[Thou Art But A Warrior] Playtest of a Polaris Suppliment

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We talked about this on Knife Fight, but we're thinking about playtesting Anna (Wundergeek)'s supplement for Polaris, reimagined as Muslims in Crusade era Jerusalem. I don't have a copy of Polaris, but I can totally get one if I need to. I'll email Anna about getting the suppliment document. Anyone else who's interested, give us a yell.


  • As I mentioned over there, I am interested but I too do not have Polaris. But it is a game I have been meaning to obtain for some time.
  • Yeah, me too! Everyone's all like "Yay Polaris", and I'm like "sounds good!". I think maybe George ran some Polaris PBP, maybe he could tell us how it works out online?
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    This sounds like a lot of fun, so if spots aren't accounted for already I'd love to play. I have the book too -- I take it the supplement isn't up somewhere?

    Simon, you may be talking about George S., but to add to that, Polaris works very well via PbP.
  • Heh, actually I was hedging my bets because I couldn't remember which George it was, but I think it was you. It would be cool to have some more experienced hands onboard. I'll email Anna about getting the playtest document, and then see what we can do about distributing it.
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    Just to clarify, I'm watching a Polaris PbP game right now, but I'm not playing it :). You can follow it too here:

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    Wait, TABAW is Muslim warriors in late-crusader Spain, yeah (during the Reconquista)? That was my impression, that it wasn't in the Holy Land.
  • I'm interested.
    I have Polaris, played it about three or four times.
  • Posted By: Jonathan WaltonWait, TABAW is Muslim warriors inlate-crusader Spain, yeah (during the Reconquista)? That was my impression, that it wasn't in the Holy Land.
    Oh, you're probably right. I don't have the document yet, and I was going by memory.
  • I see that you're all full up on players, but I'm going to be anxiously lurking. It'll be interesting to see how using a historical setting changes the game. It seems like the massive world-building that is part of Polaris won't be as present in this version of the game.
  • I'd be interested in playing too, so if enough people flake out, let me know. Else, I'll just pop in once in a while to read.
  • Or if a few more people show up you could start a second group.
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    Good call, Rich.

    Ok, I've got the playtest document now. I figure we'll go first in, first served, and have a three player game? So Rich, George, if you want to whisper me your email adresses, I'll forward the documents to you. If you can't play for whatever reason, let me know and we'll call on somone else.

    Rugrsi, Garvey, Christopher, if you're all still keen to play, let me know and I'll forward you guys the document as well, and we can have two games running. My copy of Polaris is in the post.
  • I already have the playtest document, my copy of Polaris is also in the mail, and I am still interested in giving this a whirl.
  • Cool, let me know when it arrives, and we can get it going!
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    I'm not sure if I have time to devote to another PbP right now, but I'm curious, does this supplement vary in that its designed for 3 players, rather than Polaris' default 4 players? I know you can run Polaris with 3 players, but the game doesn't play as well. Can Thou Art But A Warrior be played with 5 players like regular Polaris?
  • Oh, um, I didn't know that. Like I said, I don't have the book yet, though I seem to remember a Story Games thread where Ben expressed enthusiasm for the three player version of the game. As far as I know, Anna's supplement doesn't change anything about the game in that regard.

    I guess I'll wait 'til the book arrives.
  • I don't know the terminology for the supplement, so I'll use the role names from Polaris.

    I'd highly recommend playing with 4 players then. Otherwise, with 3 players, you collapse the two moons, which puts a very heavy burden on the one remaining moon in terms of playing non-antagonistic supporting cast. It also means that you aren't playing the Mistaken for the person who is playing your Mistaken, which is a nice social dynamic. Having the Heart/Mistaken be balanced gives a nice balance. If one pushes really hard in one scene, the other can do the same in the next scene.

    I'm sure that a 3 person game can work, as can a 5 person game. Its really designed for 4 though. Given that you want to playtest the supplement, it might be best to go for the default. Besides me though you have 2 other players who've expressed interest, so it might make sense to have a 5 person game.
  • Having read through the Playtest document, it is designed as an overlay over Polaris and so should work as Polaris would with 3, 4, or 5 players though she only mentions the 3 and 4 person situation specifically. The one main difference is the presence of a pacing mechanic called Discord which basically advances a doomsday clock as the characters gain experience. As such, a 3 player game would likely take longer while a five player game might zip too quickly. This is one of the areas she wants playtested of course.
  • Yeah, I don't really think you should play Polaris with anything other than 4 players if you have a choice.
  • I remember a similar post as Simon where Ben talked about the three player game, but with a brief search just now I can't find it. However it doesn't seem out of the question that we would be able to find two more players. I read through Anna's supplement tonight and it looks like a lot of fun.
  • 4 players really would be optimal for online play. When you have more than four player, one player ends up doing nothing during each scene. This works great for face-to-face play, since Polaris can get pretty intense and it’s nice to have the breather. But I think it would be frustrating with the slower pace of play by post for the person who gets left out of the scene.


    (And I'm glad to hear people think this sounds like fun. :) )
  • Though this seems to be in a holding pattern at the moment, unfortunately I'm going to bow out, as between my other games and commitments I don't think I'll be able to add this game as well. I'm bummed! Possibly another time for me then.
  • no worries. I'm waiting to get my hands on Polaris, then I'll probably restart this thread.
  • I got my copy of Polaris and have read it through once already. Ready and waiting, Captain!
  • Ok! Oh man, I need to get on to Ben about getting a digital copy. Standby!
  • Any sign of your Polaris copy, Simon?
  • No! It's really frustrating. It's out of stock at IPR, and there are no PDFs. I'm trying to talk to Ben about it, but he's not really responding. Any advice?
  • I believe Ben is generally opposed to distributing his games in PDF form, so I wouldn't seek that route and he's stated that he doesn't sell a pdf version of Polaris in particular. Is the game stocked anywhere else but IPR? Perhaps Ben could be convinced to sell you a physical copy.
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    The best I can do is send copies of the character/quick reference sheet and try to explain things as we go. Alas Polaris got rid of the GM so everyone kind of has to know what they are doing.

    I'm happy to try guiding a group for online play so you and others could try to pick things up as we go. Assuming there are a bunch of people with the rules waiting in the wings of course.
  • I wrote up a bunch of rule faqs and such for the Polaris PbP game I'm in:

    Introduction to the Rules

    Key Phrases

    Rule FAQ

    They were already written. Perhaps they'll help.
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