[The Menagerie] Big Game Lodge Meetin' Time (Wi2.1, Sh2.1, Ta2.1, Ni2.1, Kr2.1, Ma2.2)



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    And something else. There's a place I like and I want Tavi to see it with me.

    You feel that if you stay, I will stay and not make a fuss but will probably be extraordinarily clingy, not life and death or anything.
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    Posted By: trevisIs Shade getting ready to go then? Or is it going to be a bit?
    I picture Shade taking her time going. She doesn't really WANT to go, and being the social creature she is she's probably got to say goodbye to like... everyone. Soon as she starts making those polite goodbyes and starts asking about Abondo (Assuming this is kind of how she handles this, Gary?) I'll start getting it into my head I'd like to go with. But I think in any case there's a little time.
  • (I'm just checking here, I'm still waiting to resolve Wilson's manipulate of Quoth. Is there anything else to immediately resolve? Shade is asking around the house, looking for Abondo. Kray, you're just at the bar, partaking of the drugs and the bongs and the food, right? And Nickel and Tavi are talking?)

    Shade, who specifically are you asking, in this place? It's mostly hunters, remember.
  • Sounds right, focus on Wilson and Quoth I think. Guess Tavi and Nickel are waiting to see what Shade does, a little, too.
  • Shade asks, like, the first five people she knows are daylighters. I'm a little concerned, not fretting. Just wondering if the kid is sick or something. Once I wrap that up, I'm off, barring some kind of revelation ("Yes, I have Abondo rubbing lotion on her skin in an old well in my basement, why do you ask?") -- Wilson gets a goodbye kiss and I'll check in with Tav.
  • I sit up a little as Shade approaches, being this close to her, and to Tavi and to be welcomed is like a dream. I forget Quoth for a bit as I try to stretch the few moments Shade spends walking to speak to Tavi and imagine instead she's coming to speak to me. But that's ridiculous. I sink back down and feel invisible again and envy the beautiful sisters.

    Earlier I was feeling jealous of Crine, the time he spends with Shade. But he's a good person, I try not to think about it. Shade is nice. I hope Crine appreciates her.

    I start to wonder where I'm going to spend this night. Do I dare just trust Tavi, I watch her face again, how she interacts with her sister. Does Tavi feel the same way? That look in her eye, it means something, something I want to understand.
  • As nothing much is happening and the cocktail of mind-altering substances are starting to settle in; jazz up my nervous system, I'm looking for someone that wants to fuck. Anyone's fine. Pretty's better than ugly. Female is better than male. Friend is better than enemy. But whatever.
  • Since Shade's leaving, once I resolve this business with Quoth, I'll be heading back your way, but if you get impatient, I'm certainly not the only lady here.
  • Posted By: Brendan ConwayJust wanted to say, Quoth is a chick.

    I also want to clarify exactly what the leverage is for that manipulate. It's not just the drumstick of boar meat, right? It's something else, something more intangible. What is it? Camaraderie? You said sharing the meat will sort of set you up as coworkers. I'm trying to see if we can make this more explicitly stated into something that you want Quoth to do, you know? Do you want Quoth to join you for a hit of the drugs? Do you want Quoth to drop her grudge against you?
    I'm still looking to hammer this out, exactly.

    Shade, you ask Stimpy, Quirrell, Jumpdunch, Panzer, and Kumquat. Anyone in there of any particular significance who you want to outline? Obviously, all hunters, or attached to hunters in some capacity. I'm thinking Jumpdunch may be a bit more significant (because I just like writing that name). A former client, perhaps? Maybe he's one of the hunting crew bosses?

    Anyway, they either don't know who you're talking about ("Who? Th' girl? Yo' li'l fuckbutty? Don' know.") or they have nothing helpful ("I think I seen her, uh, in the markets. Somewhere. Yeah."). Except for Jumpdunch.

    Jumpdunch is wearing clothes smeared with dyes and goop gathered from Above. It's actually pretty good camo, you must say, though of course if anyone in the Menagerie cared about that stuff in the slightest, he, she, or it could outdo his meager attempts in a heartbeat. He's missing one of his hands, lost it in a battle to a cleaver-thing, from what you heard, when one of them ventured a bit close to the tunnels. Now, he's got a tin cup over the stump, tied into place with some old leather straps slung over his shoulder, and a big spike of bone protruding from the middle. It's serrated, intentionally, so he can use it in a fight. Unclear what animal he took the bone from, though it is oddly reflective on the surface.

    "Saw the little tart, yeah." He takes a sip of his drink, and it leaves a strange bluish foam in his mustache. "Think she was with a buncha guys, some crew, probably gonna give them a party, y'know?" He sniggers. "Yeah, she didn't look like she was being held against her will or anything. Saw 'em all duck down into some low building in the quarter, like they were pals or something. I wouldn't be worried about it, honey, why don't you come sit here?" He kicks at the wooden chair next to him until its current occupant leaves, and he motions for you to sit there.

    (Wilson, do you have any relationship of significance with Jumpdunch?)

    Kray, there are a couple of options who stand out. You could try Quoth, after Wilson's done talking to her. She's not unattractive, and from what you heard, she likes it a bit rough. You probably wouldn't scare her much. You could also try Ula, who's over there getting drunk off her ass. Ula's a big woman, not all that pretty, and prone to drinking by her lonesome. She's not averse to a good fucking, though, especially when she's drunk like it looks like she's aiming to be by the end of the night. And Visage, from where she's sitting with the rest of her spear-chucker hunter-mates, is eying you. Or so it seems at first...then you realize she's totally eying your bong.
  • I want Quoth to, in this order:

    Drop the grudge.
    Share the drugs.
    Help me fuck Kray.
    Work with us in the future.

    If I can get all of these, sweet. If I need another move or more leverage, I can do that. If not, that's the order of priority.

    We worked with Jumpdunch once. It's not that he and his aren't skilled, but the way he likes to back the monster into a corner, and then have camouflaged guys pop out from all sides seems to just make them madder. He does good work, but I think he'd be better off fighting humans.
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    I'm just watching the people, Shade of course, trying not to look up at Quoth. But listening for various bits of conversations.
  • Cleaver-things, fuck I hate them. I smile at Jumpdunch, a little distractedly. "Thanks, Jump, maybe some other time – I have business to attend to. It can't all be hooch and fucking, sadly." Do I know a'tall the building he's talking about? If so I'll leave and go out of my way to pass by there. Not that I'm the cop of 12th Street or anything. I punch Jump lightly in the shoulder and head over to Tav, give the kid she's with a smile. Cute kid, I've seen her around. Penny, maybe? One of those old money names.

    "Sister." I give her a kiss on the cheek. "Headed down to Crine's for an appearance. Have fun, don't get too carried away. Speaking of—" I don't see Man around, do I? "Did Man and you get that scumfuck sorted out?"
  • I shyly smile back and bite my lip nervously. Hoping.. hoping.
  • "It's sorted." I avoid my sister's gaze for a second. I know she can tell I'm not saying everything.

    "Can I walk you down there?" I glance at Nickel and then over to Wilson, "We can come back, Cap doesn't seem to be in a hurry to talk."
  • I'm standing before she finishes talking, with a jingly sound. Realizing that might call attention to myself I awkwardly sit again... then wait for Tavi to rise first.
  • "'Sorted,' hmmm? Fair enough." Well, I'm her sister, not Mama. "Sure, walk me down there. I'd be as glad for the company as I am to get out of here." I glance back at Jump, who's pumping his bone spike loosely through the circled fingers of his remaining hand, laughing with one of his team whilst glancing at me. I can't hear him over the din, but then again I don't need to. Ugh.

    "Say, Tav, who's your friend?" I crouch down. "Hi, I'm Shade. Tavi's sister, believe it or not. You look familiar – you're...."
  • "Nickel!" I blurt out a beat too soon, "I'm Nickel. Are you going to see Crine again? He sure is nice," not really expecting an answer so much as just searching for something to say.
  • "Nickel... I think I have one of those." I unwrap the scarfsarong quite unselfconsciously (I'm wearing something under it, but not much) and riffle through the hammered-out coins until I find the one I want. "Yep, this is it." I draw the sword and put its razor edge to the pitcherplant threads looped through the hole punched in the metal – even then I have to saw for a moment to cut the coin loose. "Here you go." I hand it to her, and stand. "Yes, I'm off to see Crine. This is a private gig, Nickel, so if you can keep it a secret for me I'd be grateful." Glancing at Tav. "Shall we?"
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    I hold the coin in both hands and my eyes are wide and cheery. I haven't found a new coin in months, for some reason I glance over at Kray for a moment. I close the new Nickel in my hand and put both hands over my mouth in a sort of embarrassed "oops!" gesture as she says I should be quiet about her engagement. I know she's not angry with me.... she just gave me this, but I'm sorry I said something I shouldn't have.

    I nod to her, the meaning is clear, yes... yes of course I'll keep it secret, though I say nothing.

    I eagerly sit on the edge of my seat, waiting for Tavi to rise so I can follow her.
  • I smile at the the interaction and Nickel's excitement. "Okay, Nickel, c'mon." I get up, waving at everyone. "Back soon. Maybe we can round up Man on the way back."
  • I practically jump to my feet and fall into place a step behind Tavi. I don't say anything but I nod and smile a little to anyone I know who cares to give me a nod or a wave.

    That Nickel will probably be in my hand the rest of the week.
  • Wilson, Kipper is looking at you, simultaneously enraged and shocked. You just brought a peace offering. To Quoth. His subordinate. While he's sitting right there. His eyes are wide and twitching as he stares over Yonder's chest.

    Quoth's eyes never leave you. She's obviously trying to figure out what this is, but she's not finding anything more than just an honest attempt at reparations. Eventually, she leans forward slowly, daintily, and tears off a bit of the meat with her teeth. The corner of her lips quirks slightly, and she gives you a short nod.

    She accepts. She'll drop her grudge. She might even accept drugs. (The latter two of what you wanted...not quite yet. You'll need to manipulate again to get those, probably separately.)

    That is, if Kipper lets her.

    He jumps to his feet, sending Yonder face first to the floor. He smacks the meat out of your hand, Wilson.

    "THE FUCK IS THIS?!" he roars.
  • If I hear that yell. I'm totally stopping to see what's happening.
  • I'm stopping at your heel as well. "Oh no.... Nickel why do people fight so much?"
  • I was sitting back in this ratty old bean-bag chair kinda looking at everyone and touching myself just a little. But now I'm on my feet and I walk up behind Wilson. And reading the situation as I come up. #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 ) (xp1)
  • Oh yeah, you totally hear that yell, Tavi.

    (Kray, did you see what I said about women? Which one were you going to pick? Or did you just purposely not pick one?)

    Anyone can read the sitch, as well, by the way. It's absolutely charged now.
  • Yeah, I saw. I was chilling for the time, but keeping them in mind.
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    I'm just hiding behind Tavi for the moment, I hope this doesn't escalate so I'll just hold on. Literally hold onto her shirt. Not hard, she can pull away if she wants, just makes me feel good to hold on. If Tavi acts or if someone I like is in danger, I will get involved... for what it's worth.
  • Let's read that sitch:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Which enemy is my greatest threat?
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