[The Menagerie] Omie Wise's "Fruit" Stand & The Tin Shack (Kr1.2, Ni1.2)

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Omie Wise has her stand in one of the daylight quarter marketplaces. It's not a huge place, but it works, and it's got some business. She keeps the place open from before the morning klaxon, until after the evening bell. There are a few makeshift tables and chairs, mostly made out of stumps, rocks, and some plastic foraged from the ruins deeper in and brought out the daylight quarter. A couple regulars, Preen, Norvell, are sitting there, chewing at her wares. Preen's got a big yellow fruit, bigger than his fist, and he's digging his fingers beneath its skin and scooping out handfuls of a thick black flesh, and slopping them into his mouth. Norvell's got these tube-shaped fruits, hard looking things, brown in color. He cracks them in half, and dumps the juice inside down his throat, then darts his tongue into each half to lap at whatever's left.

Omie Wise has a few sample fruits up on the counter she's standing behind, some like the ones Preen and Norvell are consuming. There's a sign above her, and everybody sort of assumes it says "Omie Wise's Place," although it could say anything; it's written in some old language from Before, so nobody's quite sure what it actually says. It looks nice, though, and it's distinctive, all jagged edges and lines.

She sees you coming up to her, and she pulls her green, leaf-woven shawl slightly away from her head, and smiles a wrinkly, gap-toothed smile at you. "Nickel, girl! I sent some business your way, I did, I did! Got some money to spend, do you? I've got some things for you to spend it on, I do, I do!"

Omie Wise probably always tries to get you to spend money at her stand. She'll give you fruit whether you do or not, but she always appreciates the jingle. Do you often spend money there?

Kray, you've been stopping at a few of Nickel's known haunts. Omie Wise's stand is on the list, and you're coming into view when you see Nickel trudge up. You're still a good twenty, thirty feet away, and neither Omie Wise nor Nickel has noticed you, but you're in earshot.


  • I don't say anything from this distance; inside voice, yeah? I just walk up to Nickel. If she's already talking to the old lady, I interrupt. "You OK?" I reach out, grabbing firmly but gently under her jaw and look at her face -- first the right then left. "You look OK."

    "I thought you might be hurt or something." I'm scanning the direction from which Nickel walked with my eyes.
  • It's obvious I am not pleased with her. Still visibly upset from before. I had meant to come here to hold this over her but damn, does she realize what she did? I don't want one more person mad at me so I reconsider but I can't just let it go.

    Usually I wouldn't sit down. Most merchants don't want me too close, I scare the customers or something. But this time I sit down at the end of the stand and look up at her and say quietly, not in a way to reprimand her so much as acting hurt and to make the point sink in to her. "Please don't tell bad men where I sleep miss wise..."

    Feeling foolish and careless. I just hang my head in my hands a moment and think about what I'm going to do...

    Just then someone grabs me, "firmly yet gently", turning my head to him.
  • "Kray!" I spring to stand on the chair, turn and put my arms around his neck.
    "Oh Kray you heard me!"

    I lean into him and my eyes go wet.

    "I'm in a little trouble Kray."
  • "Did someone knock you down? Did this woman put a bad man on you?" My head has swiveled around to look into the fruit vendor. I'm sure she's not comfortable with the attention.
  • I turn to look at her, a little crooked smile on my face. I get like that when I know I'm protected, night and day. I swing an arm around to point at her. "Oh no, miss wise is ok, she just messed up a little bit..." The threat should be obvious. I can probably hurt her now if I wanted but I'm choosing not to.

    I pull myself up to whisper in his ear, I don't want the others to hear. "Dremmer hit me... he wants me to do something for him that I don't think I can do... I don't know what to do."
  • "You don't look hurt."
    "Tell him you can't help out."
  • This exchange is going quickly enough that Omie Wise wasn't able to formulate a genuine response. She was sort of surprised when Nickel appeared upset with her having sent Dremmer her way, and then scared when Kray started looming in, and when Nickel threatened without threatening. She's now moved away, to a place further down her counter, and is purposefully ignoring the two of you.
  • "Pretty sure he will hurt me if I tell him that. Thank you for coming to me, you made me so happy."

    While having Kray beat the shit out of Dremmer sounds nice, I do like the extra jingle and I don't want to make another enemy out or Dremmer or whoever Dremmer's friends are. I'd rather try and make him happy or just leave me alone somehow.

    "You think I can stay by your place tonight? I won't make any noise... and do you know Tavi?"
  • "He probably won't hurt you if you tell him that I told you to stay out of his business."

    "I think I'll be at Springroll's. You could sleep on the floor in her place -- she's got a nice rug."

    "I know Tavi. I've worked with her...for Wilson. She's hot! Why?"
  • Bleck.. Springroll
    "Oh, Springroll? She's nice," choking on the words a little bit, "I guess I need to talk to Tavi, Kray. She's kind of scary though, are you two friends? Do you think she likes Dremmer?"
  • I shrug. "Why? What does Dremmer have to do with Tavi?"
  • "Nothing I guess... he just wants her to fuck him." I don't talk like that too often.

    "Somehow that's my responsibility."
  • "So, why doesn't he just bring her some fucking roses?"

    "I'll help you talk to either Dremmer or Tavi, but first I need to see a guy. Should I come back here when he's done?" I look again at the fruit lady and then turn to look back where I came from, planning my route to the tin shack."
  • "Okay... hey can I just come along to... wherever you're going? I don't feel like being alone right now." Kind of testing my boundaries with Kray, not sure if he really trusts me yet.
  • "Sure. Whatever."

    I head off in search of Pepper's tin shack.
  • Just the kind of answer I was looking for.

    "I follow him a few steps back, if I happen to see Dremmer around I'll skip up and take Kray's hand in hopes of being seen together."
  • MC, do I know this Dremmer guy who has the hots for Tavi?
  • Dunno. Do you? I'd say that Dremmer doesn't exactly float in the same circles as Kray, but then, as I said before, he's a pretty wealthy daylighter. Coulda met him, especially if you ever saw him hit on Tavi at some point. So, you tell me.
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    OK, sure. He'd previously sort of flown beneath my attention, but he's been around and people have talked about him. He's someone I'd recognize but we've maybe never exchanged words.
  • My impression was that he's on somebody or other's crew. Worried about bring late for something means he's not in charge I would say. Where he gets his money? Who knows.
  • Do we switch scenes to Pepper's place now or just keep using this one?
  • Same thread.

    You find the tin shack without much trouble. It's a small thing, short. Kray, you'll probably fit, but it's not going to be terribly comfortable, with the top of your mask scraping the ceiling. It's all old pieces of scrap metal welded together, tied together, to form a vaguely box-like shape, and dug a tiny bit into the concrete.

    Nickel, you, of course, recognize Pepper's home.
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    Is it clear to me what Kray is going here to do? If necessary I'll read him. Does he have a weapon in hand? Looking tense like he's expecting a fight? Is he.... what the hell is he doing here? Depending on my answer I may have to try and stop him.
  • Hell with that...

    I stop in my tracks as it becomes clear where Kray is going. I'm going to open my brain. Kray dissolves into a million specks and i see through him, through the walls of the shanty houses around, through the people and the plants. Every spore and seed floating through the air is a glowing brilliant point of light to me, it's overhwelming outside, here it's just a glare.

    Where is pepper? Where is my friend Tails? Are they there? What have they done to make Kray come here?

    Open my brain #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    As nickel remembers she's the Brainer

    Sweet. Oh, xp(2)
  • Of course I'm carrying a weapon. But I don't seem the slightest bit tense.

    While she's opening her brain, I bang on the frame to the right of the door. Hard. roughly anchored tin is a nice noise-maker. "Pepper!"
  • Nickel, it's like the spores move, those shimmering points of light, and they create tunnels for you to see. Somehow, even though you know the tunnels end far away, or behind walls, you can see what's at the end, as if it were right next to you. Tails, at the end of one tunnel, is moving through the growing masses of people in the daylight markets. He's looking for you, you're sure of it. He got your message, too. Pepper is in the tin shack. Snoozing. Drunk. And the tunnel focused on Pepper zooms in on his bruised and bloody knuckles. He's hit someone. Hard. Recently. You're not sure who.

    And then the motes of light vanish, and you're back in your head.

    At the terrible bang of Kray's fist against the tin, there's a startled cry in the shack. "Wha- Wha?! Whosit?!" The speech is slurred and slow. "Giddafuckaway!"
  • In response to Pepper's warm welcome, I gingerly open the door, duck my head and enter -- looking around. "Pepper? Springroll sent me. You know why?"

    Whatever his response, the sound will make him easier to find and give my eyes time to adjust to the even dimmer light.
  • Wha... what? My mind races, trying to make sense of this. Pepper got drunk sometimes, but he never hit me, not much. Did he beat Tails? Why would kray be... Tails looking for me? What can I do?

    "Kray what are you doing?", I shout and run up behind him.
  • If possible I will now read Kray. #DiceRoller( 2d6+2)
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