[The Hulk] The Quarantine - Specialist Veronica Esco



  • deadly defenses, psi-based, unless that's a problem.
  • Nope.

    In a sense, the place is well-hidden and possesses deadly defenses just by being deep in the ship, but that's more to do with the hulk's own threat moves. If it was specifically well-hidden, that would make it hard to find even aside from its location down in the ship. And these deadly defenses add more dangers that are specifically intended to keep people out.
  • If you haven't made anything up here's an SS#: 997-46-4691
    O pos is fine for blood.
  • I randomly pressed some numeric keys - I have no idea what I came up with. I'll swap with that, there.
  • I think colleagues, friends and family all could be there, maybe superiors too. For whatever reason I'm thinking of the facility in the X-files movie. This might depend on other choices. I might not remember why, but a parent and sibling could both be there.
    And, actually, which of these options are you ultimately picking?

    Let's just run the checklist:

    • You emerged from stasis a few days ago.

    • Remaining in stasis are the rest of your unit, plus who else?

    • Stasis has remained untouched by outsiders because it has deadly defenses.

    • When you emerged from stasis, Specialist JACKSON, TAMMY M. emerged with you. The world's psychic maelstrom inflicted Ψ-harm, and you were forced to kill her in self-defense.

    • The stasis facility's medlab is unlocked.
  • The only uncertainty is who is there in the facility and that is only because I find the options a little confusing.

    So. The rest of my unit obviously.

    Superiors is a little vague. Yes there are superiors in stasis, but I don't think it's like Pentagon level folks or anything. My Unit CO and the other unit officers of the Special Forces detachment. Also the Head of the "Project" who is someone from an unnameable government agency, along with his underlings.

    My colleagues and friends. And by colleagues and friends here I mean the scientists and technical staff of the project. Some of whom I'm friends with.

    I've decided against family. My dad was a retired Army officer but he wasn't involved in any of this.

    The rest of the checklist is spot on.
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    Miscalculated my experience points. I have 14 total so I have 2 advances pending. Guess I should spend those.

    Upping the hard stat to +1

    Now looking for a move maybe....Hmmm.... (these are mostly notes to myself, so I don't have to look it all up again, but if you have a suggestion, by all means, make it.)

    Is an angel kit a move? Could take prepared for the inevitable from the Gunlugger book.

    Easy to Trust, Eye on the Door or Reputation from the Operator book might be good.

    Hypnotic, from the skinner book, has some appeal...

    I do intend to wake up my weird at some point. I just don't think quite yet.
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    Prepared for the Inevitable is the closest thing to an angel kit move.

    You don't necessarily have to spend an advance to wake up your Weird. It could change in play, and there are a couple of specific ways that that could happen.
  • Taking prepared for the inevitable for the other advance. Angel kit with 2 stock basically.
  • Veronica, your impression. Would you characterize the psychic defenses around the facility as more of a "fortress" (impulse: to deny access) or more of a "maze" (impulse: to trap, to frustrate passage)?
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    The second. The hulk is grabby. Also as far as deliberate design, the makers of the facility would want to catch and possibly destroy people/things trying to gain entry rather than simply simply prevent them getting into it. Does that work?

    I guess 'deadly defenses' implies the first but they might not have started out as deadly as they are now.
  • If it didn't work, I wouldn't have asked! The maze is also more subtle, in that it might prevent intruders from even finding the facility.
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    Would you like to buy open a new stasis facility, or two? If you don't buy access, then the facilities are still there, they're just (very) difficult to access. You have to hack into the data archives, or bust out a cutting torch and carve your way into the stasis facility, or whatever. If you buy access, you happen to recall the codes!
  • I'm spending one advance to open psi-isolation.
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