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You all get -1 with me.

Lemma has slept in my presence +3
Pulse ?
Marco ?
Angel ?


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    Beat me to it.
  • Pulse:

    Say the Angel? has spent days with me on the road. Hx+2
    Marco, the hardholder got me out of some serious shit Hx +2

    Everyone else knows a little about who I am and where I've been. Hx +1
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    Here's the start of the table. Of course, we'll want to let Rustin get his character put together before we really take off.
    with Lemmawith Marcowith Marshmallowwith Pulsewith Veronicawith Setter
    Lemma has--+1, +1 (+2)-1, -1 (-2)+1, -1 (=0)+1, -1 (=0)-1, -1 (-2)
    Marco has-1, +0 (-1)---1, +0 (-1)+2, +1 (+3)+1, +0 (+1)+2, +0 (+2)
    Marshmallow has-1 +3 (+3)+1, +1 (+2)--+1, +1 (+2)+1, +1 (+2)+1 +3 (+3)
    Pulse has-1, -1 (-2)+1, -1 (=0)-1, -1 (-2)--+1, -1 (=0)+1, -1 (=0)
    Veronica has-1, -1 (-2)-1, -1 (-2)-1, -1 (-2)-1, -1 (-2)---1, -1 (-2)
    Setter has+1, -1 (=0)+1, -1 (=0)-1, -1 (-2)+2, -1 (+1)+1, -1 (=0)--
  • I'm generous with trust and resources. Everyone gets +1 Hx with me.

    Pulse? You been with me from before? Fits with your serious shit. That would give me a +1 with you, for a +3 total, I believe.

    Now. I'm not sure who would've stolen from me. Any volunteers?
  • Sounds good, we've spent some time. Can work out details as we go.
  • Y'know, it actually sounds like Lemma's spent a lot of time with Pulse on the road, going out and doing salvage.
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    Yes it sure does. Cool. Starting to get a sense of how we fit together.
  • Well, I mean that in the sense of you actually having an Hx item related to that.
  • I give +1 to the person I find the most strange. Marshmallow is the obvious choice (and I love him for it) but is there someone else who could also fit the bill? Maybe to me, the most normal person is the strangest? Everyone else gets -1.

    I add 1 to whatever I get from the biggest potential problem, and subtract 1 from what everybody else tells me. Hmm.
  • I guess that depends on what the relationship between Marco and Lemma is. I'm not sure as of yet. Your boy-husband-friend works for me. Does that matter? I'm gathering that you don't work directly for me. You'll do services for me and mine, but as an independent contractor, which is fine with Marco.

    If you're going the normal-is-strange route, then so far, Pulse sounds fairly normal, and so does Marco. I think Marco could have the strangeness going on in that Marco, ultimately, is actually something of an optimist. Like I said, he's generous, he takes people in, he protects them. He probably appears weak to the more cynical members of the community, or maybe even nuts for his optimism.

    I might recommend just going with Marshmallow, though, because he is your man-toy.

    I could also be "the biggest potential problem," depending on what our relationship is.
  • Marco, you helped me save someone +2hx
    Lemma, I'm convinced your path is one of self-destruction -1hx
    I'm an open book, everyone else, +1.
    I don't get too attached, I take -1 from what everyone else gives me.
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    Posted By: Max BMaybe to me, the most normal person is the strangest? Everyone else gets -1.
    Pulse is from outside gun town, spent most of my life out at Thule as a raider. Might make me strange to you. Also with bad weird I just don't get all the brainy weird crap going on in the ship.
  • I also have a +3 with Setter, I've been watching her secretly for quite some time.
  • I think I'm going to go with actual Weirdness to determine the strangest, so Marshmallow wins. As far as problems, I don't really see Lemma having an issue with Marco; he provides stability, which is important to her continued ability to experiment. Pulse could be threatening; he could pretty easily drop Lemma's crawler and make it look like an accident, and he did come from the raiders Outside. She doesn't actively distrust him, or she wouldn't work with him, but she maybe feels like she's less important to Pulse than to Marshmallow or Marco, so objectively he's less predictable. Setter could be a threat too; Lemma fixes things, and she doesn't see people and things as being that different, so someone who fixes people could threaten her niche. How long has Setter been here? If it's a long time, Lemma's probably come to terms with her place, but if Setter's newer, she may be a problem.
  • Man, Lemma's looking pretty cool with people for such a cranky lady. Isn't there anyone she just unreasonably dislikes?
  • Good point. I'll ponder that.
  • Does anyone dislike you, Marshmallow? Marco or Pulse? Marco sounds unlikely.
  • I decided to issue only two of my three possible conditions.
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    All right, I'm going to try being a bit more cantankerous. Marco's the threat; he could shut down the lab, or fire Marshmallow, or cut off my supply of volunteers. Setter's the weird one; she's so obsessed with preserving these meatsacks we walk around in that it's blinded her to the possibilities now available to us. Marshy gets it, and even Marco has the sense to realize this technology is worth using. Pulse may not get the maelstrom as much, but he at least appreciates a well-maintained machine.

    Lemma's Hx:
    Marco +2
    Marshmallow -2
    Pulse =0
    Setter =0

    Something about that just seems wrong, but short of making Marshmallow the problem, I don't think I can do anything about it.

    ETA: I'm bad at Hx. Corrected Pulse.
  • Remember it's not how much you LIKE them, but how much you understand them, I see some read it as how interested you are in them. Can be very interested in the ones you don't like.
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    Yeah, it just seems odd that if I have to help someone in a fight, I have a much easier time with anyone other than the dude I live with. I guess I should just make sure to keep him well equipped before the trouble breaks out.

    ETA: I guess I study everybody else, but with Marshmallow I just accept him instead of trying to understand.
  • Maybe I should help you rather than other-way-round.
  • Yeah, that works.
  • You don't need to, but you can always make it make sense: You think he can handle himself, he's gotten angry when you act like he needs your help without asking, you're afraid you'll hurt him... can always make sense.
  • You take Marshmallow for granted, I think. You don't think you do, but you do ... he just understands you so well, so you just kind of assume a lot.
  • So, truths:

    - Marco put in a hand and helped Setter save a life. I want to know whose.

    - Setter figures Lemma to be doomed to self-destruction.

    - Lemma has slept in Marshmallow's presence, but yeah - that was an obvious one.

    - Marshmallow keeps an eye on Setter.

    - Setter has been out for days on the road with Pulse. When?

    - Marco got Pulse out of some serious shit, which seems to have happened sometime before Marco was hardholder.

    - Pulse has been with Marco since then.

    - Lemma thinks Setter is strange.

    - She also thinks Marco might turn into a problem someday.
  • Posted By: Michael Loy- Setter has been out for days on the road with Pulse.When?
    Was there someone you had to save somewhere far? And only I could get you there? Mission of mercy kind of thing?
  • Posted By: Michael Loy- Marco got Pulse out of some serious shit, which seems to have happened sometime before Marco was hardholder.

    - Pulse has been with Marco since then
    I'd love to know what this was. Certainly the reason Pulse came here to live after fleeing Thule. I have a hole in my story between leaving Thule and coming here so we can fill in anything, we met out there somewhere?
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    So, by that:

    - Marco highlights Lemma.

    - Pulse highlights Marco's Sharp.

    - Lemma highlights Marshmallow's Weird.

    - Marco highlights Pulse.

    - Pulse highlights Setter's Cool.
  • Lemma can highlight Marshmallow.
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