[The Menagerie] Hunting the Prick (Ta1.2, Ma1.3)

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So, Tavi and Man, you head out from Tavi's and Shade's places, to go track down Martini and presumably do bad things to him. You're heading towards the exit from daylight section, to the surface Above, right? Or are you doing something different, tracking him some other way? Making a stop?


  • I consider what I know, and I decide what Martini's route must be. If we are able to intercept him in the tunnels, I will guide Tavi. If I am uncertain of his route, or if we cannot catch up to him, I follow Tavi as she leads the way to the tunnel mouth.

    I take a fruit from my backpack, and I peel back its grayish-purple skin. Its flesh is divided into heavy segments, like a large orange, but red and slightly sticky with thick juice. I separate a segment, and I eat it. It is good. I offer a share to Tavi.

    And: "Tavi. What would you like to do when we find Martini?"
  • It doesn't seem particularly likely that we'd cross paths with Nickel and Kray, does it? They're not near the entrance, so that just means that both we and they are somewhere in the daylighter tunnels. We could run into them coincidentally, but without a map suggesting that they're specifically on our path, I don't think it's really a thing. If you happen to want to frame it that way, sure, but there's nothing established in the fiction that says we're passing anywhere near them, is there?
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    Think it's worth clarifying that I don't think Nickel and the rest of you are especially well acquainted (With exception where Hx dictates) beyond seeing each other around and reputation. Nickel knows a lot about the few of the others she's got high Hx with out of curiosity, or admiration, or fear, but I don't think she'd be considered part of the crew or even really a friend, again, unless Hx dictates. Just don't see her as having been involved in hunting at all yet, doesn't make sense. Course she's been hanging around Kray a lot so you may know her a little bit from that. Heck, maybe he talks about her.

    EDIT: Clarified this in the OOC thread, hope that makes sense. Think I'm an acquaintance and hopefully a pleasant one, but not a fellow.
  • Personally, then, I'm more interested in Rabbit and his giant monster.
  • Man seemed to know where he was. She's the better tracker, so I'll follow her if she knows where we need to be, otherwise we're just headed outside.

    I take the bit of fruit.

    "Make sure he understands that telling tales will shorten his lifespan. And that if he raises a hand... or foot... to me or mine again, he'll be pulling back a bloody stump. If I let him live at all." I'm silent for a moment. "Or are you talking tactics? I suppose seperate him from his buddies, disarm and immobilize him and then have our talk. If you know about something from the forest we could use to reinforce our point, I'm all ears."

    (Is my hold from ealier still good or have things changed too much? If not, I"ll roll to read a person again.)
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    ( My thought is that the hold would apply while we're still discussing this, cutting off if we get into a fight or something similarly dramatic. It's from my missed roll, so it'd be kind of a weak miss result if the remaining hold evaporated just because we were on our way out the door. )

    You find the fruit has a strange taste, with a strong acid overtone. But I lick the juices from my armored fingertips, lazily, with obvious relish. We are going outside, I think, unless he is close enough that we may catch him here.

    "Well, Tavi. The forest is very dangerous. If you want to hurt him, it is not a good place. If you want to kill him, it is perfect. Injured by our hands, abandoned without friends ... Martini may not survive to return here. Is that what you want?"
  • I chew deliberately. It's food. Man can eat it. I can too... I think.

    "I don't want to kill him, unless he pushes it. Though it probably would be safer." Goddamn it. "So just catch him and haul him back to the tunnels, then kick his ass?"

    I glance at Man. Thinking of her bluntness.

    "What would you do? If it were you, I mean."
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    "What would I do, Tavi?"

    I study you as I walk, and I linger on the purpling mark on your cheekbone, and on the hitch in your step. I am silent. I am uncomfortable putting myself in this hypothetical position, as I suspect that you have arrived here as much through your own decisions as through Martini's.

    The moment stretches out. I turn my attention forward once more.

    "I would kill him, or I would ignore him, or I would make peace with him. We live in margins, and our work is dangerous. We do not need enemies. Wilson said to punish him, so I think that I would have to kill him now, Tavi, although I would not like to do it."
  • (Okay, I'll be bringing you into Rustin's thread, or thereabouts, where appropriate. For the moment, I'm going to let you two keep talking a bit longer.)
  • My eyes narrow a bit in irritation. Your formal way of speaking somehow grates a nerve with me. But I ponder what you say glumly. I can feel my pulse throbbing through my cheek. Damn bruise feels like half my face at the moment.

    Responsibility makes my head hurt. I hear myself babbling in a low voice. Despite my distrust of Man there is something oddly comforting about her.

    "He did what he did, but I... was the first to offer violence. If I hurt him, he becomes an enemy. One that I have to kill later, unless he kills me. If I kill him, maybe his crew become enemies. But if I make peace with him, then I'm some goddamn dog that he can kick and get away with it. Then I suddenly have a lot more people to kill. Suddenly the Menagerie doesn't protect its own. Who's next when that happens?"

    Shade most likely.

    "Still if you're gonna take someone's pride you ought to know better than to let them live."

    A part of me cries out to hurt him. It's a loud big part.

    But I don't really want to kill him. Still I probably should.

    When did I get so confused?
  • I am silent.
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    (what do you wish I'd do?)
  • Man, still answer that question, but it's up to Trevis if you can take this information into account.

    You're getting closer to the way up to the tunnel's mouth, into the world Above, and you spot a few hunting crews, rifles slung across their shoulders, wearing bits and pieces of assorted armor and gear. There are a few different crews in 12th Street; they've reached a kind of symbiotic, non-competitive state in which they all hunt different kinds of prey. Sometimes they agree to switch and rotate. Sometimes a new crew arises, tries to challenge the old one for its prey. But that's all in the natural state of things.

    You think you catch sight of Martini amidst one crew, but there are a number of individuals there, and you lose sight of him a moment later.

    And that's when you hear this terrible, horrific cry echoing down the tunnel.

    Both of you instantly recognize it. The attack cry of a mandiboar.

    What do you do?

    (If I'm guessing your responses right, I'll probably be moving you to Rabbit's thread, but not quite yet.)
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    I would like to be friendly with you. I would like for you to hold me in the same confidence as the rest of the Menagerie. Have I given you reason to do otherwise?

    In this matter, I withhold opinion. My preferred solution would be that you make peace with Martini, and that you exchange with him apology and restitution, so that we may all end this with dignity and without bloodshed. Yet I do not believe that this will happen, nor is it the resolution that Wilson expects of us.

    In the face of the roar, I calmly un-sling my grenade launcher. I release the axis pin and expose the cylinder, so that I may begin slotting 40 mm grenades into its chambers, drawing from my bandoleer. My first three shots will be simple HE rounds, in hope of driving the beast off. Failing this, the remaining three rounds will be shaped charges, armor piercing.

    What have these other hunters done, in reaction?

    If I have time, I will empty my magnum and reload it with armor piercing rounds. I do not hurry forward, but simply maintain my course and pace.

    I walk, and I listen.
  • I slightly edited, to work in the last line there. I had been like, maybe I should read the sitch? Nah, probably not close enough yet.

    And then I was like, wait:

    opening my brain: #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    xp (1)
  • I twist the haft of my slicer, thumbing a small catch, it seperates into two, which I promptly secure in the harness on my back, both pieces now about 3 and a half feet long, the blade fitting into a scabbard made for it. I unsling the rifle, give it a quick once over and chamber a round, keeping my ears open as we approach the exit.
  • Two things I just want to make certain of:

    (1) Anything in particular you are opening your brain about, Man?

    (2) Both of you seem gearing up for combat with the mandiboar. Not worrying about looking for Martini?

    The other hunters' reactions are somewhat varied, and somewhat not. Some of them are putting on displays of bravado, trying to rally the others. Some are just turning tail and fleeing. Some, young ones, stupid ones, aren't just putting on a show; they actually seem to want to attack the thing with a gleam in their eyes. They think they can take whatever it is down, no problem. The older hunters know better. The Menagerie can handle the megafauna, but for these hunters, megafauna are a big fucking deal, and some of them will die today.

    You kind of know the drill, here. They'll flounder for a bit, come together, and attack. Drive it off, probably, instead of outright kill it. And some of them will die.
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    ( I want to know something 'new and interesting' about the situation. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be good. When I have specific questions, I'll read the situation - I'm just looking for insight right now. And, no, Martini isn't too important right now. I can catch up to him later. )
  • (There's megafauna nearby. It's what we do. The things are dangerous enough that Martini would take a backseat. I can deal with him later. If I'm lucky he be killed and the whole thing will go away. Right? ;)

    Besides Tavi would be grateful for the escape into something simple and relaxing like fighting a giant fucking monster. )
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    Those vibrations begin again, the buzzing of life throughout the whole hold, Man. You can feel it, hear it, as a grating voice forms out of all that vibration.

    MONSTERS, it says. And like you've been electrified, suddenly a current is running all through you, running from the mandiboar in the tunnel into you. And you know it's the mandiboar, or something guiding the mandiboar, speaking.

    MONSTERS, it says again. And then that current is expanding from you, into other people, slipping in and out of them. They're scattered throughout the hold, and you get only a few glimpses...a woman, blissed out, lying on a bed...a man, grinning madly, with a bottle in his hand and a bloody knife in the other...an assortment, all of them attached to the current, tied up but thrashing, biting, gnawing...a man, in the tunnel, senseless as you touch him, with the mandiboar bearing down upon him...

    MONSTERS, it says, one last time. And then the current dies, and you're all alone in yourself again.
  • Meditating on this, I increase my pace. Perhaps I will be able to act while the other hunters are yet floundering, rallying. Lives might be saved, and the Menagerie might get credit for the action.

    I assume Tavi is behind me, but I allow myself to outpace her. She is our sniper. She will be most effective if I can keep the fight well ahead of her.
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    So, I'm going to move you two to Rabbit's thread. You'll appear there the moment after he reacts to his current situation.

    ETA: Actually, I changed my mind because I'm a fickle bastard.
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