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  • Posted By: Michael LoyOne assumes those are for the destitute, but maybe they're delicacies!
    Such zeal.
  • The nutritional analysis seems to neglect phytonutrients. This is the next frontier in nutrition; with over 10000 phytochemicals that are present in the foods we commonly eat that play an unknown, but seemingly important role in our diet. I'd suggest that kale and/or spinach accompanied by blueberries and tomatoes would be the most important thing for the greenhouses. A citrus source would be grand but probably pushing things?

    Also, microbial action is important to remember. There are all kinds of nutrients that become more accessible after the source food is fermented. Fish, brains, vegetables and fruits of all kinds.

    Does the ship produce heat or is it just at the ambient temp?
  • Posted By: Christopher Weeks... phytonutrients ...
    "Phyto---what? Give me my damn whaleburger or I burn the place."

    ~ Overheard in the bad part of gun town
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    Quick driver / setting question. (We can take this to my character thread if you think that's better)

    About being a driver, I just wondered if I/we drive around INSIDE the hulk as a matter of course or will most ground travel be outdoors. I already picture flying the osprey around inside AND out. If most driving by ground will be outdoors, i want to get a more snow-appropriate vehicle as my choice, i chose that weird low-profile thing cause I thought it would look cool driving around a ship interior. Probably won't change it statistically but just want to feel appropriate.

    Oh, and the "Tank" for my driver is the Osprey, so it got the +1 armor, giving it 3. This thing is seriously tough... I figure it's been upgraded with reinforced ship-crystal in the manufactory. This level of armor in a flying vehicle wouldn't be possible with modern earth tech, but some sort of ultralight crystal something or other has bee inserted under the skins of the aircraft, adding little to no weight but strengthening it against harm.

    Having said all that, I don't want the driver simply to be a sum of th vehicles I drive, I'm a danged human being, too.. but I want everything I fly/drive to make sense and fit the setting.
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  • Posted By: Michael Loy- 3-armor isn't unexpected for any vehicle with actual, real armor, even if it is flying - it just means that someone put in the effort to armor it up, either in manufacture or since then.
    Ok, just normal old human ingenuity then.
  • I'm imagining our outermost room to be a large rectangle -- maybe 20x50 feet. One of the 20-foot walls is something we fabricated from blocks of debris and cement. It faces out into the scar, maybe directly into the manufactory. There are a number of portals from the living room. One leads to the workshop -- a space that we share, but is really mostly Lemma's playground. There are a number of smaller rooms -- through many of the portals in the 5x5 to 20x20 size range. And one of them leads to a narrow corridor with eight cubicle/alcoves on each side. Who knows what the aliens used this space for. The dimensions are crazy -- sometimes too-low or too-high ceilings, that kind of thing.

    I'm interested to see what Max has written while I was typing this in.
  • I'm training people at work for the next couple of weeks, so I won't be available as much during the day. I'll work up some more about the rooms later today, maybe this evening.
  • I've been pondering whether the Brainer room with tables to strap people to is part of the workspace. Strapping people to tables before we try to augur them into the maelstrom would be reasonable, but I think I like the idea of having separate workspaces, if that's okay. That gives us another room. I think we need a bedroom. Is Marshmallow a decorator? He does like pretty things, so if he wants a lavishly appointed living room/drawing room/space for entertaining (not that I expect we get a lot of social visits, but maybe Marshy's more of a butterfly than Lemma) then that seems appropriate, but otherwise, Lemma would just have a sparse waiting room with uncomfortable chairs for people whose implants aren't tuned yet. All the fixtures in the bathroom are more elaborate and technological than one would expect, but they actually work fine, since Lemma and Marshmallow have to use them regularly. Other than the fabulous walk-in closet that I assume has mechanized racks, I'm not sure what else we'd need.
  • I was thinking that the main living room included a sleeping nest or whatever. A bedroom is fine, too. I think we have a bunch of pillows and murals on the walls. And yeah, maybe we host dinner-parties too, but they're kind of messed up, like Apocalypse World.
  • Shazza: "Sir, they've invited you to another dinner party."
    Marco: "Did you decline for me?"
    Shazza: "Yes, sir."
    Marco: "Politely?"
    Shazza: "Yes, sir."
    Marco: "Good. I don't think I can do another night of the two of them staring eerily at each other, as if they're communicating with their minds, while I poke at something in a bowl which might possibly have been some kind of soup, once upon a time."
    Shazza: "They said this year they would have penguin."
    Marco: "Nope. Not falling for it."
  • That makes it sound like we're odd or something...
  • Are we ready to start?
  • Posted By: Brendan ConwayI still think that if I 'knew him from before' I was hardholder, but I only really helped him out AFTER I was hardholder, it would fit. Meaning, I met him, maybe got to know him a little, and then we separated, and only met up again when I was hardholder. Plus, that would be before I even became a true resident of the Hulk. So it's WAAAAY before. Hell, maybe I was a raider before I joined up with the Hulk. Probably a pretty good raider, too. But I always wore a helmet, so's most would not know my face, even among the raiders. Pulse mighta been one of the only ones I showed my face to. When I finally left the raiders, to join the Hulk, it was because I realized I didn't want to be that anymore; I wanted to build, not burn. So I left the mask behind me. Pulse came to me later, because he knew he could trust me. If nothing else, he knew he could blackmail me, quite possibly; the people of Guntown itself might not care too much if I was a raider once upon a time, because I've been good to them (though, note the might). But the Union, almost certainly, would be shocked and horrified to find out they've handed control of the weapons manufactory of the Hulk to a former raider.
    I only just realized that I inadvertently set up Marco, here, as kind of a former Faceless who became a Hardholder. That...yeah. Mmmmkay.

    Posted By: Michael LoySomeone tell me what the party last night was about. Big thing, swept up most of the hold.
    Founding Day. I like to have a celebration throughout the hold, to remember the day that Guntown was founded.
  • Fresh whale came in yesterday. When that happens, all hands are devoted to dismembering the damned thing and putting up meat to smoke/ferment/salt/jerk/whatever. That night, everyone feasts, drinks and relaxes -- together.
  • Rats...beat by a minute! :)
  • Well, it can be both, can't it?

    Let's all get along.

    It's Founding Day, and this year, we were especially lucky. We managed to bring in a whale. Doubly good festival, that's why it was so loud, lasted so long and everything.
  • Yes, please roll my harm move!
  • Yeah that sounds good, do us harm.
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