[AW] Hey Guys, Here's What's Up

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I've been trying to hold out, hoping I could get back into the flow of the game, that's why I haven't posted this thus far. However, I'm beginning to think that might not happen. I've just been side-tracked by a lot of real-world stuff, gaming and non-gaming stuff, serious and not serious. So, that's what's been keeping me from posting lately. Sincere apologies for the complete lack of info!

I'm going to have to call it as an MC. You guys deserve an MC 100% committed and I'm failing in that respect. I had a fucking blast with the game and you guys are the best PbP players I could have asked for and I'm sorry to fall out of this. You made MC'ing the game a breeze and totally fun. I'd love to play in real life with any of you guys sometime (at a Con or whatever).

So, thanks so much for the most excellent game, everyone! And, happy gaming in the future. :)

Much love,



  • Thanks for the large number of posts you made over a rollicking several "sessions." Have fun, and hope to see you at a con.
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    Aw bummer! But thanks a ton for letting us know. It was a most-excellent time.
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    Oh, also! I like having my expectations set this way. I don't have to wonder if today will be the day we pick up again. On the other hand, now that we have our expectations set to the game being over, if, in a month, your time clears up and you have a hankering to pick things up, let us know! It looks like we'll still be here.
  • Thanks for being our MC! It was fantastic while it lasted!

    I'm just going to go ahead and assume that Gritch single-handedly takes out God, comes back to the Chateau a triumphant hero, snatches up White in his arms, and beds her like the man he is, before he walks off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

    And June, um, I dunno. She, like, reinvents the foxtrot. I guess. Maybe?

    Thanks again, man!
  • Yeah - it was a good game. And thanks for letting us know.
  • It was a very fine game MC Michael. I hope we get to play together again. I'm sure I can worm Sketch into another game someday. I really enjoyed the overall concept of the game and you were a great MC.

    I appreciate your letting us know.

    Such is the fate of a lot of pbp.
  • As a lurker, I'm also going to chime in and say, kick ass job, everyone. I'd say one of the best novels I read all year wasn't a novel it was your game. Seriously, someone should compile and sell it as an AW Actual Play supplement.
  • Well, I'm bummed out, but I'm glad to have some closure.

    Thanks for a good game, Michael.
  • There's another one starting up, Charleton!
  • Loved the Chateau, it's what got me really interested in playing like this. Thanks to everyone involved.
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