[The Menagerie] Following the Pack (Kr1.3)



  • Yeah, sure, you were being scary as fuck. Open the door, big man with a mask is standing there, with an axe, which he swings at you. Sure, I buy it.

    You kick the barrel of flaming oil over, and it starts spilling into the building. Fire immediately begins creeping up the walls and across the floor, and you have to take a step back to avoid the heat.

    Bingo cries out, and slams the door shut.

    You miss noticing that there were a couple people walking down the street, and they just watched you kick a barrel of flaming oil into the building.
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    So, I'm outside the building, a flaming oil has pooled at the front door and is seeping under -- increasing the size of the conflagration within and probably draining down the stairs, and the fuel-soaked wood that makes up the walls of this house are burning like crazy. Yeah?

    I'm pacing the 3/4 circle that I imagine to be exposed of the house, looking for any escapees.

    If a couple minutes pass with nothing happening, I'll go fill Pepper's bowl with water and head back to his tin shack. This fire'll be burning too long to just wait for it. I can come back later to poke around.

    (ETA: also that shitty hard roll I made was for xp and an advance, I'll figure out what in a bit.)
  • Yep. The fires are getting nice and big, and the smoke is filling the air above the stump house.

    As you circle around the house, one wall bursts open in a shower of sparks and flaming wood with a thunderous clap from a shotgun. It's from inside, in the room to which Bingo retreated. There's a hole there, now, rimmed with fire, yeah, but Bingo, Fianelly, Pike, H, and a three other men are on the other side of the hole. Bingo is screaming at them to get out, and she's throwing herself out through the hole. Her clothes catch on fire a bit, but she's rolling on the ground to put them out. H is supporting a bandaged Fianelly, while Pike is looking to jump out next.
  • Oh, that's perfect! I'm on her like a freight train; taking my new shotgun from her and bodily putting her back through the hole -- if it works out, I'll shove her toward it and then kick her back into the house.
  • Oh man, I just laughed when I read that.

    "Ah! I'm out of the fire! Yes!"

    *Kray walks over, picks her up, throws her back in*


    Go aggro. She's putting out the flames, not defending herself. Although, if your primary goal is getting the shotgun, that actually probably would be a seize, or at least, an appropriately phrased go aggo: "Give me the shotgun."

    Of course, to be clear, Pike is coming, like, now. He may choose to jump on you and attack you. He may choose to just hit the ground and start running. Either way, it'll be at about the same time that you're dealing with Bingo. He'll have enough time to get through the hole before you can pick up Bingo and throw her through, because she's on the ground. So if you want to stop him, then you should focus on that.
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    Nah, I'll deal with him in a second.

    Maybe it is a seize; I grab the shotgun that she's holding and lift it and her up to a more useful height. She's still holding on, so I lift a foot, plant it on her chest and push out hard -- throwing her back toward the gaping hole in her wall. (Y'know...if the roll works out.) #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
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    If you're good with it being a seize, then I'll take definite hold. if "my enemy" is all of them then I'll frighten my enemy, otherwise I'll inflict terrible harm. If it was going aggro, then narrate the compromise. Either way it was xp-1
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    Seize, I think. Just don't know if she's dealing harm with her hands, or with the shotgun. I guess my thing is that she has the shotgun, but then, you're struggling with her over it. Hmmm.

    Her hands.

    Your enemy is totally just her, too.

    So, you do what you say, push her off with your foot. She manages to lash out with her own leg and catch you in the side (for 1-harm, please make the harm roll). She falls backward into the fire, immediately before Pike jumps out and bolts. She's screaming and writhing on the ground. She manages to roll out of the burning oil, but her face is still horribly burnt and melty, and she's still screaming as her clothes continue to burn. She's rolling again, trying to put it out.

    H and Fianelly are next, on the other side of the hole. H picks up Fianelly in both his hands, and he's getting a running start.

    What do you do?

    (ETA: What harm are you at now, Kray? Would you mind updating the Menagerie Harm Status thread? It's under the Menagerie upkeep tag.)
  • (I have 2 armor, 3 when I'm being scary as fuck -- I haven't taken any harm.)

    Do I have time to shoot Pike before he's out of range? If so, I do. If not, I point the shotgun at H and Fianelly and see if they really want to jump toward a shotgun blast.
  • Also, with the harm move, if I take 1 harm and have 3 armor, do I roll at -2 or =0?
  • Oh, oops, apologies about the harm, I was being stupid. IGNORE ME!

    For the harm move, I'd say...roll at 0. You didn't take -2 harm, you took 0 harm. If you took -2 harm, you would magically heal. Or something.

    Why don't you roll, first, and we'll see if that influences what happens with Pike. The main thing is that the shotgun is a close range weapon. I'm thinking right now that if you acted under fire, with the fire being that he's running like the dickens, then you could potentially get off a shot with going aggro. But if you aren't willing to chase after him at all, then I'm thinking no.
  • harm: #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Okay, so, I don't want to be unfair here. Let me know if you think this is fair. You did definitively seize that shotgun, and that's the main issue.

    You raise the shotgun to point at H and Fianelly while you watch Pike run, when Bingo rolls right into your feet and starts flailing crazily. She's mad with pain, but she's also mad with anger, clearly. She manages to get you in the leg, knocking you down to your knee. It doesn't hurt or anything, but you drop the gun for just a second. It's back up in your hands the next moment, but it was long enough to afford H a chance to jump.

    Pike, in the meantime, rounds a corner, and he's gone. You could try to get up and go after him, but you probably won't catch him now.

    H's pants catch on fire, and he puts Fianelly down hastily, outside of the fire, to bat them out with one hand.

    The other men who are still in the building are now coming up to jump. Meck, Twerp, and Verne. You've seen them around, but you don't know much about them. They're all fairly young, fairly thuggish looking. You think you've probably fucked Verne's sister, and Meck's mother. Or maybe vice versa, who can keep track.

    H's eyes settle on you as he bats at the flames.

    "Puh-please, Mister Kray, please," he says. "Please...Just let us go, please, we won't do nothin' ever 'gain, I promise, Mister Kray, please..." As he's speaking, he finishes batting at the flames, and he starts moving protectively in front of Fianelly.

    Bingo has passed out at your feet.
  • I swing the shotgun down, one-handed to point at Fianelly but I'm staring into H's face. "OK...that might be fine. Tell me what the fuck you all are up to here. Tell me everything and maybe you'll all live to see tomorrow."

    (Is this going aggro or manipulation with the threat of violence?)
  • (Think that depends on how aggressively you're pulling that trigger if you don't get what you want)
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    (If you'll seriously pull the trigger, it's going aggro.)
  • (What they said. Aggro if you'll shoot, manipulate if you won't quite yet.)
  • (((( #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 ) ))))
  • Going aggro then, eh? You wicked bastard. Love it.

    "Okay! Okay, I'll tell you, just leave us the fuck alone!"

    The three guys still stuck in the burning building, Meck, Twerp, and Verne, they're jumping out of the hole as H is speaking.

    "Some fucker, scuttler, name's Exit, alright? He just starts talking to Pike, tells him there's plenty of opportunity for growth, some bullshit like that, basically he was saying he wants to take over, or some shit, but not the deeps, alright? He just wanted the daylight, I think, okay? And Pike got us in on it, and we were gonna help, because then we'd be sitting pretty, okay? But we're not goin' do it anymore, okay? Just goin' go home and stay there, alright?" He's crouched down, now, in an attempt to get his face between the barrel of your gun and Fianelly's body.

    "You miserable little shit!" You hear, and it's Verne, and he's holding a 9mm, half-pointed at you, half-pointed at H. He's got the drop on you, sorta. He's clearly shaky with the gun. Twerp comes through the flames at the same time; he's the last. Meck is running down the street, a different way than Pike did. "You're ruining it! You're giving it away! We'll kill you!"

    Kray, how do you know Verne? You screwed his mother? What did you think of him at the time? How long ago was it?

    What do you do?
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    I tip my head back and laugh for just a second or two. "Verne? I remember you." I turn to him, shotgun pointing at the floor in one hand, fireaxe in the other. Neither one looks like I can strike immediately -- certainly not before he starts shooting. But I'm taking steps toward him. Slow-like. "You're Hairspray's boy, right?" Step. "I took you outside fishing once..." Step. "...when I was with your mom." Step. "Those were some OK times." Step. "And now...you're all grown up." Step. And I'm right fucking in front of him. He probably put the gun between us instinctively so now it's pressed right into my gut. I look down at the pistol and then right into his face. "Well? I'd hate to have to kill you here."

    (I kinda took some liberty in narrating more than just a couple seconds. I understand if you need me to back up.)
  • Manipulating with threat of violence? Going aggro? This sounds more like a manipulate to me, actually. But if you're intending on doing it, then it's aggro. Just make sure you define exactly what you want him to do.
  • Honestly, I'm not sure what I want him to do. I want to frighten him. But I'd also be kind of proud if he shot me. But then I'd kill him. So it's kind of messed up. I'm going to go ahead and roll the manipulate and I guess the most clear thing about what I did was the last line which is pretty clearly telling him to not shoot. And I'll add at the end, giving him more nebulous options, "If you're looking for a life of excitement, you should be working for me, not that Exit puke."

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • You're standing right in front of Verne, and he's looking scared and uncertain as shit, the gun in his hand is trembling, and you think he's going to back down, and -


    From behind, Twerp swings piece of wood, broken off from the wall of the stump, and catches you right in the side of your head. He's not weak, and the wood is flaming. This is not what you'd call a love tap.

    (I'm calling this 2-harm. I think it bypasses your armor, because it's a direct blow to the head, but I'm willing to give you Rasputin for it, because you were being big and scary towards Verne. Fair enough?)
  • Sure. #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • So, what do you do? Twerp has still got the flaming bit of timber. Verne looks shocked, and still has the gun in his hand. H is trying to get Fianelly up off the ground and run.
  • My head slams forward, my face bumping into Verne's for just a second. With a low growl, I raise the shotgun with one hand and plug the center of Twerp's torso. I don't want anything fancy, just for him to die. #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
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