[The Hulk] LEMMA and MARSHMALLOW's day off [Le1.1 Mw1.1]

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  • Well, if Lemma's not distracted by the shit she's got to get done, I'm not letting an opportunity for morning-sex pass. How receptive is she?

    This last week's been really long in the manufactory. We got that big load of rifled barrels done for Marco with a bunch of overtime and I just needed a day off. It's not like things stop when i'm not there.

    Is today market day? I make a point of taking Lemma to buy stuff from the farmers as often as I can. It's good to get out together and see the people -- our neighbors. I do worry that she'd stay at home all the time if I didn't pressure her a little.

    The party was kind of a drag. People got carried away and some stuff got broken. I didn't inspect the situation closely, but my guess is Marco's going to have extra work for us on The Floor to put things right.
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    Posted By: Max BAre we detail-oriented...?
    I can be as detail-oriented or as tasteful as anyone wants. You like it rough, baby? :)

    ETA: That was joking, but it wouldn't surprise me if we like Weird fun.

    ETA2: I am careful not to get cum (or oil, or whatever) on my dresses.
  • No, I'm not hard enough. (How sad!)
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  • Sure thing. I'm supposed to roll weird for my sex move. #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 ) xp-1
  • (Who's supposed to answer Lemma's question?)
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  • (I was kind of drawing a blank, too. But I've come up with something. I'm not sure this is a terribly strong response, but I'm really not coming up with much better.)

    What’s wrong with Marshmallow, and how might you fix it?

    For a couple years, there was a steady supply of hallucinogenic drugs floating around cheap. We're not really sure where they were coming from. Some of them were quite exotic. Marshmallow was a big fan. They were very fine recreation -- opening your mind in various ways, but also, you could give them to other people; criminal prisoners or whatever -- particularly when they weren't aware of it, and gain interesting insights about how people work. It's been kind of a bummer since the source dried up. Maybe we could make more psychoactives right here in our home -- that would be fun!
  • Jesus, you two go through this every morning? Hell of a relationship....
  • (These kind of seem like blow-off questions: strong emotions come from our sex and the words are yours. How should I play/write that? Or is this a thing for the MC?)
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  • Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
  • I really don't have anything planned other than going to market -- maybe noon is a safe time to assume the market is open? I guess until then, I'll help out Lemma with her work.
  • I'll take care of breakfast. It's market day and we need to use up whatever is left in the house -- plus there's fresh whale for everyone. That means we're having omelette with slightly off spinach, a side of radish kimchi and a desert of frozen whale blubber whipped with highbush cranberry puree. It's a strange combination of living well and making do. And it takes about 45 minutes to get together.
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