[The Hulk] Lemma the Savvyhead

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Lemma the Savvyhead (subject to revision)

Ambiguous woman (she wears her full suit of utility wear plus tech most of the time, and it makes her look...odd.) Plain face (normally helmeted,) squinty eyes, strange body. A bit on the short side, and sort of bulbous in her gear.

Cool+1 Hard=0 Hot-1 Sharp+2 Weird+2

She's not much to look at, and has trouble in a fight, so she tries to avoid them by keen observation and judicious use of alien technology. When the shit hits the fan, she doesn't fall apart, but she's not exactly a cucumber.

She lives with Marshmallow. She's met very few people who were smart enough for her, even fewer who saw the world the same way, and only one who managed both. He holds together a little better under pressure, but is even worse off if physical violence breaks out, so she tries to keep them well supplied with tools to avoid it. They've been talking about kids lately. Twins would be ideal, but as long as they have at least two, one of them can be the control group.

Things Speak
Reality's Fraying Edge
Deep Brain Scan

She's carved out a lab for herself in a still-functional portion of the ship. There's an alien control panel hooked to some weird-ass electronica that interacts with the Maelstron. Marshmallow also managed to secure a relic of the golden age for them: the remnants of an advanced drug lab, developed to enhance human psychic potential just before the end of the conflict. All of this is pretty dangerous, so it's booby trapped to keep out undesirables, for their own safety. It's attached to the suite of rooms they share. An infirmary has recently been added to care for any injuries suffered by the manufactory workers.

Lemma's very interested in the maelstrom, and spends much of her time studying it. Sadly, she has to eat, which involves coming out to find food, which frequently leads to trouble with whoever she last worked for. She mostly barters with repair services, but sometimes her customers aren't happy with the "new features" she adds to their equipment, with or without telling them. Sometimes she just picks up something and knows how it could realize its true potential, even if its owner is holding it back. She's also found a way to send people into the maelstrom, in a stronger way than a simple brain-opening, but she doesn't want to risk it on herself, so sometimes she looks for adventurous/gullible types to head in while she monitors the equipment.

She has a modified stun pistol (s-harm close reload) and syringes full of a caustic mixture of her own design (3-harm intimate.) She has an unused hunting rifle (2-harm far loud).

Lemma drives a salvage vehicle. It's a pickup-sized open crawler; since she prefers wearing her utility suit, she felt no need to enclose the cab. It's an offroad workhorse, built on a quirky utility frame, but it's kind of loud. Lemma never felt the need to disable the safety beepers that activate when backing up, or dumping the bed, or sometimes for no reason at all. It has 1-armor, but you'd have to be more hiding than driving to take advantage of it.
Power+2, Looks+1, 1-Armor, Weakness+1

The crawler got all explodey and burny.

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  • Hey Max, add some tags to this thread.
  • Derp. Thought I did that when I created it.
  • Thank you. (c:

    Pulse's Osprey, at least, could lift that PowerTraxx thing, though the vehicle alone would be a whole lot of the payload. Really, if you wanted to carry enough stuff that you need that to move it, the Osprey probably won't be able to pick up both the truck and the cargo.

    If you just want to tool around in it on your own, though, without flight getting involved, that works fine. You could also look into something more in the mid-range between itty-bitty and heavy-duty.

    Whatever you pick, go ahead and pick a stat line and descriptors out of the driver book. There's a driver around, so that kind of information will probably come in handy at some point.

    I've said some things about augury and entering the maelstrom, but I dunno. What do you think? Have you done it successfully yet (on yourself or on a test subject)? What might the effects be like, for opening a window into the maelstrom? I think I prefer the idea of it being more of a mental projection kind of deal, where you leave your body here when you enter the maelstrom, but I could bend on that if you like.

    What are your booby traps like? You don't necessarily need to itemize them, but give me an idea of their style and coverage, so I know when to trigger them. Are they just around your workspace, or do they also guard you and Marshmallow's sleeping quarters?
  • Lemma would put them everywhere, but if Marshmallow doesn't want to step on the right sequence of tiles every time he goes to the bathroom, she could be convinced to scale them back to just the lab. I'm thinking they're designed to incapacitate intruders, and maybe deliver some sweet Brainer drugs, but some of them may not be designed within correct tolerances, with potentially hilarious and lethal results.
  • I'm thinking, for osprey-haulability, how about an open crawler around the size of a pickup truck? Can I understat it, or is that screwing the driver? My thought is, it's quirky, but none of the other looks options really apply, and if it's open, it wouldn't really provide armor. That would give it Power+2 Looks+1 0-Armor Weakness+1. I can pick another look (or can it be super double quirky?) or we can put a shell on it for armor. Or we could leave off the weakness? I'm not sure the best way to go. It's definitely an offroad workhorse on a quirky utility frame.
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    You can understat. But actually, you don't really want to. It still has 1-armor, but the armor just doesn't usually protect its passengers. It still protects against harm directed at the vehicle, though, and maybe you could justify benefiting from the armor if you lay flat in the bed or something.
  • That's a good idea. I'll add it to the gear list.
  • Posted By: Max BI'm thinking, for osprey-haulability, how about an open crawler around the size of a pickup truck? Can I understat it, or is that screwing the driver? My thought is, it's quirky, but none of the other looks options really apply, and if it's open, it wouldn't really provide armor. That would give it Power+2 Looks+1 0-Armor Weakness+1. I can pick another look (or can it be super double quirky?) or we can put a shell on it for armor. Or we could leave off the weakness? I'm not sure the best way to go. It's definitely an offroad workhorse on a quirky utility frame.
    Pretty sure the power/looks values don't do anything if you're not a driver, though the rest certainly does.
  • Well, if vehicles become a prominent part of our game, I'd wager there'll be custom moves that use those stats.
  • They'll be a prominent part of MY game at least :-)

    But I really don't want the driver to be just about the vehicle, I'm a human being!! :-)
  • As far as entering the maelstrom, I also favor the projection idea. I've done it before, but "success" is a harder question. Sure, I've sent people into the maelstrom. Not sure what they did after that, but I send their bodies to Pulse; I don't have time for someone who can't be bothered to move around or even eat. I'd like Marshy to try some of his drugs on somebody before they go in and see if that makes it easier to find them afterwards.
  • Ok. And you're actively looking for more test subjects, right?
  • What am I gonna do with their bodies?
  • When you say it like that, it makes it sound like they're dead. They're just confused or lost or something.
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    Wait, yeah actually, why the hell do you send the bodies to Pulse? Is he supposed to be dumping them somewhere? Do you just not like him very much?
  • Shit, not Pulse, Setter. We haven't even started yet and I'm already mixing up the characters. I was thinking they're just comatose, and I wanted to send them to someone who knows more about keeping people alive. And yeah, I can always use more test subjects.
  • Guess my name sounds Angel-like.
  • Now that you mention it, yeah, a medic named Pulse would be pretty reasonable.
  • Who are these volunteers you use for your augury tests? Are they manufactory workers, sent your way by your husband? People you headhunt yourself, right off the street? People who've heard you'll pay money if they'll let you run a few harmless tests? Criminals who've 'volunteered' their ways out of death sentences (by arrangement between you and Marco)?
  • Criminals, either as volunteers or as an involuntary sentence handed down, would work if Marco runs the hold that way. My thought was more along the lines of the people whose implants are driving them insane. If Marshmallow can't help them, and they can't live with the pain/hallucinations/alien voices/whatever, then we tell them we have one last thing that might help them find peace, but there are no guarantees. If there's any other good source of people who are terminally ill or suicidal, I'd take them too, on a strictly volunteer basis. Paying people who aren't likely to come back seems a little dishonest. When they don't come back, do I just keep the money?
  • Well, they might be aware of the risk, but want the money for their families. There're desperate people around here.

    But actually, I like that you're primarily stocking the maelstrom with crazy people and possibly criminals. That's definitely one of those "what could possibly go wrong?!" scenarios.
  • Posted By: octoscottMy regular duties would be being a mechanic in the motor pool, I'm no savvyhead but I know my way around machines of... human manufacture. So whatever comes back needing a tune up or minor jury-rigging, I'm your man. So I'm probably seeing to that today, probably need to go down to the whaling boats to fix a harpoon gun, crane, or something like that. They never come back in one piece.
    Just want to make sure that's not stepping on your toes. :-)
  • Works for me. Lemma might resent the competition on some level if you move up too much, but as long as she's returning things with unasked for attachments, the hold deserves someone who'll fix things right and leave it at that.
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    Cool, and I don't know or understand a thing about how the glass and all that weird stuff works. I'm just a grease monkey.
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    So, when you dump your former volunteers, what do they have on them? Are they just run through the whole process in the clothes they walked in the door with, and with everything still in their pockets? Or do you do anything special?

    The most recent batch, who were they? Anyone Marco would immediately know?
  • I try to make it clear to them before they come in that they shouldn't bring valuables, but I don't take anything off of them unless it looks like they'll hurt themselves with it.

    If he knows every son and daughter of Guntown, he'd know Imam and his buddies, but they weren't particularly noteworthy otherwise. More enthusiastic than most; they were seeking a transcendent experience rather than running from something. Told 'em I don't know what's on the other side, but they wanted to go anyway, said they'd pay me. That hardly seemed fair, so I left their goods in front of Imam's cousin's place when I dropped them off; three very warm coats in great condition, seemed almost new. Somebody ought to get some use out of 'em.
  • When I open my brain, all the color drains out of the world until everything is grey, then it fills back in, but not in the same places. Alien tech is red (on the hulk that's pretty much the background, and sometimes it overwhelms everything else.) Anything connected to the maelstrom is blue, with brighter shades for a stronger or deeper connection. Psychic alien tech mixes into purple. Working human tech is bright green, but it's darker if it's damaged. Anything that's not psychic or technical fades out a bit, so I try not to move around too much, lest I crash into something that's now invisible.
    That does seem overly specific, since there's only so many kinds of information that you can get out of it. Can we just say that color drains out, and then color paints in various auras and signposts, with a general bias toward technology and psychic phenomena? Leave it open to other things happening as well, when appropriate.
  • Works for me, thanks.
  • Just grabbed deep brain scan.
  • About your Reality's Bleeding Edge device:

    I want to say that when you got here, there wasn't really any console or anything, just a sort of a node, like a crystal or a slab of weird metal. The viewscreen and controls and stuff are your own additions, letting you tap into and control the node. My picture of the alien tech is that it's simple and lacks any discernible mechanisms, particularly controls: there's no real evidence of what the visitors might have been like, physically, or if they were ever even on this hulk.

    Is that cool?
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