[The Menagerie] Big Game Lodge Meetin' Time (Wi2.1, Sh2.1, Ta2.1, Ni2.1, Kr2.1, Ma2.2)



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    I'll wait to see what Kray and Jumpdunch do.
  • Shade, was that a seduce or a manipulate with the threat of violence? What's your concrete assurance on Jumpdunch?

    Posted By: trevisWho's in control here?
    Jeez. Um. No one? It's kind of descending into chaos. I'll answer Quoth, though, because Quoth has Wilson and can kill her easy. That gives Quoth the most power, outside of pure killing ability.
    Posted By: trevisWhich enemy is the biggest threat?
    Same answer I gave Kray. The biggest threat to you, personally, is the gang of Slicebits.
    Posted By: trevis
    What is my best way in to help Wilson?
    Tough one. If we're talking physically getting over there to help Wilson, which is what I'm assuming you're saying, then I'd say some sort of crazy maneuver is your best shot. Using the naginata to pole vault over the crowd. Running on the heads and shoulders of the crowd.

    You could conceivably wait for the crowd to die down, or just shove through them. But if you did, it could be entirely too late by the time you got to Wilson.
  • So Brendan, the way I'm imagining the scene, any delay -- anything short of just wading in with the ax swinging around and around is like asking to get shot. But if I do that, I want to do it for the right reasons -- because that's Kray's predisposition and it's not just dumb. Is there any reason at all that I'd think these people could be reasoned with?
  • And also, is there any reason to think that Wilson is really, genuinely at risk here? I'm not sure the mechanics of the game support that.
  • More the former than the latter. Um, I toss him the scarfsarong. "Hang on to this for me until we're done here, willya?"
  • Define "reasoned with". As they see it, you shot Kipper. You did the harm. Most of the Slicebits are mean fucks, but they aren't as unnecessarily dickish as Kipper mighta been. So, they don't really want Wilson's blood, necessarily, or Shade's, or Tavi's, or anyone's. Mostly, they just want yours. I was envisioning it as, they're encircling, getting ready to fight, and at the slightest sign that you're going to move or strike or anything really (or that any member of the Menagerie does the same), that's when they'll attack. Does that make sense?

    So, getting them to just, give it all up? Maybe not. Maybe, if you could intimidate the living crap out of all of them. But probably not.

    Getting them to let the other Menagerie members go? Maybe, if you gave them the right thing in exchange. Namely, yourself.
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    The feeling is overwhelming, joyous, safe, warm. Then suddenly I'm back here and it's disaster. There's blood, behind the joy I felt there is a pallor of red, I feel that someone's been injured but I just can't see who. I start to edge forward, but stop, awkwardly leaning on my side under the statue, face pressed into the dusty wood. I hesitate. Who can I help?

    I see Shade, she looks ok though those guys are looking at her all wrong, Tavi? Yes.. yes she's all right. And I see Kray, standing tall among the others, I don't think anything could hurt Kray. I can't see Wilson... Where? Is she hurt? Is she who everyone is looking at? On the floor?

    Oh no. I scramble forward a bit, to get a better look. Breathing too fast, becoming terrified that someone especially important is dead.

    I feel the coin in my hand... I try to watch Shade, be sure she doesn't get lost. At least that's something I can do for Tavi.
  • Am I at any particular disadvantage or increased risk of harm when Quoth's attention is on me? I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to fight my way out of this, I'm just trying to figure out if waiting has a chance of making things better, or if I should act before things get wose.
  • Posted By: Christopher WeeksAnd also, is there any reason to think that Wilson is really, genuinely at risk here? I'm not sure the mechanics of the game support that.
    Not sure I grasp what you mean. Are you saying that it feels like Wilson's only gonna be harmed if somebody fails a roll?

    I think that at this point, it's fair to say that Quoth totally has Wilson in her power. If Wilson tried to escape, that's fine, but if she failed, I think it would be conceivable to say "She cuts your throat." And that's big danger.

    Personally, as MC, I might not be interested in doing that. But I think that's how I'm seeing the danger.
  • I'm trying to figure out if the consequences of not acting are as bad as the consequences of failure. Maybe I need a read to do that, but I'm not sure what the right question would be, or if the failed read would put me in even worse shape.
  • I think I can tell you right now, that the consequences of YOU not acting are entirely dependent upon the consequences of what others do. If you're willing to leave it to them...that's all you.
  • Stupid sister. (I'll edit the post above in which I whirl into action.)

    I stop myself. It's a struggle. Everything is telling me to wade into the gore -- it's what I was made for. But maybe she's right. So instead, I'm standing there with my ax in both hands and shotgun dangling at my waist. And I shout. "You fuckers want something? You have a problem that I shot your ignorant little homie when he smacked one of mine while she was offering peace? I'll give you a piece of me. Let's do it. Outside. Just you and me. I'll take you one at a time or all at once. And you pick the terms -- guns, weapons or bare fucking hands!"
  • The threat to Wilson can't be tolorated, and Kray has the focus of the majority of Slicebits.

    Using the naginata as a fulcrum, I'll launch myself in a flip over the crowd, landing next to Quoth, slicing across her with the naginata's blade?

    Does that need to be split up? to an AuF followed by something, Or can I cover it in a go Aggro?
  • I feel like I'm being a coward here, but I guess I can take solace in my best stat being Cool and all that shit about the better part of valor. I want to see the response to Kray's offer.
  • Funny that Tavi ends up being the one to attack. :)
  • Tavi:

    I kind of think it should be split up. I'm torn, here, because I want you guys to be awesome, but I think covering all that under a single Go Aggro is a bit much for me to swallow. Plus, there are so many interesting side effects of the AuF that I could see, so I kind of want to see that first. But if you have an objection, or if anybody else feels I'm wrong, please say so. I'm a little unsure here (jeez, that's my refrain).


    I'm going to wait to resolve their reaction to you for the moment, as awesome as you are. I think Tavi's action will totally change things.
  • ((Yes that is pretty funny, but your negotiating position is stronger with Quoth in pieces, i think.))
  • (Unless I was giving her exactly what she was asking for...)
  • The roll's the same either way.

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    I see Tavi leap, and immediately I scramble forward and snap to my feet, jingling and standing near the door.

    I... want to see Tavi. As much as everyone loves to see Shade dance, to see Tavi move like this.... somehow she makes fighting beautiful. I hate when anyone else does it.

    I'm on my tiptoes trying to see, eyes wide, fists clenched in excitement, nervousness.

    "Please be ok."

    I've forgotten all about the man at the door.
  • Just assume that if the brawl starts without me, I wade in as soon as everyone turns focus on Tavi. I have no problem with surprise-dismemberment.
  • Kray is on Auto-Dismember.
  • (Correct me if this isn't what you envisioned.)

    Tavi takes a short run off her table and digs the naginata blade into the floor below her, perfectly nailing it in between the feet of the watching crowd. She pushes off the floor with the naginata, and goes spinning over the heads of the crowd, before she comes down in a perfect fighting stance, ready to bring her blade across Quoth's face.

    Except Quoth's face isn't there. She kept her blade at Wilson's neck, while switching her position so that now Wilson is standing firmly between Quoth and Tavi. If you want to go after Quoth still, you can, but it's a Seize by Force, not a Go Aggro, and Wilson is certainly endangered, with the point of that knife still on Wilson's jugular.

    "Good move," Quoth says over Wilson's shoulder. "Don't try anything else." Quoth's eyes are fastened upon you, Tavi.

    But it's Bonaduce who speaks next.

    "You ugly fucker, you want to die?" she snarls at Kray. "Fuckin' A. Let's do it, then. Outside. The Slicebits will gut you like the fucking pig you are." She points at the door, and the other Slicebits look at it for a moment, and then look back to Quoth and Wilson and Tavi, clearly waiting to see what happens there before they move.

    Quoth's eyes are not leaving you, Tavi.
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    I take a step toward the door. "Outside!" Another step. "Quoth? Tavi? How're we doing this?" Another step.

    ETA: Maybe I'm manipulating the Slicebits -- offering them the chance to fight in a more controlled environment?
  • I simply stand at the doorway, frozen from the tension of what I'm witnessing, it's probably just a moment from Tavi's leap, but the moment lasts. A few words are spoken...

    "Are they going to stop, Nickel? No more fighting?" I feel a moment of hope.
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    My stare is sub-zero.

    "Your guy got fucking violent, Quoth. Wilson wants you for our squad. So fucking join already. But if you don't let her go, unharmed, right fucking now, I swear by her blood I will personally kill every motherfucking Slicebit in 12th street. Hunters. Camp. Whoever. Starting with you.
  • Manipulate.


    xp 4
  • Fuck. Yes.
  • Kray:
    Posted By: Christopher WeeksETA: Maybe I'm manipulating the Slicebits -- offering them the chance to fight in a more controlled environment?
    Yeah...I was thinking about this before, when I had Bonaduce reply in the affirmative. I wasn't going to say anything because I thought to myself...well, hey, you are kind of just offering them what they want, and they don't have particularly strong reasons to say no. I could see some hesitation on their part, though, which is why I was having some cognitive dissonance. If you're willing to roll for a manipulate, please do, but I could see it being okay without the manipulate element to it. Bonaduce at least is going along anyway.


    Okay, I'd really love to just have Quoth respond, but I want to make absolutely certain I'm giving you what you wanted.

    What was your goal with the manipulate? For Quoth to join the Menagerie? Simply for her to let Wilson go?
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