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    When: Fifty years after the visitors came to earth. Fifty years after the end of the world and the coming of the ice.

    Where: The north of the world, where the summer days blur together and the winter nights stretch long, cold, and dark. The edge of the sea ice, under the shadow of the hulk. The eye of the world's psychic maelstrom.

    What: The hulk of a crashed spaceship, so huge that it beggars description and defies exploration. We scratch at its surface, huddling in its shelter, haunted by its ghosts.

    Why: The world is ending. The world is becoming strange. The land changes and rebels, becoming something unfriendly to us. Is it remade in the image of our absent visitors? Or, untended, has it twisted into something even they would not have wished to see? It doesn't matter to us ... the visitors are gone, and we are only safe on the water and on the ice.
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    The Hulk

    The hulk is an apparent spaceship of alien origin, crashed into what was once the Baffin Bay, near the mouth of the Davis Strait into the Labrador Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The ship is about 150 kilometers long and a bit more than half that wide, yet it must only be about 10 kilometers high (though this is still enough to reach into the lower stratosphere, dwarfing the highest peaks of the Himalayas).

    The northern face of the hulk is locked in ice, tied up by grinding glacial flows from the surrounding ice caps. The south face is open to sea in the summer months, though the sea becomes clotted with ice floes and icebergs in the winter.

    Pieces of the crashed hulk litter most of Canada, Greenland, the Arctic, and the North Atlantic Ocean, ranging in size from splinters of black glass the size of an infant's finger to huge chunks the size of cities and mountains. They are more common nearer to the hulk, and particularly to the north and east of its location.

    The hulk is in obvious ruin. Parts of its hull have been torn away, leaving vast swathes of its bulk exposed to the elements and to human intrusion. Chambers and passages were torn open to the outside: Incredible, dormant manufacturing facilities. Vast corridors of strange metal and black glass. Intricate warrens of vaulted tunnels. Banks of dead machines with purposes opaque to human science.

    The spaces within are bewildering, apparently lacking in any human (or inhuman) comforts. No living spaces have been found, no food production, nothing like a recreational facility. No visitors either, not even their corpses. The ship does, however, still possess a dim, sputtering life, and it doesn't seem to care for intrusion. People and expeditions disappear sometimes, and there are stories about entire holds disappearing like smoke, in years long past.
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    :: On the Ice ::

    • Northeast of the hulk is the Shard, a piece of the ship embedded in the glacier as a two-kilometer-high spire of black glass coated in arctic ice. People live there. It is both safer and less comfortable, as it seems to be entirely dead (where the hulk occasionally proves itself still capable of destroying its human intruders).

    • Well north of the hulk is Thule, a place that is said to have been cold and blighted even before the visitors came. The strangeness that the visitors worked on the world avoids Thule, as it is poison even to their subtle devices. Men live there, though they do not eat or drink anything that comes from their land. Instead, they prey on others, using war machines of times past to raid holds and extort tribute. But they rarely come so far as the hulk.

    • Not far south of the hulk is Lady Franklin, an offshore oil drilling platform that managed to survive the visitors' arrival and the hulk's crash landing still intact. The crew there has developed a rigid family-based social structure, maintaining oil production while strictly limiting contact with the outside world. They do sell barrels of crude, though, bartering it for food and manufactured products.

    :: Under the Hulk ::

    • South Scar is the most obvious feature on the south face of the hulk, where about forty kilometers of the face is torn away: peeled off, come apart, and scattered over much of northern and western Europe, as well as the North Atlantic Ocean. Exposing the interior of the hulk to depths of up to five kilometers, the South Scar is an obvious point of entrance to newcomers, and so it is the site of some of the oldest and densest colonization of the alien ship.

    South Scar is the seat of the so-called People's Republic of the Hulk, and it is home to a few large holds, including Guntown, the Farm, and Gams' Landing. Near the west end of the Scar are the Peppering Falls, a set of fast waterfalls that pour down out of some ruptured reservoir high up in the Hulk.

    • The visitors' manufactory at Guntown attracts settlers in considerable numbers - though the hold and the manufactory have only been functional for a little more than a decade, it is already one of the largest holds on the hulk. The overseer, Marco, welcomes all. It is located in the lower reaches of the South Scar, not far above sea level.

    • The Farm represents the closest thing to agriculture on the hulk. It is less a hold and more a heavily-patrolled collection of family-run cooperatives, spackled across a broad swath of the South Scar's outward-facing surfaces. Photovoltaics and piecemeal greenhouses collect the weak sunlight, and lamp-lit hydroponics are buried deeper into the Scar's cavities.

    The Farm is centered around Peppering Falls, ranging widely in elevation. The holders use the falls to power turbines and waterwheels, harvesting a little extra electricity for their hydroponics.

    The inhabitants of the hulk get by chiefly on meat and fat, and the Farm grows very little in the way of cereals. The Farm's holders focus their limited production ability on filling in nutritional deficiencies, and on growing plants of medicinal use. Some dabble in specific luxuries as well, catering to the elite of the People's Republic.

    • The vast majority of the holds' calories come from hunting, and specifically from whaling, with Gams Landing serving as the seat of that operation. A single bowhead whale (common in these waters and well-suiting to hunting) is adequate to feed a moderately-sized hold for most of a year. The holds of the South Scar are particularly reliant on whaling, hiring whaleships out of Gams Landing to take and process whales on a contracted basis.

    Gams Landing also has a small oil refinery, processing crude oil delivered from Lady Franklin, mainly into gasoline and kerosene.
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    :: Citizens of Guntown ::

    • Crumble is the biggest merchant in Guntown. He's got the biggest food supply, both in variety and in quantity, and he flaunts the power. It's deals he's got with all kinds of different folk from all over the Hulk. His wife died recently, and he's looking for a new woman.

    • Dredge is motor pool's supply officer.

    • Holiday is Payroll's daughter. She is very sick.

    • Ik is an apprentice coin-counter working under Payroll. Timid, but good with sums.

    • Imam is a dedicated Adventist, and he is lost in the maelstrom.

    • Kirk is a madman.

    • The Manufactory
    >> Visage is a boss at the manufactory, and he's kind of a rough customer.
    >> Clarion is a boss at the manufactory, and he's the head engineer.
    >> Winkle is a boss at the manufactory, the most junior of the three.

    >> Emu works at the manufactory.
    >> So does Kettle. She got her nose broken by Veronica.
    >> So does Matilda.
    >> And Pellet.
    >> Wiki used to work at the manufactory, but got shot dead by Veronica.
    >> Fauna was going to be an engineer at the manufactory, but she only got a few months into her apprenticeship before she just altogether lost it. It left her pretty useless: listless to the point of near-catatonia.

    • Parket is someone Setter helped once.

    • Payroll is a merchant with a shop and storage space on the last ring of the Trenches. He works primarily in antiseptics, soaps, alcohols (mostly rubbing, but has, on occasion, made drinking).

    • Pierre is the son of Tao, Marco's last lover (now deceased). He's also pretty dead, shot by Pulse.

    • Pinto runs a flophouse in the Outskirts that is frequented by travelers. Florid and jowly, with a nervous habit of running his fingers through his thinning hair. Lacks compassion for his fellow man.

    • Rolfball is a guy Marco's got working on developing new things to make and sell.

    • Silver is someone Setter helped once.

    • Snuffy is Fauna's ... sister? Lover? Something, and nobody's sure. She's been asking around about Marshmallow, planning to either ask his help with Fauna or try to punish him for what's happened to Fauna.

    :: Marco's Gang ::

    • Shazza is Marco's number two - his go-to girl. She is in her late 20's, with short, tawny hair, cut relatively short, lithe and athletic. Attractive, with high cheekbones and full lips. She wears a short coat and tight pants, and she carries a rifle slung over her shoulder. She's hard enough that the men stay disciplined, and she's like Marco's sister at this point.

    • Brain is the younger of Shazza's lieutenants by far, and a former raider. Marco's gang captured him, and Marco gave the deal he always give captives: "Swear loyalty to me and mine, and I'll protect you like kin. Betray me, and I'll blow your head off." So he stayed, and now look at him.

    • Roark's older, even older than Marco. It's not sure how much longer the codger's going to be with us; the cold isn't kind to him. But he's a good man, intelligent and seasoned.

    • Nina is Pulse's regular girl, and a grunt in one of Brain's squads. Nina's a few years older than him, tough as hell, short, dark haired, kinda thick, and works out.

    • More Grunts
    >> Regal is a squad boss, a middle-aged man with a bit of a paunch.
    >> Kip is a squad boss too, recently married and recently promoted, but usually on desk duty.
    >> Ula's another boss.
    >> And Balls.
    >> And Krin.
    >> And Newton.

    >> Crine is big, pale, and Nordic.
    >> Fianelly.
    >> Foster, relatively senior.
    >> Mice volunteered to assist Setter.
    >> Peppering is Adventist, doesn't drink. He's also assisting Setter.
    >> Sansa brothers, card sharps.
    >> Rufe
    >> Fleece
    >> Lala

    :: Denizens of the Hulk ::

    • Clarion in his red balaclava, leads and handles security for the inter-hold bus. He's sponsored by a group of Farm holders.

    • Harridan is a representative of Honeycomb hold.

    • Mr. Chin is a traveling merchant from the Farm. He's a little man, but he's built like a linebacker and he hauls his sacks and boxes around with casual ease.

    • Partridge is first mate on a whaleship operating out of Gams Landing.

    • Preen is a traveler out of Honeycomb. He has something of a small, narrow build ... reedy in this knee-length coat made out of a seal fur felt (more common on the ice-locked side of the hulk). He wears simple wire spectacles, and he carries a valise of old cow leather, scarred from decades of use. His boots are shined to a mirror-finish.

    :: Out On the Ice ::

    • A mysterious bomb-maker named Brace Win. Cramped, fine-boned hands. A pinched face behind a dentist's loupe and loupe light.

    • Deacon is a hard man, tall and beanpole-ish, a clansman of Lady Franklin. He is presumed dead. His wife's name was Violet.

    • Ricarra is a raider out of Thule. Tall, spiked hair, tough as nails.
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    I'll be padding this out with important people and places, as things progress. I've made some notes about places, above. Am I missing anywhere important?

    I took the liberty of expanding the scar that Guntown is set back in into more of a landmark. It's the center of the game ... might as well make it more interesting.
  • Turns out the Baffin Bay area has been opened to offshore oil drilling in just the past year. I added a surviving oil platform to the places.
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    Some interesting details:

    A northern diet (without access to the global market) is mainly meat and fat.

    In fact, fat will cover between half and three-quarters of our calories. We don't really have access to carbs, and too much protein results in protein poisoning. So the majority of our calories are fat, with much of the remainder coming from protein.

    We all piss like horses, incidentally. A protein-heavy diet puts your liver into overdrive, resulting in a whole lot of urine. Drink plenty of water, please.

    Fortunately, the fats of arctic animals tend to be both monounsaturated and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, so we sidestep most of the health risks of a high-fat diet, and our lives are generally demanding enough that we don't really put on a lot of weight.

    Arctic animals also tend to have a lot of vitamin A and vitamin D, which people normally get from plant sources. We also get vitamin C from some sorts of uncooked meat, particularly seal brains and whale skin, which would be generally eaten raw/frozen (since cooking destroys the vitamin C).

    The bowhead whale is basically our staple food. It's the second-largest whale in the oceans (second to blues), and it's relatively easy to hunt, since it swims slowly and floats after death. It's also native to these waters. Just a couple of them would be enough to feed the entire hold for about a year. I'm thinking that Marco contracts whaleships to bring in and process whales at about that rate, and the whaleships keep the southern holds each supplied in that manner.

    The northern holds get whale meat too, but it's a little more difficult to transport to that side of the hulk (a single whale is around a hundred and fifty tons).

    So we eat a whole fuckload of whale meat, whale blubber, and whale skin as the main staples of our diet. We also put train oil (whale oil) on practically everything we eat ... our cuisine is in the vaguely odd position of needing to find as many ways as possible to cram fat down our throats. Good margarine can be made from train oil, as well.

    Train oil can also be used for lighting, and the bowheads provide bones and whalebone (baleen) in addition to edibles. Their baleen is about 10 feet long, so that's quite a bit of whalebone. I imagine we find plenty of uses for it ... black glass is fine, but it's not flexible at all.

    We do our own hunting and fishing as well, as we've mentioned: seabirds (and eggs), seals, walruses, a lot of fish (trout, cod, char, and these nasty little things), sometimes bear meat. Walruses are best hunted in the winter and spring, it seems - they're dangerous animals, and they're most dangerous in the summer. Breeding season, I think.

    The hulk has been here for fifty years, so time enough for some dirt to get into its cracks. Particularly scrappy plants can grow on it, then. Fireweed is both extremely hardy and a good colonizer, so we probably have that - it has some minor medical properties, and it's another good source of vitamin C. It also makes decent tea. Edible seaweeds can be harvested as well. A few other things, probably.

    Roaches and rats. One assumes those are for the destitute, but maybe they're delicacies!

    Our hydroponics and greenhouses have limited production, so we probably focus on things that fill nutritional deficiencies. Certain vegetables and so forth. We need zinc in our diets to avoid growth deficiencies, so beans, celery, and seeds should help with that. Calcium can come from that seaweed, but beans, broccoli, and some others will also help. Broccoli, potatoes, and maybe tomatoes for potassium.

    We'll want to grow some medical herbs in there, too.

    Probably not even the farm has room for much cereals (like wheat, rice, corn, etc), so anything like bread is an absolute luxury food. Similarly, most fruits are going to be rare. Same with red meat, unless rats are red meat (does anyone ... know the answer to this?). Dairy products are essentially mythical.
  • Note that characters are being filled into the People section, up above. Eventually I'll have to properly organize Marco's gang, but there's only four of them so far, so fuck it.
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    A few words about the Adventist faith:

    - The Adventists don't hold with this talk about the so-called 'visitors'. After all, has anyone ever actually seen an alien? No. There aren't even records of such a thing. Not reliable ones, at any rate.

    - Instead, they believe that the apocalypse was, y'know, the Apocalypse, and that the subsequent fifty years of ice and plague are the work of Satan, set loose on the world to test the faithful.

    - Furthermore, they believe that the hulk is the Merkabah, the throne-chariot of God. They say that Christ dwells within, sitting in judgment over mankind, and that he will soon* pass judgment, separate the wheat from the chaff, and usher in the new kingdom of Heaven.

    - They dwell in the hulk in order to be close to God, and they were some of the first colonists of non-military origin. They are most common in the Farm holds, but they have people scattered around in most communities on the ship.

    - The don't hold with drink, sex, or other sinful pleasures, believing that they must maintain the highest standards of morality (what with being under the immediate eye of God in the literal time of judgment). Since they don't hold with sex, they are big on adoption. They even run an orphanage or two.

    - Their symbol is a cross wreathed in flame, occasionally presented as the traditional Christian cross, and occasionally presented as more of an X-shaped thing.

    (* 'soon' is, possibly, a relative term)
  • I want to establish this:

    The psychic maelstrom is strongest in the hulk. It can be felt all over the world, but the farther you go the weaker it is. Moves based on Weird might theoretically even be less effective at distant removes (like mind-reading would still work, but provide vague information), though I would not foresee that actually coming up in-game.

    If away from the hulk, you can always determine its direction and rough distance just by opening your brain.
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    I'm just going to leave this here, for reference. It'll come up more, and it's otherwise only available through the quarantine playbook:
    When you suffer Ψ-harm, roll+Ψ-harm suffered (typically, roll+1). On a 10+, the MC can choose 1:
    • You’re out of action: unconscious, trapped, incoherent or panicked.
    • You’re out of your own control. You come to yourself again a few seconds later, having done I-don’t-know-what.
    • Choose 2 from the 7–9 list below.

    On a 7–9, the MC can choose 1:
    • You lose your footing.
    • You lose your grip on whatever you’re holding.
    • You lose track of someone or something you’re attending to.
    • You miss noticing something important.
    • You take a single concrete action of the MC’s choosing.

    On a miss, you keep it together and overcome the psi-harm with no effect.
  • Custom move:
    When someone is exposed to Marshmallow juice, his mind everts. The contents of his brain spill out into the maelstrom, and he takes s-harm as his thoughts start sloshing around the vicinity. Augury can be used on him as if his brain were part of (not merely connected to) the maelstrom.

    Also, when you are exposed to Marshmallow Juice, roll+weird. On any hit, it's an amazing trip, and if someone else is doing the juice with you, you can be all telepathic and stuff with them. On a 10+, the experience is fully lucid: you don't take s-harm, and you can also use augury for the duration. If you miss an augury roll, you have no antenna, so anything bad happens directly to your brain and its contents.

    When an NPC is exposed to Marshmallow juice, they generally (but not always) have an amazing trip, with telepathy, brain sex, etc.
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    surplus: 2-barter
    want: hungry disease fuel idle reprisals

    • Hunting, scavenging, crude farming,
    • and a manufactory (now splintered off and lost).

    A large population (about 300 people) and a compound of mostly tents, lean-tos, and wooden walls. A well-disciplined and well-armed gang, the Gunners (4-harm gang medium 1-armor). Owes protection tribute to the People's Republic.

    The Manufactory
    surplus: 3-barter
    want: anxiety desperation idle(x2)

    • Scavenging, crude farming, minor trade,
    • and a manufactory, plus the specialized weapons trade that comes with it.

    A small population (60-80 souls) which depends entirely on Marshmallow for its lives and needs. A small but relatively secure compound.
  • Note that:
    When you reset Hx with someone from +/-3 to +/-1, ask them any question you like.
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