[The Hulk] The Hardholder - Marco



  • Is a gang armed with sticks still a 3-harm gang?
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    I'd think that it's at least possible. Maybe not, but NTBFW makes you into a 3-harm gang, with no question to what you're actually using to fight. You could be using your fists, and be a 3-harm gang. Granted, that's a potentially weird PC only move, so maybe it's not a good example. But I could see it as saying a 3-harm gang is made up of guys who know how to hurt. A 2-harm gang isn't.

    Then again, I don't think I'd ever even start by considering that a gang with sticks is a 3-harm gang, you know? If they're a gang with guns, 3-harm. If they're a 3-harm gang, then they have guns. If they later lose their guns...well, that's the question, isn't it? At that point, I'm actually not sure what I would say. Maybe I would say they were 2-harm. But then, I could also imagine saying that they're 3-harm, and the disadvantage with the sticks is that they have to close, first.

    ETA: Maybe this is worth thinking about in terms of the megafauna? What's the difference between a 3-harm mandiboar and a 2-harm mandiboar, versus a large-gang mandiboar and a medium-gang mandiboar and a small-gang mandiboar? I guess my issue here is that a mandiboar will always have the same weapons, its tusks, its legs, its strength, right? So does that mean all mandiboars have the same level of harm, or does that vary based on experience, whereas "gang-size" varies based on, well, size?

    ETA 2: Okay, I'm getting ridiculous. Whatever. They don't wander around with fully automatic weapons or explosives. If that means they're 3-harm until they stock up from the armory, so be it.
  • That reading is fine. It's the simplest, most common-sense, and easiest version of things. So if my guys are armed to the gills, then they're a 4-harm gang, and otherwise, not. That's fine.
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