[The Menagerie] Big Game Lodge Meetin' Time (Wi2.1, Sh2.1, Ta2.1, Ni2.1, Kr2.1, Ma2.2)



  • We'll see about Kipper dying and I can figure it out from there.
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    Posted By: Christopher Weeks
    You want a roll or can the rat-fucker just be a puddle?
    Pfffh. Naw, no roll. He's too busy staring at Shade to do anything but have his head explode in gore and brains.
    Posted By: Max BKind of feel like I should say something to Quoth as we're heading out, but I'm not sure what. "Sorry we killed your boss, no hard feelings?" I don't want to threaten her, just make it clear that Kipper died (still assuming that'll happen one way or the other, but can fix if it doesn't) because he fucked with us, and we'd rather have her, and her squad if possible, on our side than splattered all over the room.
    You could always try to take her with you. Heh....
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    Posted By: Brendan ConwayYou could always try to take her with you.
    I wasn't sure if I could really have a conversation with her while she's arrested. If I can, I think it'd go something like this:

    "Quoth: This whole mess got started because I want you on my team. If you want in, come with us now. If not, it looks like there's an opening in your organization which I think you'd be in a good position to fill, but you can leave that to someone else if you prefer. As long as the new boss doesn't make the same mistakes as the last one, I think we could work together well."
  • I'll continue to arouse Bonaduce. And it kinda looks like my team is leaving...that's weird.
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    I just watch but... the gun fires!! ... oh no, Kray did that... I take a few steps back, maybe towards the guys in the door, maybe I bump into the bouncer or the guy with the gun. Really, not knowing what I'm doing. I just want to get away from this.. Just... can't bring myself to turn away.
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    Just trying to see that I grasp the situation, it's complex: (And it's Saturday and I feel like it)

    Kipper was just shot dead by Kray/Bonaduce, who are embraced in a sexually charged dance.
    Wilson was knocked to the floor just before but is up and looks to be planning to get the hell out of here after speaking briefly to Quoth.
    Nickel is backing away slowly from the whole thing and is near the entrance and the men there she went to speak to.
    Tavi and Shade of course are dancing/stripping up on the table.

    Pretty much everyone was surprised by the shot from Kray/Bonaduce (Especially Kipper, heh), and that shot will likely wake people from watching.

    Wilson is pretty much alone in the middle of Kipper's crew but intending to get the hell out, with Kray not so far away and Tavi/Shade up on a table nearby. Wilson spoke briefly to Quoth but now she and the others have just a moment to act before people, especially people in Kippers crew, start reacting to the violence inflicted upon Kipper.

    The people at the door or other tavern patrons may or may not be still under the thrall of the dance, but it seems like the violence will probably snap many people out of it.

    Not meaning to play MC here, just trying to picture where everyone is.
  • *shrug* Sounds reasonable. But we'll really know when Brendan posts.
  • Yeah, I think that pretty much covers the situation.

    The shot blows through Kipper's skull and sprays bits of bone and brain across the adjacent area. Wilson, you've got plenty in your hair now. The attention of everyone in the lounge snaps to Kray and Bonaduce and Kipper's toppling body with the sound of the gunshot. The Slicebits around the room are now angrily getting out their guns and melee weapons. Most of the others are sort of keeping their attention half on the situation (in case they need to scramble out of a big melee) and half on Tavi and Shade, enjoying the show.

    Quoth snaps up to her feet and pulls twin curved blades out of forearm holsters. She's ready for a fight the moment before Kipper's body thuds into the floor. At your words, Wilson, she's looking at you with more than a bit of confusion. Her boss is dead, by the hand of your man...but your offer is enticing.

    (Wilson, I think with the leverage of "You can join the Menagerie," you could make a manipulate roll to decide exactly how Quoth will react here. If you made an equivalent roll up above, please point it out, in case I missed it, but the last manipulates I think you made were against Quoth when you wanted her not to hold a grudge and Kipper to seduce him.)

    Kray, sadly, you do not have unnatural lust transfixion, which would hold Bonaduce's attention unnaturally. Instead, at the jerk of the gun in your hands, she comes back to herself, and immediately pulls away from you. Upon seeing Kipper's dead body, she turns around to look up in your face. Her expression's a mixture of anger and desire. "You fucker!" she cries, and she's grabbing her gun to point it up at your chest. (I'm not sure exactly if she would've taken it out of your hands when she spun away, but now she's certainly trying to.)

    Shade, you and Tavi are probably getting at least a bit thin on the clothing. Are you continuing?

    Nickel, you're probably jerked out of your rapture. The guy at the door, though, has his eyes back on Shade and Tavi (contingent upon them continuing).

    The Slicebits are closing in around Kray and Wilson.

    What do you do?
  • The situation just got tense. I think I'll read it as I deflect Bonaduce's gun (but y'know the Magnum has the reload tag -- how does that affect us here?). #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 ) (xp4)
  • Nice! Which enemy is my biggest threat? Which enemy is most vulnerable? What should I be on the lookout for?
  • Manipulate Quoth to join the Menagerie:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 ) (highlighted for 2)
  • At least I'm getting experience?
  • Figuring Tavi's asskickery will be needed in the next few seconds, I'm done. I'm-a stick to her like glue, too. Scarfsarong in one hand, sword in the other.
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    Coming to my senses, I'm standing just in front of the scary-looking guy with his rifle who came to speak with me, I had somehow bumped into him in fact. I start and take a hasty step away from him back into the room, only to see everyone drawing guns, knives, ready to fight.

    "How did this happen, Nickel? Why did Kray do that? Were they... oh... he hit Wilson didn't he? But ... "

    I see everyone in the middle of this and take a couple steps forward, then stop.


    What can I do here? Everyone here is stronger than me, and Tavi told me to hide. I should do as she says or I'll get in the way, they can handle this right?

    I look around and decide the big frog-bear statue left of the door will hide me perfectly well, I scramble under it, between the thick legs. Find a place where I can clearly see out at the room, crouching weirdly down there with my head near the floor so I can see, and hope the guy at the door didn't see me come down here. Maybe he'll just go away.

    But I wish there was something more I could do. I notice I'm still holding Shade's new nickel. I hope she's ok.
  • Posted By: Christopher WeeksThe situation just got tense. I think I'll read it as I deflect Bonaduce's gun (but y'know the Magnum has the reload tag -- how does that affect us here?).
    Hmmm. Well, I think you only fired one shot, y'know? Because you didn't even have to roll, it was just BOOM POP dead Kipper. So I'd say it's still loaded with five shots, unless you think it should have to be reloaded? I'm willing to change my interpretation here.
    Posted By: Christopher WeeksWhich enemy is my biggest threat? Which enemy is most vulnerable? What should I be on the lookout for?
    Hmmm. Okay. Biggest threat? Well, I'm going to answer from what I think is the most important MECHANICAL threat. Bonaduce's right in front of you, and she's probably a good fighter, maybe the best out of the Slicebits here...BUT in a fight, I'd be treating the Slicebits as a gang, I think. So I kind of have to say that the Slicebits as a gang (which quite possibly excludes Bonaduce as long as she's acting separately) is the biggest threat.

    Most vulnerable is absolutely Bonaduce, though. Bonaduce, right in front of you, still somewhat disrobed, disoriented, seduced by you...yeah, you could kick her ass easy.

    You should be on the lookout for the fight spilling over into the Big Game as a whole. If other gangs get involved, this thing will escalate, big time, and in that kind of mess (though you'd be fine of course) a lot of the squishier members of the Menagerie would be in serious danger.
  • Wilson, your words register with Quoth, it seems, as her face empties of any emotion. Barely a moment later she's on you, her curved blades at your throat as she knocks you onto the floor. She's got your arms pinned with her knees.

    "Tell your people to stand down," she says in a near-whisper. "We're taking Kray. That's all. Tell the rest to stand down, or I cut your throat."
  • From my hiding place I don't have a very good view of exactly what's going on. I know someone is down on the ground, maybe get a glimpse of Quoth's blades flashing, which is frightening, I know what she can do.

    But still, as Tavi told me, I'm staying put for now but ... what's happening? There's so much I wish I could do. If I could fight like Tavi or Kray, or talk like Wilson or move like Shade, maybe I could do something. But there is a way I can better see, as I did when the Menagerie fought in the tunnels I want to see what these people are, what they need, I am opening my brain to them all, to see the sparks and flashes of their anger, the black swirls of their fears and despair, and the dancing flashes, so rare, of their hopes and pleasures:

    "Nickel, there must be some way to save everyone, we shouldn't fight and kill in this place I want to be safe, with my new friends. What should I be doing right now? I'm not useless am I?"

    I realize I've been crying without knowing why, hiding out of sight, my eyes closed, I see more:

    Open my brain #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Oh, fuck.

    Yeah I guess we're stopping. I'm now brandishing the naginata.

    How big a gang are we talking for the Slicebits in the bar? small, medium?

    Has the sitch changed enough for me to read again?

    Can I see the whole Wilson/Quoth thing and where they are in relation to me?
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    Oh, fuck this.

    "If you want to live, get out!" I'm shoving Bonaduce at the door with a foot to her ass. Hard. This is as I swing my axe up and around, ready head into the gang. I'm prepared to start carving out a swath of Slicebits if that's how it has to be. Is it possible to invoke Norman as I do this? "What'd'ya think, sis? How do I keep this between us and these Slicebits fuckers?"

    (Also, regarding the Magnum, yeah, no-reload is fine.)
  • I don't make any sudden movements, and call out to Shade. "Honey, I think Kray and I can sort things out from here. No sense in getting more people involved. Take care of your business, and we'll catch up later. Tav, go with her and make sure our new friend is okay."

    I'd like to read the sitch as well. God help me if the dice keep going the way they have been:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Well, this was fun.
  • The meticulous planner is at war with the outraged, scared reactionary in my head. "Fuck business," I say to Tav. "They're gonna pay hard for this. Let's get close to Wilson so I can at least talk to that shithead without screaming."
  • Posted By: Madu"Nickel, there must be some way to save everyone, we shouldn't fight and kill in this place I want to be safe"
    Obviously not... can't imagine what I'm hearing but it's not good.
  • Nickel:

    The air is filled with sparkling lights, bits of floating glory. Different colors and different quantities, swirling in different patterns, around each individual. But they grow thicker, and thicker, and thicker around you, until soon, you are utterly covered in these glowing lights, and shimmering madly. You feel their warmth all around you, and you know that it's a warmth others would love to feel, even if they don't know it's there. It's a warmth which is all yours, but others would kill to possess.

    The lights trickle away from you a bit at a time, disappearing into the air, as if they were never there to begin with, and as they go you realize this whole thing has filled your mind in less than a second. Soon, you're back to reality, to the blood and the alcohol and the fear.


    In the bar, yeah, small gang. 10 guys, in addition to Quoth and Bonaduce.

    Sure, sitch has changed. Give it a read...IF YOU DARE.

    You can see the Wilson/Quoth thing just fine, but they're a good 10 feet away, with a fair press of people in between you and them. There are a fair number of Slicebits much closer to them than you are.


    I'm actually going to potentially let you rearrange your action, if you want to roll Norman. I say so only because the answer your mask gives you may change your mind on what to do, instead of just wading into the thick of things (and presumably seizing by force). It may not, too, though. I think that, for the sake of stuff I'm describing below, I'm still going to assume you at least try to shove Bonaduce away. It may not have any actual effect, at the moment, to either you or her, but you're moving, right? You're acting?

    If you want to do Norman with that question, go ahead and give it a roll.


    Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear.

    I think Quoth reacts near instantaneously to Kray's movements. As soon as his arms start moving, her eyes snap to him, and she moves one curved blade. The tip of it presses into your temple, Wilson, and she rakes it down the side of your face, to your neck. She stops the motion right before she would send the blade to cross over your jugular. The wound that she leaves along your face begins oozing blood into your hair and your ear, and the pain cuts into your head.

    Her breathing has noticeably quickened, and she's smiling a bit, as she whispers again. "Tell him to stop moving, right now, or I finish," she says. "I don't particularly want to kill you, but sometimes I can't help myself, can I."


    Shade, with you stopping the show, a large portion of the men in the lounge have begun pushing their way out of the place. You see some guy who had been standing at the doorway getting shoved to the side by the tide of people moving past. But there are some who are still staring at you, smiling with too few teeth, at your disrobed form.

    Jumpdunch grabs at your arm, and the alcohol in his breath sprays across your face.

    "Come on, Princess," he bellows. "Gonna be a fight here. Let's get you somewhere safe." There's a smile twisting his lips. You're not sure what it means.
  • #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • "Kray, I'd appreciate it if you'd hold still. We don't want anybody to have to do anything hasty."
  • Reading
  • "You want a ride on the Shade train? Get Quoth off Wilson. Otherwise, you're gonna be jerkin' your candle with two fake hands."

    Rolling +Hot to manipulate, adding in the +1forward from the skinner kit. Here's hoping I don't have Wilson's luck.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

  • Who's in control here?

    Which enemy is the biggest threat?

    What is my best way in to help Wilson?
  • (Oh, I'm sorry Wilson, I meant to say that you should take 1-harm AP from the cut. It's deep, and painful. No harm move.)

    Kray, the sweet voice of your sister fills your ears.

    "Killing again?" She sighs. "If you and your little friends have to resort to such stupid boys' antics, then why don't you take it outside where you won't make a mess. And try to be civilized about it? Not just a dogpile...try to do it one at a time? For me?"

    Let me know if you think this is unclear.
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