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  • Yeah, I think the Scar ends some ways above the water line, but there's a smaller crack down on the waterline. Took us a good long time to pick away at the black glass until we had a path down there, but at this point, there's kind of a long, down-sloping tunnel, ending in a makeshift dock made of old scrap metal and wood.

    But the dock is pretty damn shitty. It's good to have, and useful enough, but particularly large boats have a hard time meeting up with it, because it's so small. It's also gotta be retractable in some fashion, or else it'd get smashed all to pieces when the ice floes come. So ultimately, it's good for regular, day to day type stuff, but whenever something big or important comes, yeah, I get Pulse to bring it in with the Osprey.
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    Yeah, it's totally under-spec'd.

    Power+1, looks+1, 1-armor, weakness+1.


    Strength: easily repaired.

    Look: quirky.

    Weakness: loud.
  • I'd prefer original, hence the quirky. She's really old, but she's survived somehow.

    Edited to add the 1-armor and the "sub-compact" class.
  • I think we've always got at least someone in the Tower, and whoever's in the Tower is responsible for answering the radio. But that someone's "job" is not radioman, his or her job is Tower duty. Does that make sense? So there's a radio, and yeah, it's on a table in the muster room, but it is someone's job to pay attention and answer it if it goes on.
  • With regard to Adventists:

    I think Marco likes them, insofar as they are moral, quiet, respectable citizens, which many of them appear to be. I think Marco does not allow them to proselytize unduly, however. Perhaps he says there are specific places where they can, or they can have stalls in marketplaces. But he doesn't want them pestering other citizens in any way.

    If they proselytize, he'll fine them or otherwise penalize them. If they become overly pushy, or even dangerous, then he will take steps to end them, just like any other citizen.
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    Emergencies: noticeable gunfire or major, noticeable instances of death or injury. Is that too broad? I feel like this is one of those "Pornography" situations; the Gunners know an emergency when they see one. If the manufactory is ever in any kind of danger, like, actual danger, then that's an emergency. If there's some kind of gang-war that breaks out in the Outskirts, that's an emergency. If one guy shoots another in the Outskirts, then that might not be an emergency, not least because the Tower probably wouldn't know about it until a patrol reported in. If one guy shoots another in Cellville, that's still probably not an emergency; isolated cases of murder are bad, but not emergencies. My Gunners can lock down those situations. If one guy shoots another in Cellville, though, and then goes on a rampage, shooting at more people, or even just threatening to shoot more people, that might be an emergency, depending upon the particulars. if he's got a 9mm and he's inexperienced at shooting things, not so much. The Tower might send out a couple guys, but they don't need to shoot a flare, don't need to alert me. If he's a hardened killer, or if he's got a grenade launcher, then yeah, emergency.

    I do want to emphasize, though, the manufactory thing. If someone dies in the manufactory, or if there's some sort of accident and lots of people are hurt...even that might not be a flare-worthy emergency. My Gunners would do their best to take care of it immediately, and they might even send out a runner to get me. But as long as it's over, or it's contained, then it's not necessarily an emergency. If there's still a lot of destruction going on, though, then it's an emergency.

    Instantaneous things, momentary accidents, those are not emergencies. Prolonged problems which are not likely to go away quickly are often emergencies.

    Does that make sense?
  • I'd like to add, any aircraft in the sky that aren't me (Or other established welcome guests) are probably an emergency.
  • As for the walkie-talkie, I keep it in working order. It's probably saved lives in the past, when some kind of violence broke out in the Outskirts and I quickly needed to start sending out orders to deal with the situation. It doesn't have terribly good battery life, even though Lemma probably offered to design a better battery for it at some point. I just have her make sure it's in perfect working condition, though. I have it checked once a month at least, or perhaps once after every time I use it.
  • Yep, absolutely about the aircraft. I don't think that the Union has many aircraft, if any, and even if they do, it's an emergency until we're totally confident that they're safe. NOT that they're Union vehicles; we're not out of an emergency until they're on the ground.
  • Makes sense to me. I think the harm level reflects what they're kitted out with at the moment. Assault Rifles makes them 3 harm. If they're 4 harm, maybe they have some kind of alien tech augmented thingies that they only use for serious fights.

    I usually run it as sub gangs myself. Encounter 15 down to like 5 people? Small Gang 2 or 3 harm +whatever armor.
  • I could see 4-harm evidenced by their ability to fight as a team as well, they're just more effective, highly skilled, trained, coordinated etc.
  • As for the 4-harm gang thing...hmmm. Um. I guess as long as it's uniform, that "in theory" another gang, similarly split up or not kitted out in full battle gear, would be reduced in harm as well, then that's fine. Because that means my guys are 3-harm when not kitted out, 4-harm when they are, and other gangs are 2-harm when not kitted out, and 3-harm when they are. Basically, I feel like as long as they're armed, the advanced weaponry should help in some regard.

    I'm thinking that yeah, guns are made out of black glass. And bullets are made out of black glass. That shit is deadly.
  • I think that something like laser-sights could justify going from three to four harm. It doesn't have to be bigger bangs, it can be more precision. I also agree that the extra harm can represent straight-up training and coordination.
  • Well, it depends on what we're looking at. My gang is 4-harm explicitly because "my armory is sophisticated and expensive". So the normal gang is 3-harm, and the extra, fourth harm comes explicitly from the equipment, which is why I don't think it's the training and coordination, exactly, in this instance. That can account for the 3-harm, but not the extra, fourth harm.

    That being said, I dunno, I feel like my guys are always consistently well-armed, better armed than most individuals with guns would be, if only because our guns are clean, efficient, and accurate. And yeah, the laser sights could totally fit in here.
  • Our lockup, yeah, we probably have a cell in the Tower. We don't do much for jails, because of Marco's views on things. If you're a Guntown resident, then he doesn't want to keep you locked up; work detail is a common punishment, especially building new homes in the Outskirts. If you're not a Guntown resident (which means that Marco doesn't see you that way), then you get exiled or killed.

    About the guns...my point, ultimately, is that a standard hardholder's gang is 3-harm. Mine is 4-harm. There needs to be a substantive difference there, you know? If any gang can get up to 4-harm, then I want mine to be able to get up to 5-harm. I specifically chose the +1 harm tidbit, and I don't want that to be empty.

    I'm totally fine with any individual member of my gang dealing 3-harm, as per the regular weapon. Yeah, that absolutely makes sense. But as a gang, the extra armory bits are enough to boost up to 4-harm, and that should mean something, at least, at any gang-level, I would think.
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  • It feels strange to me that there's an inherent danger to taking full advantage of my armory. Like...if I do send my men out fully equipped, such that they're well armed from the armory, then it's dangerous somehow? So, I either don't take advantage of that benefit until I'm in an out and out conflict, or I take the chance of suffering that danger? It doesn't seem like that much of a boon for my guys, then, to me.

    Personally, I was never envisioning explosives and heavy automatic weapons. I was envisioning laser sights and well-made weaponry. More tactical than overpowering. I know what a 4-harm weapon is, but a 3-harm gang does not, necessarily, have to have 3-harm weapons, at least as I understood it. Everyone could have 2-harm hunting rifles and still be a 3-harm gang. So the 4-harm gang gets advantages from, yeah, laser sights, weapons that don't jam, precise weapons, ample ammunition, everyone being armed with an automatic rifle instead of just a fair number of guys, secondary weapons like pistols being readily available, and so on, as opposed to having mortars and rocket launchers. Maybe we have those, too, but that was not at all what I was envisioning consistently.

    So, I guess, my guys do not go around with explosives heavy automatic weapons as a matter of course. They go around with maybe a few grenades between a squad, and everybody's armed with an automatic rifle (or shotgun or whatever) and armor. They are not armed to the gills at every single moment of duty. I guess interpret that as you will according to the rules.
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