[The Menagerie] Big Game Lodge Meetin' Time (Wi2.1, Sh2.1, Ta2.1, Ni2.1, Kr2.1, Ma2.2)



  • Seduce Man: Help me tie up Kray, and we'll all have the sex:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 ) (highlighted for 3, for real this time)
  • Carrot makes the most sense.
  • Yeah, we're going back to my place. We'll rest, talk, if she wants to talk, and I'll make sure Nickel's wound is doing okay.
  • If there's any length of time left in the session, we should get a thread?
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    I like carrots. And I like Wilson. I think we have done this before, though not frequently or recently. And I do not think there was rope.

    But: "... Alright, Wilson. This has not been the best day, and I think I would enjoy that. I have rope at home, if you think Kray will be ok with it. I will bring it with my things. Ok?" ♂

    image image
  • "Sounds good. Meet you down there." I give her a hug and a peck on the cheek on the way out. I'd like to arrive last, so I'll swing by home and see if Shade left anything I can pretty up with. I know she took her kit with her, but maybe I should at least wash off the blood. Actually, with these two, who knows. In any case, it's about stalling as much as actually doing anything. I don't want to get there and have Kray propose an early start.
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    I go home. My rope is, as far as I know, employed in hanging a corpse from the ceiling, but that is alright. He will be drained of blood by now, so I can retrieve the rope. I consider leaving my armor there, but that would probably not be good.

    My medical supplies are not, mostly, in my cave. They are in hidden caches in the twisted tunnels around the cave. ♂

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  • Tavi, Nickel, you want a thread to talk? Or you wanna just say what you do, and gloss over it?
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    Talking is good. I feel like Silver's still looking at me in here. Spooky.
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