Off-site AW game. Anyone need another?

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  • I would totally be keen on this. Thanks for the invite.

    As for the pace- that works out for me. I'm in the process of moving right now so I won't be very active for a week, but after that a post per day with periods of faster play sounds great.
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    Trevis, I'm reading now. Battlebabe?
  • Having slept on it I think I'm keen to play a Driver maybe? If someone else is attached to the concept I can switch.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
  • I was actually thinking Driver... or, in this setting, Boatsman, I suppose. Is this alright with you? I had it in mind but wasn't sure if this was the place to discuss it.
  • Yeah go for it, and guess this isn't the BEST place to discuss it, but it's not the worst.
    I'll think of something else.

    By the way, out with family most of the weekend so I'll chime in in the evenings mostly for this holiday weekend.
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  • Still got room? I've been reading over AW and I'm definitely interested in something I can check in on once a day or so.
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