[The Hulk] LEMMA and MARSHMALLOW's day off [Le1.1 Mw1.1]

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a lazy morning

It's morning. You two are starting to wake up, but don't mind me. Get up when you like. You're not going into the manufactory today, Marshmallow. Was there any particular reason to schedule today free, or is this just an ordinary day off?

The sun is up, and there are sounds in the hold around you: people getting together for the day, heading off to do whatever it is they do. If you stay in bed long enough, it will begin to quiet again ... most of the people who live around here work in the manufactory, so it's pretty empty during the day. A lot of the kids, even: they haul things around, do fine assembly work, that kind of thing.

Eventually, you'll have to get up and take care of a few things. There are errands to run, for one. The manufactory's been finicky this past week, so you haven't had much free time, Marshmallow. And you and I both know that Lemma doesn't really get out much, if you leave her alone. So some odds-and-ends tasks have piled up. Anything notable?

And Marshmallow's day off isn't necessarily your day off, Lemma. There's a few projects people are paying you to work on, after all. What are they? In particular, one of them's for Rolfball, right? It was supposed to be done today, but it's not quite there. What happened?

Did you get distracted by your research, or by Founding Day? Or did something go wrong? Missing something? Or do you just figure you can finish it up this morning?

Well, whatever. You two still have some lazy time this morning, if you want to enjoy it. What do you do?

Hey, and how was that party, huh?


  • Well, if Lemma's not distracted by the shit she's got to get done, I'm not letting an opportunity for morning-sex pass. How receptive is she?

    This last week's been really long in the manufactory. We got that big load of rifled barrels done for Marco with a bunch of overtime and I just needed a day off. It's not like things stop when i'm not there.

    Is today market day? I make a point of taking Lemma to buy stuff from the farmers as often as I can. It's good to get out together and see the people -- our neighbors. I do worry that she'd stay at home all the time if I didn't pressure her a little.

    The party was kind of a drag. People got carried away and some stuff got broken. I didn't inspect the situation closely, but my guess is Marco's going to have extra work for us on The Floor to put things right.
  • Yeah, honey. I'm not always very perceptive, but I can tell after the week you've had you need some special time. Are we detail-oriented, or do we just want to cut to getting dressed and start asking the questions from our specials? I can go either way.

    Roflball. Shit. Marco's got working on developing new things to make and sell. He had this idea for taking plates of the black glass and kind of wangling them together to create armor. S'a good idea, but every time I try it, it comes out less durable than when I started. I keep telling him I'm almost done, but I'm really not any farther than when I started. Last night I promised I'd show him something today, so I guess if I can't make it happen, I'll just have to show him the broken glass I've got, and see if there's something else I can make for him instead. So far all I've got is a pile of broken glass outside the lab that's gotten so big that every time I throw on more, some of it falls off, and it's spreading into the hall. I probably should have recycled it by now, but I was so focused on getting it right, y'know? I'm sure Marshy'll help me with it. He's so good to me.

    I had fun at the party. I like to rig up a nice pretty display to celebrate, and I didn't even burn anybody this year. Some of the men like to get drunk and play pranks, though, so there's always a lot to clean up the next day. I'd like them to stop so Marshy can really enjoy himself instead of getting so worried.

    I guess once we get done with our morning activities, I'll probably stumble over the workshop, and take one more stab at fusing some vest-shaped pieces of glass into body armor. If it survives a good hit, we'll take it to Roflball, and if not, we can take the scraps in for recycling, and then head to the market.
  • The market should be up today. In fact, the bus is coming in today, so there'll be traders from Gams Landing and the Farm alongside the local green men. It happens roughly once a week, and the market is always biggest and busiest on those days.
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    Posted By: Max BAre we detail-oriented...?
    I can be as detail-oriented or as tasteful as anyone wants. You like it rough, baby? :)

    ETA: That was joking, but it wouldn't surprise me if we like Weird fun.

    ETA2: I am careful not to get cum (or oil, or whatever) on my dresses.
  • Hey, you started it. To do it, do it. You wanna seize my ass by force?
  • No, I'm not hard enough. (How sad!)
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    How about something like this:

    Lemma's usually an early riser, so when Marshmallow awakes to find her still in bed, he rolls over with the glint of opportunity in his eyes. In the same deadpan manner she might use to describe an attempt in her laboratory to devise an improved laundry detergent, she says: "I've been pondering something lately, and I'd like to give it a try. " She meticulously poses Marshmallow and then herself into an elaborate and previously untried position, almost killing the mood with her tinkering approach to arrangement, and then, when she feels things are ready but without any particular warning, starts fucking. They thrash out of the sleeping nest and about the suite, taking care to avoid Marshmallow's delicates, until they achieve that moment of perfect oneness that only two weirdos in love can. When they muster the resolve to rise, Lemma cleans up and get dressed, then makes her way to the laboratory with a wordless smile.
  • Sure thing. I'm supposed to roll weird for my sex move. #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 ) xp-1
  • So I mean this in the best possible way:
    What’s wrong with this, and how might I fix it?
    Lemma can be kind of obtuse about little things, so it's easier to keep Marshmallow happy when she knows what he's thinking without having to ask.
  • I pick the brainer move questions, so Lemma, tell us:

    - In what ways are your mind and soul most vulnerable?
    - What are your secret pains?
    - For what do you crave forgiveness, and from whom?
  • (Who's supposed to answer Lemma's question?)
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    ( Huh. Me, actually. But have no idea, so I shall apply my right to enlist assistance. Marshmallow! Answer Lemma's questions for me! )
  • (I was kind of drawing a blank, too. But I've come up with something. I'm not sure this is a terribly strong response, but I'm really not coming up with much better.)

    What’s wrong with Marshmallow, and how might you fix it?

    For a couple years, there was a steady supply of hallucinogenic drugs floating around cheap. We're not really sure where they were coming from. Some of them were quite exotic. Marshmallow was a big fan. They were very fine recreation -- opening your mind in various ways, but also, you could give them to other people; criminal prisoners or whatever -- particularly when they weren't aware of it, and gain interesting insights about how people work. It's been kind of a bummer since the source dried up. Maybe we could make more psychoactives right here in our home -- that would be fun!
  • Jesus, you two go through this every morning? Hell of a relationship....
  • - What are your secret pains?
    - For what do you crave forgiveness, and from whom?

    When I was a child, I explored the hulk with my older brother, Axiom. Mostly we'd see the same things over and over, but in different arrangements, and different states of disrepair. One day, while alone, I found a hole in a wall, about six inches in diameter, that was completely dark. I almost missed it at first, since the circle of blackness in a wall of black glass just looked like a ring, but I poked something into it, and it just disappeared. It was the first time I had seem something Axiom never had, so I ran to get him and bring it back. He was a lot braver than I was (and a little more foolish,) so he did what any young boy would do, and stuck his arm in. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he started mumbling something about beautiful colors. After a few seconds, he fell over, and the hole sealed up as soon as his arm came out. I recognized the spiral pattern of the closed hole as something I had seen many times before, but never open.

    His body was alive, but he wasn't in it. It tore our parents apart; Dad thought it was worth any price just to keep his discarded heart pumping for some reason, and Mom thought he had transcended his fickle flesh and moved on to something better. I wasn't sure who to believe until she left after an argument. The way Dad acted after that, ignoring me and throwing his own life away for a pile of bones that used to be my brother made it clear who was right, and I left as soon as I was old enough. If I had never found that hole, my family would still be together.

    - In what ways are your mind and soul most vulnerable?
    Anything that makes it clear to me I've tried and failed. There are a lot of things I'm just not good at, and I don't care, but if I pour myself into an experiment, and it still doesn't come to fruition, that makes me feel like I'm just wasting time, and a better person should be in my place. It's not just experiments; if I felt like I wasn't making Marshmallow happy, I'd feel like a failure too. Those are the only areas where I really give my all at the moment, but if I find another passion, failure or even mediocrity at it would be devastating.
  • Good answer to my first question, I can work on that.

    What strong emotions have been most recently nearby Marshmallow?

    What words have been said most recently nearby Marshmallow?
  • (These kind of seem like blow-off questions: strong emotions come from our sex and the words are yours. How should I play/write that? Or is this a thing for the MC?)
  • Those questions would be about things that happened last night. The sex itself wouldn't apply: the questions should be about stuff that happened before these specials triggered. I'll take the strong emotions question, though. It's ok to just say that there wasn't anything particularly important said around you last night ... just lots of party noise. Unless something did come up last night.

    It's a little jarring, Lemma, happening in the act and all, but there's something wrong on Marshmallow. Lots of randomly firing happiness and exultation and lust and occasional anger, sure: from the party. But buried in there is a trace of sharp hate, with an undertone of grief. To stand out like that, that hatred must have been directed at Marsh himself, and it's not a miscellaneous drunk-people-getting-pissed-off kind of feeling.
  • Thanks, that was my intent; what had last happened around Marshmallow when I wasn't there. Not in like, a stalker-y-way, but the answer is definitely illuminating.
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    "Not in like, a stalker-y-way ..."

    Oh no. Nothing like that.
  • Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
  • If I wanted to be stalkery, it'd be "who handled this last before me?" Really, how can I fix what's wrong is the important question; I wasn't sure quite how to go for the other two.
  • Well, ok. The morning has begun to wear on by the time the two of you extricate yourselves from a rather ... involved session, in and around the bed. What are you crazy kids up to, going forward into the day?
  • I really don't have anything planned other than going to market -- maybe noon is a safe time to assume the market is open? I guess until then, I'll help out Lemma with her work.
  • I'd like to go into my workspace and try to fuse some vest-shaped pieces of black glass into armor. If I can work on two things at once, I also take an inventory of potential drug ingredients so I can see if I need to pick up something while we're out later.
  • Sure thing. What's your workspace like? Do you two get anything to eat on the way in there?

    The day is well started now - there's real light, though maybe a little wan, slipping in through whatever you have in the way of windows to the outside. The market is probably already open, and should stay busy until mid-afternoon. The bus will be heading out at that point, taking the itinerant traders with it, but it'll take another couple hours for the local vendors to pack up and leave.
  • I tend to be a bit single-minded, so food probably hasn't made its way onto my todo list yet. The workspace is centered around a partially functional alien control panel with a screen. I've also collected any movable bits of alien junk that are different from just the black glass. The rest of it doesn't work, but maybe someday if I have enough time, I can figure more of it out. There's a workbench by the control panel with tools under it and shaped pieces of glass for the latest project on it. There are a couple of decent stools at the workbench, and a stack of flimsy, uncomfortable chairs for volunteers.
  • I'll take care of breakfast. It's market day and we need to use up whatever is left in the house -- plus there's fresh whale for everyone. That means we're having omelette with slightly off spinach, a side of radish kimchi and a desert of frozen whale blubber whipped with highbush cranberry puree. It's a strange combination of living well and making do. And it takes about 45 minutes to get together.
  • Ok, sounds like a plan.

    Lemma, you're in your shop trying to figure out what's been going wrong. The damn glass just seems proof against any really useful manipulation by human science. It helps that you've already tried this dozens of times, so you pretty much know what the issues are. I figure you have a few options here.

    First, you keep trying to weld, melt, or chemically fuse plates of glass, but it always messes up the crystalline structure of the glass so the stuff shatters when you start testing its tolerances. Still, in just a couple of hours you could use some of the more intact pieces you've got here to make something that'll at least hang together. Crap, yes, but you could call it a proof of concept.

    Or you could get access to the manufactory. "Proof against human science"? The manufactory isn't human. But experimenting with the manufactory's functions is a bitch, because human brains aren't really the correct control mechanism for the place. You'd need at least a couple of experienced engineers at your disposal, and you'd need them for, well, as long as it took. Days of experimentation? Something like that. But you could probably achieve something workable, with those resources.

    A more radical alternative? You forget the manufactory and add your own set of black glass glassworking tools right here in your lab. This would be the option of: "Proof against human science? We'll see about that." That's basically an entire project in itself, though. And it'd still take days of experimentation to work up a real set of armor, even after you were done.
  • Now, recreational drugs.

    Well, you'd need Marshmallow's help. He knows what he's looking for, after all. You'd need someone else, as well, or presumably someone else ... a volunteer, if you will. Best not to try out new substances on yourself, after all.

    Beyond that, it might take several tries to get it right, or it might require some certain base ingredient. But it might not. Do you two have specific effects in mind?
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