pretty plugged in throughout the day. Midweek, my response time will be later in the day.
  • So I guess Friday night started 24 hours early?
  • Yeah, sincerely sorry about that. I thought I would have more time on Thursday before I went to a party, and I wound up losing that time to traffic, and then after the party, I was far too wiped to do anything of value. Apologies. But I'm hoping that getting the game started will make up for it, sorta. Also, I'm hoping that (a) should Michael return, he will see me shamelessly naming the start-up threads after his own start-up threads to be a kind of homage and expression of my regard for his work, as opposed to despicable unoriginality, and (b) that these openings work. So! Let the games begin.
  • Hey, kind of got started a day early, too.
  • Just popping in to say: friends in town, lots to do, will post in response to Shade & Wilson thread Tuesday afternoon/evening Eastern. Love what I've read so far!
  • Weeeee. Many apologies for the weekend, gents. I was undergoing something of an Internet blackout, due to the installation of a new computer to be attached to the TV, and the ensuing difficulties with the router and network. Good times, good times.
  • Yeah, so you played Tales of the Arabian Nights while neglecting us! ;-)
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    Ayup. That's what happens when the Interwebs goes down; you find solace where available, and dammit, I found solace in the arms of an incredibly beautiful game board and a humongous book full of 2,500 different story paragraphs! But alas, it was not meant to be, and I find myself crawling back here for reconciliation and love.

    ETA: And, full story, my experience with that game bothered me for the entire effing weekend, so I totally had to post about it when the Interwebbernets came back up.
  • Some in-laws/family shiznit too dreary to belabor occurring. Will post as able, may be spotty through the weekend.
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    I will be at Endgame Minicon Saturday but will post before and when I get home if there's a chance.

    MC'ing Apocalypse World! Yay!
  • Color me jealous. I quite like Endgame but the thousand miles between us makes it a bitch of a commute.
  • Heh. If you get in the car right now. :-)
  • My best friend lives in Mountain View so I'm out there every couple years and have stopped at Endgame a couple times.
  • I'll be doing family stuff tomorrow and the next day, so I'll be intermittent. Also DDR tonight, so similarly intermittent.
  • I'm about to jump off for possibly most or all of the weekend. If Tavi or Man goes aggro, I'd like to help them, as they're better at it than I am. Also, is Rabbit's voiced support enough to get an answer to the question: How can I get Rabbit to lead an uprising and take down Clarion with the Menagerie's help? I'd also like to know how I can get Rabbit to submit to Clarion's demands and disband his cult, to compare the two, but I don't think the conversation has really lead to that yet.
  • Sorry about no reply for a while, a number of things over which I had no control popped up recently, including me typing up a full response in another thread, and then for some reason, being barred access to Snail's Pace, while the entire rest of the Internet worked. I would not have believed it was sentient and cruel, but for that which happened last night.
  • Bummer! I have a local IndieMN group forum. it went down early this week and the proxie at work cached it while it was down. Joshua brought it back up right away but I thought it was down all week, until I checked it from my phone and it was fine and my buddies had been posting while it was "down." D'oh!
  • Posted By: Brendan Conwaybeing barred access to Snail's Pace
    That happened to me, too, most other sites worked but I couldn't get here or to another game wiki I'm involved in for several hours. Was weird.
    In other news, it's snowing outside right now (Which is unusual for me at least) Will post infrequently until Monday Night, so just have Nickel stick with Tavi (If that's ok with her) and keep moving.
  • Posted By: octoscottit's snowing outside right now (Which is unusual for me at least)
    It's snowing outside for me too. And it's sort of unusual -- it's only normal for five months of the year. :) But seriously, you're around the bay(s)? Or up in the mountains?
  • I'm from the San Francisco area, Foster City to be exact, but right now we're up at a lodge just outside Yosemite National Park. Got about 8" of fresh snow on top of the foot or two of old stuff overnight and still coming down. Wonder if the roads are shut down right now. My dog was having fun running around outside this morning.
  • DreamHost, which hosts snailspace as well as my own site went down for maintenance. That's why no access was available for a bit there.
  • And here I was thinking it was hosted in Egypt.
  • Minor note: I probably won't be posting Monday until sometime in the evening.
  • Hey all: sorry I haven't been more verbose. Mental clock-cycles being eaten up by a research paper that's giving me more grief than anticipated. My posting rate will probably be rather low for a little while longer, a couple weeks anyway, so if Shade needs to be written off, retired, or eaten by a grue I understand. I don't want to ditch but I also don't care to play the millstone.
  • Just have her go to her Crine gig and that can stand alone at the pace you need. He could keep you on as long as needed.

    Just a thought.
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