[The Menagerie] Hunting the Prick (Ta1.2, Ma1.3)

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So, Tavi and Man, you head out from Tavi's and Shade's places, to go track down Martini and presumably do bad things to him. You're heading towards the exit from daylight section, to the surface Above, right? Or are you doing something different, tracking him some other way? Making a stop?


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    Think it's worth clarifying that I don't think Nickel and the rest of you are especially well acquainted (With exception where Hx dictates) beyond seeing each other around and reputation. Nickel knows a lot about the few of the others she's got high Hx with out of curiosity, or admiration, or fear, but I don't think she'd be considered part of the crew or even really a friend, again, unless Hx dictates. Just don't see her as having been involved in hunting at all yet, doesn't make sense. Course she's been hanging around Kray a lot so you may know her a little bit from that. Heck, maybe he talks about her.

    EDIT: Clarified this in the OOC thread, hope that makes sense. Think I'm an acquaintance and hopefully a pleasant one, but not a fellow.
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  • (Okay, I'll be bringing you into Rustin's thread, or thereabouts, where appropriate. For the moment, I'm going to let you two keep talking a bit longer.)
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  • Man, still answer that question, but it's up to Trevis if you can take this information into account.

    You're getting closer to the way up to the tunnel's mouth, into the world Above, and you spot a few hunting crews, rifles slung across their shoulders, wearing bits and pieces of assorted armor and gear. There are a few different crews in 12th Street; they've reached a kind of symbiotic, non-competitive state in which they all hunt different kinds of prey. Sometimes they agree to switch and rotate. Sometimes a new crew arises, tries to challenge the old one for its prey. But that's all in the natural state of things.

    You think you catch sight of Martini amidst one crew, but there are a number of individuals there, and you lose sight of him a moment later.

    And that's when you hear this terrible, horrific cry echoing down the tunnel.

    Both of you instantly recognize it. The attack cry of a mandiboar.

    What do you do?

    (If I'm guessing your responses right, I'll probably be moving you to Rabbit's thread, but not quite yet.)
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  • Two things I just want to make certain of:

    (1) Anything in particular you are opening your brain about, Man?

    (2) Both of you seem gearing up for combat with the mandiboar. Not worrying about looking for Martini?

    The other hunters' reactions are somewhat varied, and somewhat not. Some of them are putting on displays of bravado, trying to rally the others. Some are just turning tail and fleeing. Some, young ones, stupid ones, aren't just putting on a show; they actually seem to want to attack the thing with a gleam in their eyes. They think they can take whatever it is down, no problem. The older hunters know better. The Menagerie can handle the megafauna, but for these hunters, megafauna are a big fucking deal, and some of them will die today.

    You kind of know the drill, here. They'll flounder for a bit, come together, and attack. Drive it off, probably, instead of outright kill it. And some of them will die.
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    Those vibrations begin again, the buzzing of life throughout the whole hold, Man. You can feel it, hear it, as a grating voice forms out of all that vibration.

    MONSTERS, it says. And like you've been electrified, suddenly a current is running all through you, running from the mandiboar in the tunnel into you. And you know it's the mandiboar, or something guiding the mandiboar, speaking.

    MONSTERS, it says again. And then that current is expanding from you, into other people, slipping in and out of them. They're scattered throughout the hold, and you get only a few glimpses...a woman, blissed out, lying on a bed...a man, grinning madly, with a bottle in his hand and a bloody knife in the other...an assortment, all of them attached to the current, tied up but thrashing, biting, gnawing...a man, in the tunnel, senseless as you touch him, with the mandiboar bearing down upon him...

    MONSTERS, it says, one last time. And then the current dies, and you're all alone in yourself again.
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    So, I'm going to move you two to Rabbit's thread. You'll appear there the moment after he reacts to his current situation.

    ETA: Actually, I changed my mind because I'm a fickle bastard.
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